Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Start of a new term...........

Well it was back into school mode this morning. Alarms, packed lunch boxes, tears, mine, well not real ones, just at the alarm as I was having a very interesting dream and now I will never know what the star points all mean, or why my front yard was full of bright blue parrots, and why our cat Neo had fathered so many kittens when he was de-sexed, and why the hell were they all here? 

Note to self, cheese toasty before bed isn't a good idea! 

I really honestly wish the boys had another week off school. It is so quiet here without them. I am the only one up, and all I can hear is the sound of the clock ticking, and my computer keys tapping as I type this to you all.

I drove my boys to school, but I didn't walk them in. Child 2 is stepping up and doing the big brother thing. He had instructions, ( I repeated them several times, worry much? Me NO NEVER! Well maybe a pinch...) I sat in the car, Pink on the radio, heat bag on the small of my back, and watched while they walked side by side chatting. I watched until I couldn't see them any more, then I came home. I must admit that being able to daggy dress in ugg boots,  ( type of slipper) and track pants, was really nice. I just hope child 3 settles in without me , and comes home 'OH NO CHART' free. 

Over all I am very proud of my boys. They haven't had the best school holidays. It wasn't what we had planned for them. (Both mum and dad screwed, off work, and unable to do much of anything.) Child 2 even cooked dinner a few times. Well heated things in the oven, but he is only 10! He cooked eggs too, fried. They were lovely. He took really good care of his brother too. They both helped pick things up when we dropped them, and cleaned up, fed pets, unblocked the pond motor for the fish, helped me shop, and vacced the carpet. It was a lot for them to deal with. But they did it. Child 1 popped in twice and gave us a hand too. Staying out with friends, and the boyfriend was more pressing. I think we did her no favours letting her be such a child for most of her life. Well the first one is always experimental right?  The boys will not be so lucky, and so far it is proving to be very character building. I am lucky that I have a good friend, as I would not have made it through these past two weeks as well without her kind help.

Well I am off to another Physio appointment, and then home to read my book. I have to be back up and ready for work next week, as I can not afford another week off. So REST is what the doctor ordered and I will do just that this afternoon.


PS: Happy Birthday (belated) to one of my dear followers. This ones for you.



  1. I didn't realize that Mynx's older son is a follower of yours. :-)

  2. Nope he is not! Think again...... ^_^

  3. I am loving the quiet house now the boys are back at school. Lets hope your youngest does settle in well and stays off that "oh no" chart