Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Saturday off.....

  • Up at 9 am on day off because child 2 had a Ten Pin Bowling Party to go to at 11 am.
  • Spend 20 mins advising boys to dress in good jeans and a nice shirt, till finally I go in room and get the clothes out myself. Should have done that in the first place.
  • Returned last nights DVD's.
  • Get child 2 to party on time.
  • Repeat to child 3 for the 100th time that he can't stay at the party as he is not invited.
  • Take child 3 to the shops to look at toys to keep him amused while we wait.
  • Spend money on banana smoothie, and lunch, nugget Happy Meal, as child 3 is hungry.
  • Get annoyed when child 3 throws away most his lunch as he has had enough now.
  • Punish him by making him look at hand bags and wallets till I find a new wallet I like.
  • Go into Kmart and look at toys and listen to all the reasons why I should buy them for child 3.
  • Appease child 3 with a bubble wand.
  • Return to party to pick up child 2 at requested time, to find that party is not done yet by a long shot.
  • Listen to loud noise and screaming sugar propelled kids for another hour, while repeating to child 3 that he can not have tokens as he was not at the party.
  • Watching with sadness as he follows his brother about hoping that he shares his tokens but he doesn't.
  • Sits alone on stool watching all the happy families (Mum and Dad) hanging out together.
  • Starts feeling a tad jealous that all we do is work, and we never can attend events together and support one another in such moments like 'normal' familys.
  • Scolds self for being stupid.
  • By now has a good headache forming.
  • Drives home with both children and child 3 sending bubbles out the car window.
  • Enjoys the way it makes the other drivers smile.
  • Gets home 2 hours later than planned and now starts the days washing and cleaning up, way behind mental schedule.
  • Cooks dinner as hubby is leaving for work in 2 hours.
  • Gets short with boys for fighting, and not doing the one task I asked them to do.
  • Kisses hubby good bye and begs him to take me with him.
  • Hangs out 4 loads of washing, and does dinner dishes. 
  • Folds and puts away washing from 2 days ago.
  • Finally sits down at computer with first cup of tea of the day at 5.57 pm.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Post rant...........I feel I should explain

The other day when I posted a rant alert, I was about to let rip, when my privacy was invaded, and well in a hurried panic to post, I cut paste, and clicked and accidently wiped out my all post. That was the proverbial cherry on the cake!

 So now that a few days have passed, I feel I should let you all in on why I felt the need to go on a long walk away from my dear and loving family.

Well as you know last week I was pretty sick. Not one of my best weeks, but hey shit happens. But this particular day in question, I woke up feeling well rested, and really good within my self. I felt better, the sun was up and warm, and I had the day off work! YEAH!

I got up, got the boys ready for school, and did the usual morning routine, all going like clock work. I spent the first hour in child 3 class and helped with reading, and then went home popped on a load of washing, did the dishes, and proceeded to re-book all cancelled appointments from the previous week, as well as make some additional ones for the kids at  the dentist, and pay some bills, catch up on mail, sort out the items needed for school, (there is always things the kids need to take in!), and then took off to the shops to get what I needed to make dinner.

It was such a lovely day, and I was in such a lovely mood, I thought it might be nice to make a start on some Xmas shopping. Yes, I thought, I will go home, put on the next load of washing, (I was sick so the washing piled up, as did a few things), and see if MISS was up yet and take her with me. I was feeling generous, and I had in mind going to get pampered somewhere after shopping. It will be nice, I thought.

So I get home and was happy to note that Miss was in the bathroom. Great she is up, I popped the shopping away, and proceeded to the laundry to removed one load and replace it with the next. I headed back into the kitchen when I heard MISS come flying out the bathroom going ballistic over the fact that SHE had washing to do, and SHE was going OUT. I headed down the hall and was faced with MISS in a fit, pulling out all the now wet towels, and throwing them back into the wash basket leaving a big wet puddle on the floor.

I actually could have washed them for her had she asked, but she was so full of attitude, I was shocked. I said she didn't have to do that, to which she snapped, and said she had plans, and that was somehow something I should have guessed maybe?? Knew about? Consulted the stars over maybe??  The reaction was as if I had destroyed world peace over the known universe, and all I had done was put the towels on!

I walked away, pissed off that she had been such a so and so, and really annoyed that she was going out when I had such a lovely day all planned in my head. Her loss. 

So I asked her if while she was waiting for her washing to go through, if she would hang out my first load.

NO! How silly of me. Of course she can't. She needed all that time to decide what to WEAR!

So once I had done a few more things about the place, I headed out into the bright hot sun, and hung out my bloody washing.

Miss was now washing her work uniform by hand. Has I came back towards the laundry door I saw she had hung her dripping wet shirt right next to her father's clean dry work clothes, The ones I was about to take inside and make ready for him. The ones he would need to wear today, and his pants were now becoming quite wet. 

Now I wasn't going to walk away. She had basically got up, messed up my kitchen, and thrown out my happy space, with her moody drama, and this was it! I gave her a telling off for being so inconsiderate. I asked her why she had to hang her shirt right there and not on the line were it would dry in an hour. 

"OH JUST CHILL MUM!"  Chill mum! I am now flabbergasted.

Not only do I have a basket of wet dripping unwashed towels making a watery mess all over my floor, I now have to wait for pants to dry again, and no, it's not that, it is the attitude. The my life is so important, EVERYONE else can just accommodate me. Her important meeting was with her boyfriend. I am sure 30 mins would not have made a huge difference, but hey, I guess it did!

Now I was pissed. I was was pissed I had let her get under my skin. Pissed at myself for allowing her to treat me like that. Pissed I was letting her go without cleaning up all her crap first. Pissed as I realised I would be the one bringing in her washing, as it was going to rain later. Pissed she wasn't going to come home for dinner, or the night, when we had plans to watch a movie.

By the time hubby woke up, the air in the house was icy. I thought it best to stay the hell out of her way, and when she walked out the door saying BYE, and thought to myself GOOD!

I needed time to balance my chi. I went and sat down next to hubby while he ate his breakfast. We had an hour or so before the boys needed to be picked up, and I sighed and said 'Can you believe what she did this morning?'

Now I was looking for support. Maybe acknowledgement. Some kind of, 'don't worry about  it, KIDS!' Maybe even just a HUG! All of the above would have done nicely.

Instead, I got a short lecture on MY behaviour. (He heard her telling me to chill out.) So I instantly prickled, set his facts straight as to why I went off, ie his work pants which were now wet AGAIN! (it was a hot day, but that is besides the point). I had not yelled at her over the towels. But I had had lost it over the pants. If you are going to dump shit on me , get it right!

So I did what any person feeling hard done by does, I protested in silence. I headed for the kitchen and banged pots, while getting dinner started. I then sat at the computer and sulked. Cursing at them all. I had done everything for THEM that morning. I could have gone and had my toes nails done, got a massage, left all the bloody dirty smelly washing there, and fed them ruddy toast. 

When he left to pick up the boys I thought about venting this all out of my system. So I wrote. I did feel much better, but in a hurry to up load with pictures, I accidently cut, and then copied something else, and all my words went away. Now my mood was headed for a dark place. My beautiful well intentioned day, was now dark, sad and grumpy.

The boys entered the room with tears as they had a fight on the way home. JOY! Why not. I can deal with EVERY ONES CRAP today.

Slowly the day improved. I did note with some sourness that no one thanked me for dinner, but I was feeling less grumpy after a nice meal, and hubby and I chatted over dinner, before he headed off to work, and things no longer seemed as bad.

I didn't end up going for a walk. I must be honest and confess, instead  I became the cubby house QUEEN, and enjoyed what was left of my afternoon helping the boys build a cubby house.

By the end of it I was happy again, and feeling more like my cheerful self. 
Lets hope it stays that way! ^_^

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rant alert!

I better start walking then.

I am feeling a little under-appreciated today.

Doing too much for others and not enough for me, and getting nothing but shit in return.

Yes, I think a long walk is in order. Either that or a stiff drink.......darn no alcohol in the house........or I could start shooting people......darn no gun..........looks like a walk it is then ! 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

What a week!

What a week!

My week started with a most romantic night with my man. It has been so long that we have both been off work at the same time, that we made the most of our new found freedom. I'll be honest, it has been a very, very, long time.

As a result, I suffered from what some call honeymoon cystitis. Now I did all the right things, drank loads of water, and did a huge wee before and after, but I guess my body just wasn't use to playing like that anymore.

So the following evening the saga started, and of course it is after medical hours. Now for those of you who have not had the pleasure of a bladder infection, let me try and describe it for you.

You start by feeling a little off, nothing bad, just not right. Then you go to pee, and there is a little discomfort at the end. At this point, as I have had this infection in the past, I knew what it was, but if you haven't , you might just think that it is just a little odd.

Then every 10-20 mins you have to pee, and each time the wee lessens, and the pain increases. It burns like acid, and feels like sharp razors coming out instead of water. A big mistake people make is to stop drinking. Common error, you think if I don't drink, I will not not need to wee, but that just makes things 1000's times worse. You will increase the pain, and wee just droplets, and eventually start pissing blood. Been there done that.

So I started drinking, glasses and glasses of water. But it wasn't flushing the bug out, and it was getting worse, and I developed a slight fever. By the time hubby got home from work, I was in a bad way. I was peeing every 10 mins, and it was hours before morning, and the chance of seeing a doctor.

Hubby took one look at me and said, "Let me have something to eat and I will take you to hospital" My knight in shining armour.

I rang the hospital for advice, in the mean time, as I didn't want to go anywhere, but they suggested I come in, so I did as I was told.

So thankfully child one was actually home, so I woke her to explain, and left her in charge of her sleeping brothers. 

Then began the long night. Hubby sat by be for 5 solid painful hours, before a doctor examined me and gave me the drugs of happiness. During that time, my amazing man had me laughing my head off despite the pain I was in. Not a good look for a woman in acute pain surrounded by ill suffering people. Let's just say there was much teasing about my choice of venue for a date night, and that I didn't need to go to these extremes to spend time alone with him. He tells me he'll choose next time, as my choices are pretty dodgy. Well I don't know, there was action, drama, and danger, plus grand entertainment from the TV.....HAPPY DAYS, LOVE BOAT, CHARMED... and THE MEDICINE WOMAN, forget what that one is called. To say the LOVE BOAT theme song haunted me is an understatement. Talk about a nightmare loop.

By 6 am we arrived home and stumbled into bed. I had been awake for 23 hours. I was so tired. The boys were not going to school, as neither of us could stay up another minute. But by lunch time, and getting up on the hour to tell them to SHUT-UP, I was tempted to do a drive by drop off, I can tell you. Thankfully I had two days off this week, so I didn't have the added hassle of work to deal with.

Thankfully the drugs work well, and within a few hours I was feeling better. So over my two days off, I slept through one, and recovered through the other. 

Back to work Thursday, still a bit off, but nothing bad. Just very drained. Half way through my shift I felt this hot goo gush escape my body, and I just thought to myself, "SUPER". Getting someone to take over so I could leave the shop floor, I hurried to the loo to discover that my missing Aunty Flo, decided that now would be a great time to pay a visit. BITCH! Due to my PCOS, I can go months without a visit, so I never know when it will happen.

Then began the mother of all periods. Thankfully it got worse after I got home. But lets just say I have been bleeding so heavy, that I have had to take iron tablets. But what I have had is the most painful cramps ever. Three days and only this morning have they settled down a bit.

My best friend has been a hot wheat pillow, and the fetal position. I am gladly, and very willing at this point, to remove my uterus all together.

So today is Sunday. It has been a whole week since our amazing romantic night together. Do I regret it. HELL NO. The memories still make me feel warm and fuzzy. Will hubby come near me again?? He better!  ^_^

So I haven't been on top of much this week, and I am sorry for my slackness. I  hope this explains it, and I hope that for you and I both we have a great healthy, pain free, fun filled, week ahead.

Now I have some washing to do.


Friday, 19 October 2012


“When I look life in the eyes,
Grown calm and very coldly wise;
Life will have given me the truth,
And taken in exchange
(Sara Teasdale)

Today I have been pondering the whole “Circle of Life” concept. As I sit here and write, I am thinking about my kids, and how they are growing up, and how life is just flowing, as it should, at it’s natural pace, just as it is for me.

I have always been an open person. What you see is what you get. I find it really hard to pretend to be something I am not. It has at times caused me a lot of upset; as I have misjudged others thinking that they are like me, when they were far from it. This has been a hard lesson to learn. It has taken me till my 40’s to work this out. Slow learner I know, but I just want to see the best in people. I can’t really change who I am, nor do I want to. I like who I am.

Now, as you would know if you have been reading my posts, that I have also been open about the topic of sex with my daughter. I wanted to make sure she didn't get used by the first boy that whispered flatteries. I didn't want her first time to be a rushed one sided affair in the back of a car. I shared my stories of friends and school crushes, and past hurts. I again answered questions as they came up. She has always been able to talk to me about things. I am grateful for that, and it is nice. We have a very different relationship to the one I had with my mother.


I have even been approached by her friends sometimes with questions. I have certainly been adopted at times as a surrogate mum. I have been proud of the fact that I am open, and comfortable, and I won’t hide the truth, and I will honestly describe what a pap smear is like, or what being pregnant is really like. If we older women do not pass this information on, what hope does the next generation have?

But now I find myself at that moment in life when your child is no longer a child, and is growing up. Child number 1 is now in a somewhat serious relationship, and things have been getting more serious as the months have progressed. A few weeks ago she sat me down with her boyfriend and basically informed me that they have been considering having sex, and they would like to discuss their options regarding contraception.

Well I won’t lie; it is very different talking to your own child about these things than someone else’s. It is really hard to separate the young adult in front you, with the little baby you held in your arms. But you reap what you sow, so I sucked it up, and answered their questions as best I could, and got out some books, to which my daughter laughed and said to her boyfriend “See I told you she would get the books out!”  Truth was I needed a second to pull myself together!

I couldn't help but think, “ARE YOU SURE?” but they impressed me with their honesty, and their willingness to go to the doctor’s together and approach this in a very responsible manner. I guess I couldn't hope for better. But it is never easy, for a parent to realise that their baby is growing up. It isn't like celebrating their first kiss. This is like a reversal of the feeling you get when you work out your mum and dad have probably done it, well at least the same number of times as there are children. Some things just are better not thought on too much. I just said “Well be safe, as I am too young to be a grandmother” and then suggested the boyfriend read “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm” Well I wouldn't want my daughter to have a rotten first time!

So there you have it. Soon our first born will be crossing that line, and her innocence will be gone forever. I only hope that she has chosen well, and that she will not one day regret this decision. I am happy that they have at least really talked about things, and they have very strong feelings for each other, unlike some of her friends who have just run with their hormones.

I cringed when I hear stories of guys that are all yeah, let’s do this, but the girl is left with all the responsibility of buying the condoms. Don’t laugh; this happened to a friend of ours. After dating this boy for a few months, they decided that it was time. So on her birthday they decided they would do it. Maybe it was his gift to her?? It was her first time. The boyfriend was too shy to buy his own condoms! So the young girl was faced with going to the shops and buying the condoms on her own. How sad is that. She was a virgin, and this was her first serious boyfriend, and there she was faced with such an array of choices; there are coloured ones, flavoured ones, textured ones, ones with vibrating bullets, and cock rings, and then the sizes, way too much for a young in-experienced girl to decide on her own. I would go ape if my boys did that to their partner. I mean have men become utterly LAZY?

It is like these young girls who are more than happy to rip their panties off, and have a wow of a time, but they are scared of getting a pap smear! JUST WHAT THE HELL is the point of their SEX EDUCATION???
I had such a discussion at work today with a few young girls. All of them afraid. Yet they are sexually active, and putting themselves at risk of cervical cancer, a major killer of women in this country. It is not a fun experience, a bit embarrassing, but it is quick, and over in moments, and it could save your life! Same for you older men too. Once a year just bend over, you could save your life, and your sex life too. In my book totally worth a few moments of being uncomfortable. At least you guys get to wait till your late 40’s, we women have to start on the on set of sexual activity.

So my thoughts today go out to other parents who have children who are growing up and coming of age. I guess I am grateful she has waited till now, 18, and she is with someone who she feels comfortable with, and who seems caring, and patient. Who knows, he could be her one? My hubby certainly was for me. We were engaged first though; I know things are different now. We were just was more committed to the relationship. Showing my age now aren't I!

So now I have to trust that all my openness has been worth it, and that she has taken it all on board, and is making the right choices for herself. As long as she is safe, and considerate of her siblings, and her parents, I would much rather her having sex in a safe environment, than in the back of a car parked out in the middle of nowhere.

I am happy that she feels safe enough to come to me. I know one day she will have kids of her own, and I will love my grand-babies with all my heart. Deep down I just want her to be happy. I hope she always feels able to come to me, even if I may have to remind myself that this is what I wanted. This is what I did. I shared with her knowledge, and she is not hung up on all the silly feelings of guilt and shame. She is comfortable chatting with me about sex, life, relationships. She respects her body, and she has chosen a nice guy who at least for now, seems to respect her too.

So just hang on tight, and enjoy the ride!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Children Learn What They Live...

This is such a lovely poem. It has been around for ages but it is timeless. Which one did you grow up with???
 Children Learn What They Live.....   

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to feel discouraged
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to feel angry
If a child lives with violence, he learns to feel afraid
If a child lives with dishonesty, he learns to feel suspicious
If a child lives with judgement, he learns to feel guilty
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to feel ashamed
If a child lives with disorder, he learns to feel confused
If a child lives with disappointment, he learns to feel helpless
If a child lives with silence, he learns to feel lonely


If a child lives with protection, he learns to feel safe
If a child lives with honesty, he learns to feel trustful
If a child lives with peace, he learns to feel calm
If a child lives with sharing, he learns to feel thankful
If a child lives with understanding, he learns to feel encouraged
If a child lives with laughter, he learns to feel happy
If a child lives with creativity, he learns to feel inspired
If a child lives with choice, he learns to feel free
If a child lives with community, he learns to feel supported
If a child lives with accomplishment, he learns to feel confident
If a child lives with meaning, he learns to feel fulfilled
If a child lives with love, he learns to feel tender 


Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Movie review: Hysteria


      It is funny, and positively on the money. To think that women were 'locked up' just because they were HORNY and FRUSTRATED, and wanted to be treated as equals. They thought it was a mental illness, and treated these women as if they were SICK! I would have definitely been 'locked up'. Just accept it. Women enjoy ORGASMS too. If your woman is getting moody, cranky, short tempered, and depressed, and quiet, maybe she just needs a little of YOUR attention. For some women , SEX, with a caring partner, is actually good for their MENTAL HEALTH. Share an orgasm together, at least weekly......Doctor's orders!  ^_^ 

I rate this movie 10/10.

     Hubby said after watching the movie that he'd love to have the Doctor's job! I told him he could always be my doctor! lol    



"Hysteria might be about the invention of the vibrator, but its account of this chapter in sexual history is both amusing and dignified. Director Tanya Wexler's mildly risque film is, in fact, a very pretty, well-designed costume drama and a delightful romantic comedy - the sort of thing you could recommend to your open-minded mother.

Hugh Dancy is Dr Mortimer Granville, an idealistic young physician who struggles to hold down a job in London in the 1880s due to his progressive views on germs. He finally finds regular employment with Dr Robert Dalrymple (Jonathan Pryce), London's "foremost specialist in women's medicine", who is a dab hand at administering pelvic massages to wealthy housewives diagnosed with the medical condition "hysteria".

The arrival of the handsome young doctor leads to a drastic rise in the number of women in London suffering from the hysteria symptoms of "weeping, nymphomania, frigidity, melancholia, and anxiety". Granville quickly becomes indispensable, engaged to Dr Dalrymple's polite young daughter Emily (Felicity Jones), and expected to take over the practice.

Granville is, however, confronted by obstacles. He begins suffering from debilitating hand cramps, and is flustered by Emily's feminist sister Charlotte (Gyllenhaal) who is constantly challenging him to put his education to better use.

It's nicely cast, with everyone on board and hamming it up to keep the storytelling tongue-in-cheek. Some do it better than others, but nobody does it better than Rupert Everett as Granville's wealthy best friend and inventor Edmund St. John-Smythe. He's witty and edgy without going over the top (unlike a few of his cast-mates) and it's a pity he doesn't feature more, especially as it's Edmund who comes up with the bright idea of how to save Granville's career.

Though Wexler nicely incorporates observations on the prudish social mores of the Victorian era, the emergence of new technology and the growth of the feminist movement, she leans too much towards the farcical and Hysteria becomes cute rather than clever. Hysteria isn't hysterical, but it's a light-hearted romp that will create its own buzz. 

Stars: 3/5

Cast: Hugh Dancy, Maggie Gyllenhaal 
Director: Tanya Wexler 
Running time: 99 mins 
Rating: M (Sexual references)
Verdict: A pretty and amusing farce about a sex toy.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Please gentlemen take note...

Today driving home from work, I found myself stuck in traffic and listening to the radio. Lily Allen's song 'It's not fair' came on. Now I have heard this song heaps of times, but as I didn't really like it's sound never really paid it much attention, until today...

So there I was doing the stop, start, stop, start, snail run down Marion rd, when I just loose it and start laughing out loud. 
Read the lyrics for yourself and you will see why. Gentlemen, it doesn't matter how nice you are, if you treat a woman like this in the bed you are spelling the end to your relationship! LOL


                                                                       "Not Fair"

Oh he treats me with respect
he says he loves me all the time
he calls me fifteen times a day
he likes to make sure that I'm fine

You know I've never met a man
who's made me feel quite so secure
he's not like all them other boys
they're all so dumb and immature

There's just one thing
that's getting in the way
when we go up to bed
you're just no good
it's such a shame

I look into your eyes
I want to get to know you
and then you make this noise
and it's apparent it's all over

It's not fair
and I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean

Oh, you're supposed to care
don't you never make me scream
you never make me scream

Oh, it's not fair
and it's really not ok
it's really not ok
it's really not ok

Oh, you're supposed to care
but all you do is take
yeah all you do is take

Oh I lie here in the wet patch
in the middle of the bed
I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by
I spent ages giving head

Then I remember all the nice things
that you've ever said to me
maybe I'm just overreacting
maybe you're the one for me

There's just one thing
that's getting in the way
when we go up to bed
you're just no good
it's such a shame

I look into your eyes
I want to get to know you
and then you make this noise
and it's apparent it's all over

It's not fair
and I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean

Oh, you're supposed to care
don't you never make me scream
you never make me scream

Oh, it's not fair
and it's really not ok
it's really not ok
it's really not ok

Oh, you're supposed to care
but all you do is take
yeah all you do is take

There's just one thing
that's getting in the way
when we go up to bed
you're just no good
it's such a shame

I look into your eyes
I want to get to know you
and then you make this noise
and it's apparent it's all over

It's not fair
and I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean

Oh, you're supposed to care
don't you never make me scream
you never make me scream

Oh, it's not fair
and it's really not ok
it's really not ok
it's really not ok

Oh, you're supposed to care
but all you do is take
yeah all you do is take

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The saga of the roster is over!

After yesterdays Molly mishaps, I was much relieved that my roster issues have now all been sorted. Huge sigh of pure release. (Doing the happy dance)

It is going to work just fine. It does mean less time in the morning at school with child 3, but I am still able to walk him in and get him settled. I do have two days a week when I can stay longer, and that is just perfect. So I am very grateful.

The school holidays are rapidly coming to an end, and I am looking forward to coming home to a much cleaner house, oh and having food in the pantry, and fridge! Boys eat so much, ALL THE TIME!!!

Tonight I stood at the sink and washed up for 35 mins. Half way through I stopped and called both over to the sink. This is why.

Me: What is wrong with this picture?

Boys: Ummm, I don't know?

Me: Take a good look at it.... (gestures to the rack totally filled with 10 glasses, that is just about all of them.)

Boys: It's full!

Me: With what?

Boys: Dishes.... (now giggling, and possibly thinking that mum has gone bonkers)

Me: Count with me....2 boys, 10 glasses................?????

Boys: Just looking confused........too much maths....must break it down....

Me: 2 boys = 2 glasses, ONLY, not 10..........GOT IT!

Boys: OK.

Me: Or next time you both will be doing the washing up!

Boys: OH no way....


It has been such a LONG week. I am so worn out. I have Sunday off, but it all starts again Monday morning. No rest for the wicked.

But for now I wait for hubby to come home, and we can spend some QT together. A snuggle on the lounge and 'Downton Abbey', hot chocolate, mmmm just perfect. I wonder if our kids will ever fully realise just how much we sacrifice for them??

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE, and thanks for all your comments. I really do get a kick from them, and a lot of smiles. I got a new flag today too. MEXICO! Wow. It is amazing how small our world is becoming. How wonderful is this world of INTERNET! ^_^

Friday, 5 October 2012

Molly's adventures

This week we decided that our babies, Molly and Neo were old enough to venture outside. The weather was nice and warm, and hey were curious about the outside world. (Also I was getting sick of cleaning out the litter tray.)

All week they ventured outside. Smelling, rolling in the sun, watching the wild life. In and out the house they came, and for me a bonus the tray wasn't so bad. 

This morning before leaving for work , at 7.30 am, I opened the door and let the cats out. The door was open so they could come and go freely. Child two was up, playing Wii, all was as it should be.

When I got home this afternoon, child 2&3 informed me Miss Molly Wellington (the grey one in the pic) had not come back since this morning, and was last seen out the front of our neighbours house.

That was at about 9 am, and it was now 2 pm. I first checked all the usual spots. Under the bed, in the cupboards, in the cubby house, no where to be found. With child 2 in hand, crying and frantic, (child 2 not me), we went out into the street and began our search.

Calling out and looking up trees, under bushes, and I was discretely looking at the road, hoping to goodness I didn't find anything there. NOTHING.
So we knocked on a few doors and let them know our 5 month old kitten was missing. Everyone was nice, but no one had seen her.

We came back home, and I assured Child 2, he is the closest to Molly, she sleeps on his bed, that we will make posters tonight , if she doesn't show up, and when I get home from work tomorrow, we will go and put them up everywhere.

I continued in vain to go out about every half hour and call her. I even dished out more cat food, but she didn't come running. Neo, her ginger friend, my baby, was also missing her. He gladly ate the extra helping, and promptly made himself sick. He is a right piggy.

Trying to remain strong and assured she'd come home, for sake of child 2, inside I was a worried frantic mess. I have to admit I shed a tear or two. Bloody cat. I was worried that she had been picked up and taken home, and we'd never see her again, despite the fact she is micro chipped.

It was fast approaching 6 pm, and it was already getting dark. My hopes for her coming home now were  all dashed. At 6.30 pm I gave one last call out the back for her, waited, called again, waited a few more mins, called again but nothing. I closed the door with a heavy heart.

Not long after that Child 1 came home from Uni. She went out back and started looking, and calling out in the dark. I told her I'd just been there, but she thought she'd give it a go.

The next thing we heard was her cry out, I FOUND HER! I can't tell you how happy this made us. We all rushed outside. She was up on the roof, and slowly making her way down. How or Why we have no idea, but she was home. Child 2 climbed the nearby tree and grabbed her. She was VERY HUNGRY too.

Why she hadn't answered my calls ALL AFTERNOON we don't know? She may not have been there then?? Who knows where she went, what she did, who she met, or how she got on the roof?? If only she could talk, I am sure she would have a tale or two to tell. 

Neo was at her side, following her and giving her welcome home licks, he was happy to have his mate home, and so were we.

Let's hope she doesn't plan on making this a habit. Cheeky cat! At least next time I will think to look up and check the roof!! ^_^

Stay Happy people.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Today I choose.........

The saga of my roster hours continue, although there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully before the weeks out I will have hours that work for everyone. Fingers crossed. If the last proposal gets approved, it will be better than what I'd hoped for.

Wish me luck.

Now I must be off to bed, as I have a week of early starts. 6 am for this little chickie. 

Keep smiling.