Sunday, 21 October 2012

What a week!

What a week!

My week started with a most romantic night with my man. It has been so long that we have both been off work at the same time, that we made the most of our new found freedom. I'll be honest, it has been a very, very, long time.

As a result, I suffered from what some call honeymoon cystitis. Now I did all the right things, drank loads of water, and did a huge wee before and after, but I guess my body just wasn't use to playing like that anymore.

So the following evening the saga started, and of course it is after medical hours. Now for those of you who have not had the pleasure of a bladder infection, let me try and describe it for you.

You start by feeling a little off, nothing bad, just not right. Then you go to pee, and there is a little discomfort at the end. At this point, as I have had this infection in the past, I knew what it was, but if you haven't , you might just think that it is just a little odd.

Then every 10-20 mins you have to pee, and each time the wee lessens, and the pain increases. It burns like acid, and feels like sharp razors coming out instead of water. A big mistake people make is to stop drinking. Common error, you think if I don't drink, I will not not need to wee, but that just makes things 1000's times worse. You will increase the pain, and wee just droplets, and eventually start pissing blood. Been there done that.

So I started drinking, glasses and glasses of water. But it wasn't flushing the bug out, and it was getting worse, and I developed a slight fever. By the time hubby got home from work, I was in a bad way. I was peeing every 10 mins, and it was hours before morning, and the chance of seeing a doctor.

Hubby took one look at me and said, "Let me have something to eat and I will take you to hospital" My knight in shining armour.

I rang the hospital for advice, in the mean time, as I didn't want to go anywhere, but they suggested I come in, so I did as I was told.

So thankfully child one was actually home, so I woke her to explain, and left her in charge of her sleeping brothers. 

Then began the long night. Hubby sat by be for 5 solid painful hours, before a doctor examined me and gave me the drugs of happiness. During that time, my amazing man had me laughing my head off despite the pain I was in. Not a good look for a woman in acute pain surrounded by ill suffering people. Let's just say there was much teasing about my choice of venue for a date night, and that I didn't need to go to these extremes to spend time alone with him. He tells me he'll choose next time, as my choices are pretty dodgy. Well I don't know, there was action, drama, and danger, plus grand entertainment from the TV.....HAPPY DAYS, LOVE BOAT, CHARMED... and THE MEDICINE WOMAN, forget what that one is called. To say the LOVE BOAT theme song haunted me is an understatement. Talk about a nightmare loop.

By 6 am we arrived home and stumbled into bed. I had been awake for 23 hours. I was so tired. The boys were not going to school, as neither of us could stay up another minute. But by lunch time, and getting up on the hour to tell them to SHUT-UP, I was tempted to do a drive by drop off, I can tell you. Thankfully I had two days off this week, so I didn't have the added hassle of work to deal with.

Thankfully the drugs work well, and within a few hours I was feeling better. So over my two days off, I slept through one, and recovered through the other. 

Back to work Thursday, still a bit off, but nothing bad. Just very drained. Half way through my shift I felt this hot goo gush escape my body, and I just thought to myself, "SUPER". Getting someone to take over so I could leave the shop floor, I hurried to the loo to discover that my missing Aunty Flo, decided that now would be a great time to pay a visit. BITCH! Due to my PCOS, I can go months without a visit, so I never know when it will happen.

Then began the mother of all periods. Thankfully it got worse after I got home. But lets just say I have been bleeding so heavy, that I have had to take iron tablets. But what I have had is the most painful cramps ever. Three days and only this morning have they settled down a bit.

My best friend has been a hot wheat pillow, and the fetal position. I am gladly, and very willing at this point, to remove my uterus all together.

So today is Sunday. It has been a whole week since our amazing romantic night together. Do I regret it. HELL NO. The memories still make me feel warm and fuzzy. Will hubby come near me again?? He better!  ^_^

So I haven't been on top of much this week, and I am sorry for my slackness. I  hope this explains it, and I hope that for you and I both we have a great healthy, pain free, fun filled, week ahead.

Now I have some washing to do.



  1. You poor love. I am so glad you got to have some speical time with your man even if it did come with some consequences.

    Feel better soon

  2. He was a bit sad I was in so much pain. He kept saying he was so awesome he put me hospital! I'll take the awesome any day, but you can keep the hospital part. We just need to not leave things for so long any more. lol