Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What am I going to do part 2 ?

Yesterday I kind of felt like this woman. Tried, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Today I am much more positive and feeling in control. Why? Because I took control back!

I went, as promised, to look into before school care for the boys.

Well, not only are they going to be closed next week due to asbestos in the unit being dealt with, but the cost for us to send them both amounts to $80 a week. That is a huge chuck of my income. The income we rely on. So with our bills on the rise, the last thing this family needs is to shell out $80 a week for some toast, and 4 hours of care a week.  Screw that.

I rang work and told them that it was not a goer, and have given them what I think might be some good alternatives, that should fit into the business plan, and I hope that they can do something positive with that. I was very nice about it too. Sometimes I feel I am too nice, and too accommodating, and I think they think I am a push over. Well not when it affects my FAMILY.

It was empowering. Last night I was a wash with worry. Tonight I am calm and collected. Tomorrow I am expecting a call back to see what they have decided.   I am being very reasonable, and offering to give up my whole weekends, which is the only family time, well Sunday is, we get, so I hope they accept my  counter offer.

My kids come first. I have a child with special needs. I also have a work injury, which is their fault. So they are the ones with the duty of care to support me. I have been there for years, and so has my hubby. They know we have 1 car and small children. We can't both be there at the same time. It has never been an issue up until now.

If it means I have to transfer to a new location which can provide these hours then that is something I may have to consider. I can't do what they have offered, and that is that.

I am not going to turn myself inside over it anymore. Let's just hope that my plan B is a winner. Still a lotto win wouldn't hurt.  ^_^

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What am I going to do??

It has been one of those days. I have a huge dilemma.

I have been offered new hours at work. In fact I have been offer two sets of hours. Problem is both hours totally and dramatically impact on my family.

Set 1: Means I have to get the boys up and ready to be at school by 7.15am.
Set 2: Means my husband can't work his hours and we loose what little money we earn.

Set 1: Means childcare fees we can't afford.
Set 2: Mean drastic loss of income, can't pay rent, starve.

Also child 3 has health issues. He has just been diagnosed with ADD & Dyslexia. He can not cope with changes of routine. He behaves better when I spend time with him in the classroom of a morning, and settle him in. Something I have mentioned to my boss. His teacher relies on me to do this as she has a better day with him, and she can not spend that kind of one on one time with him that he needs. It is important that he gets the help he needs now that he is young, so that we don't have bigger issues later.

Of course this isn't works problem. It is our problem. Hubby is very annoyed, as they know our situation. I am turning myself inside out, as I want to do the right thing by everyone.

To top it off our stove exploded. Yes it LITERALLY exploded this afternoon. So no hot plates or oven. Completely broken. Bits of hot plate missing. Can't cook a bloody thing. Hubby was mid way through dinner, and BANG, white light and all. He had to get the BBQ out to finish cooking the pasta and sauce he was making. This was the sight that I was confronted with when I got home. Hubby with the BBQ, in the backyard, with two pots on, cooking our dinner. It was a funny sight. 

This would happen after hours too, and the agent had long gone home. So tomorrow, I have had to cancel my girl lunch, (something that I don't get to do often) with my dearest oldest friend, to chase up a new stove, and go down to the school to see if they can even accommodate my two boys in care, and what that would cost us? Not my idea of a good day off. Nothing seems to ever be simple.

Now would be a good time for that lotto win. Not asking for much. Just enough to buy our own home, and not have to rely on me to work as much so I can be here for my boys while they need me.

Send positive thoughts my way. I need them. I am going to have the battle this one out, and I hate being a pain in the butt. But I can't do this to my family, and according to work, they can't give me any other hours. So the future looks a bit scary tonight.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

1950's........OH HAPPY DAYS ??

What kind of reality was this?

When have you ever seen a couple in their Sunday best, grocery shopping like it's a romantic dinner for two??

No wonder women of the 50's were depressed, and unhappy. Is it no surprise that in the 60's they burnt their bra's and embraced their freedoms as people.

I mean look at this? This is certainly something I do with my girl-friends on a weekly basis. Let's get together and sniff PAINT THINNER!!!!  Could this have been the start of the LSD craze?

Got to love this one. Men please don't help out around the house, or with the kids. Just buy her a new washing machine. There now, she wont be too tired to put out tonight. No wonder our sisters fort so hard for the vote!

But this woman isn't sad because she has no life of her own, no personality, no need for self fulfillment. Her husband has bought her a truck load of electrical goods, so she wont kill herself doing housework!

See how wonderfully happy she is here polishing the silver. He is looking a bit scared actually....maybe he is questioning if she is actually happy cleaning or that she has been sniffing to much paint thinner??  Tough call.

Or this one...............I just can't even put into words how this one grates.....

Just get the little woman addicted to smoking. That way sleepless nights wont effect her anymore.... and she stay the happy home maker  like the woman in this picture...

....see smoking around her children hasn't caused them any harm! They all look totally normal to me!! Don't you think so??

Hubby is totally devoted and understanding. This picture says it all. Let's not worry about food, let's get you hammered, and then I can have my way with you for burning my dinner!

But this one is a classic.............WHAT the hell is this product??? Is she helping him hide the evidence? Or making him really stink so that the 'other women' or 'meat' stay the hell away?? Not sure??

Ummm YES!!!  Either way I think she got tired of cleaning and cooking all day, and making sure the children were seen but not heard, and that she was always neat and clean and her lippy just so. She burnt her bra, and went out with the girls for some 'me' time and left him at home with the kids and the cooking. This made him really mad at first, so mad he could kill her.

Then he realised that his woman did a lot for him, and the kids and he learnt to be a better man, and father. He got to really know his children. He appreciated her  more, and she in turn became more loving, and softer, and gave up getting high on paint thinner. 

The truth is men and women both deserve respect, and to be valued for their work. If a man wants a woman to be his slave then he isn't going to have that kitten he wants as well. Relationships are give and take. No wonder we had such a huge sexual revolution. Look at the pigeon holes people were put in. 

I for one am VERY GRATEFUL I have a man who shares the load of life with me. We are always there for each other. If I am sick, he picks up the slack, and vice-versa.  He cooks, and cleans, and so do I. We both work outside the home, and we both work inside the home, and our kids with any luck will continue with this respectful fair tradition. 

These ads certainly explain my parents era. No wonder dad was so useless about the house, especially the kitchen. He couldn't even tell you where we kept the glasses. He wasn't the only one like that too. Many of their friends all displayed this trait. The women bore all the  responsibility  of the house, paying bills, shopping, and the kids. They were really unhappy, and frustrated most of the time. They aged too soon. The men just worked, and then came home and were served like kings. I swore that the man I married would not be such a big baby about the house. He had to respect and value my hard work too. My mother worked really hard, all day long. I am not really sure if my dad ever really understood just how demanding five kids can be. It was the 60's too, so there was none of this modern stuff we have now. I wanted a husband. A lover. A partner. A friend. Not an over grown child, that occasionally wanted to mount me.

And lucky for me, I got what I asked for. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Today's Horoscope.

Hi Criss! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 21
Your responsible nature kicks in at the least opportune moment today, forcing you to take care of chores instead of heading out for some fun new adventure. Don't grumble too much, as things pick up soon.

Seems to be the current theme to my life at the moment. But according to this, things should pick up soon. I can't wait.

Hope all is well and happy in your world today.  ^_^

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fifty Shades of........REALITY!

I read this one face book tonight , and I just had to share. It made me chuckle. I hope it makes you smile too. ^_^

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Post Birthday

Well hello fellow bloggers. I am now a whole year older. I don't feel any different, or look any different, but time stands still for no one.

So I made it through yet another birthday. It was a long day, mostly due to my over excitement to get the ball rolling. I had the cake. Made sure I got it, Hubby didn't put an order in, so took child 2 and checked out the bakery, and there was 1 left. Fate, or just lucky, either way it was going to be mine. All I needed was the hubby and the kids to get into gear and do the birthday thing.

My pre-birthday evening was fantastic. I spent the most wonderful few hours with my man, and I loved every minute of his attention. It didn't matter to me how late it was. We were alone, and together, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I'm still smiling.

I got to have a long sleep in, which was divine. Getting up early all week, and at the crack of dawn on Saturday, made Sunday morning sleep in till 11am, all the more sweeter.

I woke up however to Child 3's wet bed sheets, (I thought I heard the shower going and Hubby talking), and a trail of mess from boys bedroom, up the hall, through the kitchen, and into the lounge, and the ginger kitten had decided the towel left on the bathroom floor would be a better place than the litter tray to do a huge smelly wee!

I told myself to relax, but all I could do was go into a controlled mummy mood, and I just had enough control to get them to clean it up before I exploded. Which again consisted of mainly me cleaning.

Remember I had spent several hours cleaning the night before, which is what I asked the family for, a CLEAN house and a NO HOUSEWORK day. Instead I was looking at another two loads of washing. I didn't have to do them of course, but I am a Virgo, and I had a picture in my head of what the day looked liked and a dirty smelly wash basket wasn't part of it. That made eight loads in under twelve hours, and sweeping, and dishes.

I decided to do some quick positive self talk, and as soon as the house was again as I wished it to be, all was again, well in my world. No one else is really bothered by it.

Then the waiting. I waited for hubby to wake up. I waited for child 1 (sick teen) to wake up, and the boys and I played our various games, and child 2 did his best to give me a birthday neck rub, which turned into a lets play with mums hair and see how many styles we can create to make her look silly. But it was fun, and at least they were not fighting. Which was another of my birthday wishes.

Finally I heard the tell tale sign of life when the loo flushed and up the hall came hubby, sleepy, but somewhat smiling, and he wished me a happy birthday before he sat to eat his breakfast. It was now just after 1pm.

By the time he had showered and dressed, it was close to 3pm, and that is when he took the boys birthday shopping. 

I was left at home, to wait, and like a child at Christmas time, I waited. Time dragged on, and still no sign of Santa. I amused myself with facebook, and reading all the wonderful happy birthday messages. My farm-Ville farm got a make over, and I caught up on on my emails.

Then I heard the car doors closing, and I tried to not look as if I had been internally pacing like a wild tiger for the past few hours. I heard Hubby yell, "STAY THERE" and I did exactly as he instructed, almost holding my breath, as I wasn't sure what waited for me. It was either going to be really nice, or one of those "Thank you, you shouldn't have, really!" moments.

The kids made me sit on the lounge and close my eyes. I was handed two hand made drawn cards from the kids. Hubby had signed one with some cheeky verse.

Then each child presented me with a shopping bag. In the first I found a pair of pink stripped thongs. Cute, and will be just perfect for when the heat kicks in, match my toes too. The second bag had some pink scuffs, definitely a pink theme going on here. They looked small, but without my socks on they fit perfectly. The third shopping bag had a black pair of Ugg Boots short, winter slippers, and hubby was happy that I would no longer have cold feet. Again perfect size. He also had three scented candles. African Rain, Sage, and Ocean. I have been burning the African Rain. Then Child 1, who is still feeling very poorly, gave me her present. Hers the only one gift wrapped in child 2's drawings. It was 'Breaking Dawn pt1' for my collection. I was pretty chuffed by all this I can tell you. It was just perfect, even with the price tags attached.


By now it was close to 5pm, and all our tummy's were rumbling. Child 1's boyfriend had arrived for dinner, and so Hubby and all the kids, and boyfriend, left me home again, and went out to collect my birthday dinner, CHINESE, from the HOUSE OF JADE. So again I found myself alone,with my slippers, and  the cat, and my computer friends on face book, who kept me company all day, playing words with friends, and farmville, and sending me funny's to read.

I set the table, with the good plates, and decided to take photos of my presents, and cakes. Hubby still bought me a cake, a mud cake, and then my sister phoned and sang happy birthday to me, which was funny, and a wee bit scary, but it's the thought that counts.

I waited, and waited, and they seemed to be gone for a good hour. So I packed the boys lunches for school, and fed the cats. Tried on my new work shirt, freaked out that it was the wrong one ordered, and then left it on the hanger with utter fear of the morning. FINALLY at just after six, I had all my family, and the boyfriend, together around the table, and we shared some really lovely food. 

We let it rest a while, and as usual I ended up finishing clearing the table. The kids started, but somehow didn't quite finish it. I did get some help from child 2, but there was grumbles about it. Then we had cake. 'FINALLY' came the cries of child 3, who had removed said cake several times from fridge already. I had to prompt them to sing, and once they started it was delightful.

We each had a nice yummy slice, and settled back into the lounge for some relax time.  

Hubby put the boys to bed and I watched a new TV drama called 'House Husbands' with a lovely hot cup of tea, and my new warm Ugg boots on. Then we watched a movie. The Salmon fishing in Yemen one, I know what you're thinking, and yes it was the one from the night before, and no we didn't, and yes that was just fine with me. You can figure it out.  ^_^  It is a good movie though , if you haven't seen it. Well worth a look. 

Then this old birthday chook, had to go to bed. No rest for the wicked, and I had work in the morning. Hubby even ironed my shirt along with his. He said it didn't look bad, and to stop worrying. I thought it was a tad tight.

After work, my sweetest dearest friend popped over for a quick cuppa, and cake. She brought me some cheese, a cheese she once heard me mention I liked but don't buy as it's too expensive. She is always so thoughtful like that. Some incense, as I am always burning something, and two scratchies, sadly not winners, and a witty card about growing old disgracefully.

So all in all I say it was a lovely Birthday. I have much to be happy for.

Thank you everyone who sent me messages. It really made my day. And a special thanks to my family for being their special selves.  I love you with all my heart. ^_^

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday.It has just gone midnight, so it counts. I have been counting down my birthday sleeps all week. I figure if I don't get excited about my day, who will?  

I have always looked forward to my birthday, I tend to drag it out. You know, the pre-birthday count down, the birthday itself, and of course the post birthday week. I'm special. ^_^

The girls at work wished me a happy day yesterday, which was nice and sweet. We don't get birthday chocolates anymore, which is a shame, as they really where a nice treat. It was the only place I ever worked at where you got a small box of Rose Chocolates on your birthday. They all wanted to know what plans I had, but I really don't know??? Maybe a good sleep in??

I treated myself early this week to a foot spa, and had my toe nails painted shiny dark pink. That was a special thank you to my body for not failing on me. Now I shall wait and see what surprises, (if any), are install for me today??

I have no idea what exactly the family has planned. Yesterday as far as I could work out, no-one had any real plans. Child 1 is sick too, so she is confined to bed rest. The boys are too young to do anything on their own. So it's all down to Hubby. He hasn't really had time to go out and do anything, as when he is home I am at work and vice-versa. So that makes it hard.

I suspect he will go out today and surprise me with something???  I think Child 1 has got something, maybe they went in on it together?? Maybe it's a JUICER?? There has been secret meetings down the hall all night. One by one they have all entered Child 1's room, and come back out with conspiratory looks??

Honestly, a nice cake, and a clean house, and takeaway for dinner would be perfect. I just want a nice relaxed day, where I am the center of attention of course, where I do not have to fuss over anything, which is hard for me as I am a worry wart fuss pot! 

So in the spirit of my fussy pot nature, yesterday, yes it would be yesterday now, I cleaned the house. I know, I have no trust in them to succeed in this task. But I really didn't want them to clean about on my birthday. I wanted to wake up to a clean house. So I did 4 loads of washing, and then discovered that child 1 decided that now would be a good time to change the sheets, and pick up her dirty washing. TEENAGERS! So at 7.30pm I was outside in the dark hanging out my 6th load of washing for the day! I was determined not to have any housework looming about me. Dishes done, Kitchen tidy, Lounge room straightened, birthday cake bought. So now I wait and see. Just a little excited about now. ^_^

Hubby is home and we are going to watch "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen". It is somewhat like a date night, even if the date is starting at 12.16am. It's the only time we have alone these days. lol

I am not upset over my age. It is just a number, and I can't change it so why get bothered about it. Inside I am still young, and that is what matters. I am grateful for hair dye, and for my European skin, which has aged well, so I occasionally get a treat when people think I am younger than what I am.  Always makes one feel good. ^_^

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME. Today I promise myself to be grateful, and happy, and not get stressed over the little things, and not to feel one tiny bit of guilt for eating birthday cake.

If you are having a birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU too!  

I shall let you know how it goes..............I can't wait for it to begin. ^_^

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Grammar Police!

I have a question for you all today.

A customer complained that our Kid's Trolley sign was grammatically wrong.
He said it should not have the comma before the S. I am not sure. Is it wrong?? 

Another one said the sign should say Child Trolleys, as Kid meant baby goat, and legally if someone brought in a baby goat , we would be legally unable to turn them out! 

This same guy also said our store brochure, the one we hand out to customers letting them know about the changes, (the store has just had a huge makeover, so I think people can tell), is discriminating towards disabled people. 

Why I hear you ask? Because the first line reads, "Walking into our store you might notice some changes..."  

"WALKING" He said it was offensive to wheelchair people. Honestly I really don't think they mind. They are happy the aisles are all nice and wide now. 

It is funny how people can get uptight over such little things.

Working in retail you really do meet some characters.

Let me know what you think about our sign. Should it read "KID'S TROLLEYS" or "KIDS TROLLEYS" ?????

Keep smiling and have a nice day.....

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A brief brush with fame!

Remember me talking to you about a book I read called ‘The Miracle’. It is the story about Ally Mc Erlaine, the lead guitarist in a band called TEXAS, (Famous for a song called “I Don’t Want A Lover”), and how he survived a grade 5 brain haemorrhage.

Well, tonight I got a really special treat. I was so moved by Shelly’s story about how she coped with her loving husband going through such a horrific experience, I mean he died several times, was brain damaged, and had to re-learn how to do EVERYTHING; that I wrote to her and thanked her for sharing such personal journey.

Well she wrote back, and thanked me, ME! Not something I was expecting. After all she is a busy woman, a musician herself in a band called “Red Sky July”

From one woman to another, she was an inspiration of hope and faith, and she is utterly strong. What Ally went through was shocking, but what she went through beside him, was I think emotionally worse. I am so happy that they got to have their “HAPPY EVER AFTER”

So if you think you are having a bad day, pick up this book. It reads like a personal diary, and it will make you realise that maybe your life could always be much worse.

Stay positive, and enjoy all the little things as much as you can. ^_^

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I'm OK.

I had some fantastic news today.

At the start of the year I went for my routine annual check up. You know, the pap smear, blood tests for cholesterol, and sugars, and anything else they can think of. But this time, when the blood work came back, I got a call back from the doctor. Well no one likes that feeling when the doctor calls you. It seemed serious, and I had to go back as soon as possible.

My blood work showed that my ANA inflammatory markers where very high, and this was not good. So for the next 4 weeks I had repeat blood work done. Each one showing no improvement. Of course I didn't make a huge deal of it. Why worry everyone, when we didn't know what it was. I gave hubby the more uplifting story, and that was as much for me as it was for him.The doctor wanted to rule out my cold as the cause anyway. It was just my cold affecting results. Yes, that's it, must be. Just a cold I thought. It wasn't. So that is when she got very serious, and said that I had to go see a specialist, as there was no more that she could do, and we had to work out why this was happening. 

I can tell you, her round-a-about behavior was scaring me. She kept saying it could be a few things, and none of them sounded good. So off to the hospital I go. Mind you, this took about 3 months. I don't have private hospital cover. 

Again, blood work was needed, X-rays, and an MRI scan, to add to my other scans of my back.

I was told that they had to rule out anything nasty. We all knew my back was inflamed, and caused pain, but they didn't think this was the cause of my ANA markers.

What they were looking for was bone cancer, infection of the spine, Lupus, MS, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

To say I spent the last 9 months having this in the back of my mind was scary. Each time I woke up with pain, or off colour, I wondered if this was just my back condition or something much more serious?? 

Then a week ago I read an interesting article on PCOS, and how it can cause inflammation  and can been picked up in a blood test via an increased ANA inflammatory marker result. It is another way doctors can check to see if you have it.

Bingo, I thought. That must be it. I have PCOS, the doctor knows this. I wondered why she didn't link the two?? Anyway, I was all ready with my questions today, for when I met the specialist, but I didn't need to say anything. I just listened while he confirm my self diagnosis.

You can not believe the smile we both shared, when he said, you don't have CANCER. I have issues yes, but it's just old age, and the fact that I injured my back makes it worse. Nothing that will kill me. Just something I will have to live with.

To celebrated I took myself off for an early birthday present, and treated myself to my first foot spa at a salon. I thought I was worth it! My poor feet got rubbed, and clipped, and all the old skin removed, and my toe nails look fantastic in a bright shiny  dark PINK! They look so pretty.

I am so grateful for everything I have. I may not own my own home, or have a huge amounts of money, or a new car, but I have three miracle kids, and a wonderful husband, two cute kittens, and a few very good friends. (You know who you are) I'd say I have much to be happy for.

So this old chook is going to keep on smiling. For I am not dying today, and I have much to live for!  ^_^

Saturday, 8 September 2012

So true

Love Dare.............

I always love to hug my Hubby. As we don't really see much of each other these days, I really cherish the days when he embraces me,  and plants a small kiss on the top of my head, when he gets up. I didn't really think much on it, it is just something that makes me feel good, and sets my day with him up for a good start. I certainly know how I feel if I do not get greeted warmly, and now I have an understanding of 'why' perhaps.

I came across this post while looking for something else, and I was very surprised by what I read. Not that there was anything highly unusual, or novel, but just the basic simplicity of it makes perfect sense.

Here is a bit, so judge for yourself.....

"Learning to demonstrate aspects of love patience, kindness, and encouragement are not always easy but are certainly crucial to a healthy relationship.  So dealing with the way you greet your spouse each day may seem inconsequential, but this small issue carries surprising significance.

You can tell a lot about the state of a couple’s relationship from the way they greet one another.  You can see it in their expression and countenance, as well as how they speak to each other.  It is even more obvious by their physical contact.  But how much importance should you give a greeting?

This raises an interesting question.  How do you greet your friends, coworkers, and neighbors?  How about acquaintances and those you meet in public?

You may even encounter someone you don’t necessarily like yet still acknowledge them out of courtesy.  So if you’re this nice and polite to other people, doesn’t your spouse deserve the same?  Times ten?

It’s probably something you don’t think about very often – the first thing you say to him or to her when you wake up in the morning, the look on your face when you get in the car, the energy in your voice when you speak on the telephone.  But here’s something else you probably don’t stop to consider – the difference it would make in your spouse’s day if everything about you expressed the fact that you were really, really glad to see them.

When someone communicates that they are glad to see you, your personal sense of self-worth increases.  You feel more important and valued.  That’s because a good greeting sets the stage for positive and healthy interaction. Like love, it puts wind in your sails.

 Think back to the story Jesus told of the prodigal son.  This young, rebellious man demanded his inheritance money and then wasted it on foolish lifestyle.  But soon his bad choices caught up with him, and he found himself eating scrapes in a pigpen.  Humbled and ashamed, he practiced his apologies and tried to think of the best way to go home and face his father. But the greeting he was expecting was not the one he received.  “While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed” (Luke 15:20).

Of all the scenarios this young man had played out in his mind, this was likely the last one he expected.  But how do you think it made him feel to receive his father’s embrace and hear his thankful tone?  He no doubt felt loved and treasured once again.  What do you think it did in their relationship?

What kind of greetings would make your mate feel like that?  How could you excite his or her various senses with a simple word, a touch, a tone of voice?  A loving greeting can bless  your spouse through what they see, hear, and feel.

Think of the opportunities you have to greet each other on a regular basis. When coming through the door.  When meeting for lunch.  When saying good-night.  When talking on the phone.

It doesn’t have to be bold and dramatic every time.  But adding warmth and enthusiasm gives you the chance to touch your mate’s heart in subtle, unspoken ways.

Think about your greeting.  Do you use it well?  Does your spouse feel valued and appreciated?  Do they feel loved?  Even when you’re not getting along too well, you can lessen the tension and give them value by the way you greet them.

Remember, love is a choice.  So choose to change your greeting.  Choose love."

Today’s Dare

"Think of a specific way you’d like to greet your spouse today. Do it with a smile and with enthusiasm.  Then determine to change your greeting to reflect your love for them."

Say thank you

Every couple knows the importance of saying “I love you.” But, believe it or not, those may not be the magic words your significant other is really longing to hear. “The number one way to improve your relationship is to make your partner feel consistently appreciated,” says Meyers. “And the surest way to do this is to say ‘thank you’ for the little things.”

Friday, 7 September 2012

If only I could master this...

So why is it so hard to do??? LOL

Funny how when you are feeling most anxious the first vice you go for is the chocolate! 

I was having this very same conversation with a old friend today over coffee. We don't see each other often, but when we do, I make sure I have cleared my day, as I know it will be a long one. 

It's nice that you can not see someone for months, and just pick up right were you left off. My friend is 'computer challenged' she just refuses to buy into the world of face book, emails, etc.... I as you know, can't go a day without my computer world.

I hate to text, mobile phones are not my thing. She does, that is OK, but I would run out of credit in a day, if I used my phone like that. So we agree to disagree on this point , and just catch up every few months for a good old fashioned chin wag. Which is wonderful, but I never get over just how exhausting  socialising like this can be!

It is amazing how kids, and their antics can fill up a few hours of chatter! KIDS! lol  ^_^

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Messy House

I saw this today on face book. I wish I had one for my front door. It is perfect. My house may not be show home ready. We have dishes in the sink, washing on the line, and in the basket, well we have 3 kids! Gone are the days when we did the washing and the housework and shopping once a week. Now we can have days were we wash 3-4 loads, fold and put away a few baskets, and sweep, cook, clean, wash dishes, and at the end of the night, the house looks no different. 

Cleaning when kids are home, is like watching a cat chase it's tail. I figure if they are not fighting, and they happy and playing, who cares if the toys are about. But once the joy stops, then it is all hands on deck and pack that stuff up.

I do however really love that feeling when you have cleaned everything and the house is all neat. Scented candle burning, music playing, it is really blissful.  But you know what....I wouldn't swap my kids for anything. 

What doesn't kill you....

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Rubber Gloves

Reading with a cat.

This is exactly what's it's like to read a book when our little kitten Neo is about.   He makes it his business to make sure you know he is here and he is going to stay. You will pat him. You have no choice. He is a bundle of ginger joy, and I wouldn't swap him for the world. ^_^