Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What am I going to do part 2 ?

Yesterday I kind of felt like this woman. Tried, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Today I am much more positive and feeling in control. Why? Because I took control back!

I went, as promised, to look into before school care for the boys.

Well, not only are they going to be closed next week due to asbestos in the unit being dealt with, but the cost for us to send them both amounts to $80 a week. That is a huge chuck of my income. The income we rely on. So with our bills on the rise, the last thing this family needs is to shell out $80 a week for some toast, and 4 hours of care a week.  Screw that.

I rang work and told them that it was not a goer, and have given them what I think might be some good alternatives, that should fit into the business plan, and I hope that they can do something positive with that. I was very nice about it too. Sometimes I feel I am too nice, and too accommodating, and I think they think I am a push over. Well not when it affects my FAMILY.

It was empowering. Last night I was a wash with worry. Tonight I am calm and collected. Tomorrow I am expecting a call back to see what they have decided.   I am being very reasonable, and offering to give up my whole weekends, which is the only family time, well Sunday is, we get, so I hope they accept my  counter offer.

My kids come first. I have a child with special needs. I also have a work injury, which is their fault. So they are the ones with the duty of care to support me. I have been there for years, and so has my hubby. They know we have 1 car and small children. We can't both be there at the same time. It has never been an issue up until now.

If it means I have to transfer to a new location which can provide these hours then that is something I may have to consider. I can't do what they have offered, and that is that.

I am not going to turn myself inside over it anymore. Let's just hope that my plan B is a winner. Still a lotto win wouldn't hurt.  ^_^


  1. I think it is great that you have told them that what they are suggesting wont work and have offered an alternative plan. Fingers crossed you can work out a solution that works for everybody

  2. Thanks Mynx. Today not much was sorted. But the offer is there, and it works well with the other woman involved, so it really is just up to management. Next week it is another fill in week. I have Monday off, but am working the rest of the week right up to Saturday. I am hoping by being accommodating, that will work in my favour. I best make good use of this weekend, as it may be the last for a long time. lol

  3. Child care is such a pain, I know what you mean.