Monday, 30 September 2013

I'll always be LITTLE MISS CHATTERBOX..........

I think I will always be in trouble for talking.............story of my life. 
Over the last two months at work, we had to get assessed for a licence to work in my area, and I lost points for talking too much. ME! Who could have predicted that?

On my kindergarten report card the teacher wrote "She is a CHATTERBOX", it has pretty much been down hill from there. LOL

I was the only one to score full marks in 2
areas and it would have been 3, had I not been such a chatter  box.

I can talk to my customers, that's no problem, it is the chatting in-between. You know when I am not busy and just cleaning my work area..... 

My boss would like me to work on that over the next six months and score a perfect 5 for next time. BAHAHAHAHAHA........

People like to talk to me. I like to talk to people. I am actually very shy at first. REALLY, I am.....STOP LAUGHING.......but once I am comfortable, I can pretty much natter about anything, and I do!

Will I apologise for who I am? Nope. This is me... and I although I may try and curb my social efforts at work, if someone comes to say hi to me, I am going to say a big old HOWDY back. 

I will ask you how you are? Enquire over your sick puppy, your lost keys, your sore knee, your studies, your date last night.....whatever we were chatting about the last time we chatted. 

On the positive side it was very nice to hear that I am actually considered very good at my job, and that customers write in about me weekly to tell them how much they appreciated my customer service. This was only recent news to me, and very nice to hear. 

Truth is I love my job. I care about my regulars. We have get together's, and sometimes it sounds more like a party than a supermarket. I get hugs, kisses, chocolates, and today was offered a box of biscuits which I had to kindly decline. I have even been proposed to. I think that is what makes the difference, I actually appreciate my job, I have had many jobs, and this one by far has been the best paid, and the nicest of working environments.

Take away the idiotic policy's that come and go, and the walk through of bosses, mostly good, but some have been utter wankers, and the inevitable shit house bad tempered customers, it really is a good place to work. They have been really good to me in my situation, and for that I am very grateful.

Sometimes my customers can actually bring me out of my dull-drums. It works both ways.  As one man said "I am a good sort".

So I scored pretty darn good, and I was very chuffed about that, and I lost marks for talking..........well I can live with that......question is will they??

Anyone who knows me, and everyone I mentioned it to today, at work, when I wasn't talking between customers, just laughed.

Yeah, I laughed too......this is one challenge I believe I will not be able to rise to. I can't help myself. It would be a bloody long shift with no one to talk to. 

LIFE IS SHORT.....................Have fun while you can............ ;)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Still alive and kicking.....

Sorry I have been a bit slack on the writing, it seems since turning 44, my life has just gotten , well I am not sure which exactly...either faster, busier, fuller, or who knows what?? All good though, which is fantastic.

I have been a little lost in books, and high tech toys, i.e. my new tablet. I am enjoying discovering this new way to navigate the world, but I have to admit I still prefer my computer, and a new laptop would have been just PERFECT.

I think it's size is a tad small, 8" screen and not must edge, so when I read I keep accidentally turning off pages and turning them etc.... I also find reading and posting for face book  not as fun, just looks different, and I can't insert my faces and pictures like I do on the computer, and of course I can not farm. Bahahaha. (that is FARM VILLE in case you where wondering)

I have however recently discovered an app for music, kindly suggested by a dear face book friend. She knows who she is.... it is called PANDORA, and I LOVE IT!

Now my Tablet as turned into an iPod on steroids, and I am discovering a lot of music and songs that I love hearing, and I have no silly ads or daft commenting to wait through. So far I have spent a few hours giving thumbs up and thumbs down, and book marking my favourites. 

Music really does have a healing effect on the soul don't you think? My iPod was my 40th birthday present. I loved it all for about 2 weeks. After that my hubby added too many of his songs to it. Oh I liked them too, but there was way too much of the same artist. REALLY, 5 different versions of the same song type thing. I only need one. I LOVE variety. Then he would borrow it, which I didn't mind at all, but he would forget to re-charge it, which I did mind, and so when I was in the mood to listen to music, it was dead. We didn't have a dock then, so it was  a case of waiting to have the computer or a spare the time it was done the moment was over.

Then the computer I had set up my iTunes library on shit it self, and now to my horror, my new iTunes library will not accept all the songs from my iPod, or refuses to play them stating that the file is missing, or something to that effect and so I am stuck with an iPod of music I am now bored with and can't delete to make room for more. So Pandora radio is a welcome breath of fresh air.

I had it cranking today, well as loud as my little tablet will let me go, which isn't loud enough for some songs,  while I was cleaning, and cooking, and the boys where all doing their own thing, and Missy pants was on a date with her new bo. So no one in my way, no one telling me to shut-up, (my singing is just fabulous I'll have you know), or need something, or that they don't like that, it was just me, and my LOVE POP TUNES, and I cooked up a delightful experimental lunch, just with the odd bits of what I had about and it was just yummo. I usually cook my best when left the fuck alone, and happy.

What also has been really lovely is that hubby has been a bit sick. No it's not lovely that he has been sick, please let me explain.....because of this he has somewhat re-tuned his body clock. He has been going to bed with me, and getting up with me, and spending the day with us, and it has been just wonderful. I need that, even if we are doing our own things, we can be together. Today we had breakfast in bed. We just got up and went back, the boys were happy playing their games, school holidays, bliss......we both had our tablets, and he was watching you-tube, while I checked face-book, and then read a chapter of my latest book. "City Of Bones" not sure if I am really into it yet... to soon to say, so far not my thing really, but I have been assured that if I enjoyed "Twilight" which I did, then I will love this too....we shall see...............................

Hubby is at work now, and all the children are home and accounted for. Dinner is done, and dishes still wait, but all in all it's been a nicely paced day.

A few other things need sorting, health wise, which I am too happy to want to really think about right now. But I have this week done the most  silliest thing....... I bought myself some phone credit the last time I went shopping. Then I decided to clean out the handbag on bin night. Can you see where I am going with this story??? Yep, I did, I saw that docket and thought why the hell do I have thing ruddy thing in here, and tossed it out without a second thought. Hubby is suggesting again I need to go blonde and just get it over with.

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND. Remember we may have bad days, but we don't have a bad life.  

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Happy Birthday.........

Well another year has past, and it's just occurred to me that I have been blogging for just over a year now. Wow, time flies.

This birthday was much nicer than the last few, I have been completely spoilt, and hubby has gone out of his way to make me feel very loved, and special, which I just can not get enough of.

He can sweet talk me till the cows come home, I will never get enough of it.

It is amazing how just a simple word, or hug can change everything. Well it does for me.

After getting over my bad mood due to the parking ticket, which I must say only lasted a few hours. I looked ahead to what was really important, and that was my family. Without them I really am just Criss. Strip that away and all I have is me, just me. Not someone's mum, wife, friend, lover, sister, worker.....just Criss. I think I'd be less whole some how, less Criss, for without all these important people in my life, life would really suck.

So with this in mind I decided to do away with the money stress head Criss, and just focus on accepting the good, and going with the flow. No taking control, no fussing to a plan, just letting go and letting the wind blow me away. It was/is just magic.

Sunday, hubby and the kids took me shopping to buy my new Samsung Galaxy 8 inch Tablet. I was terrified of it. But just 2 days in I am already finding my way around, and have added apps, and Facebook, Words with Friends, and my emails, and just now Skype. The GPS on it is a bit silly. The darn thing keeps telling me I am about 4 suburbs away, and that is kinda driving this Virgo a bit nuts, but not in a bad way, just in a "I have no idea how to make this stop?' way. 

My actual Birthday was Monday, and I went to work determined not to let a bloody thing rattle me, and I kept that promise to myself. It was a pretty good day, despite the short staffing issues.

Then my bestie popped in and shared some tea and treats, and bought me 2 new wheat pillows for my back. Scented ones, and I have not stopped using them. She also donated her rug has she was updating hers, and it looks great in our TV room.

My sisters gave me perfume and a scented candle, I love candles, along with some pretty sweet cards. The kids made me a card as the shopping for the card wires got crossed so it was last minute throw it together, but I loved it all the same.

And Hubby bought home a Cheese cake Shop Black Forest Cake.....and proudly lit the candles..........

As you can see, I am doing bloody well for my age! Always the shit stirrer. Oh and this was taken with my new tablet...proud of me much?? 

Hubby also has been particularly sweet, and loving. Telling me things that I really should have be hearing months ago. Things that just set my heart at ease, and reminded me that all is OK, and as for today, well let's just say the kids where all at school, and we both had the day off work...... I am still smiling.

So I best acknowledge this past year on my blog and send a huge THANK YOU to all you lovely people who take the time to stop by and read about my crazy family, and put up with the rantings of a mad woman. You may not realise just how nice it is, and how important it has become to me, to have this outlet to vent my joys, fears, and extreme madness. You guys help keep me together, so THANK YOU.

I may be another year older, but I am still learning much about life. With all the madness that lays outside the doorstep, never let it make you forget the important things in life. 


Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday the 13th...not lucky for some......................

 Well I hope it has turned out better than mine. I have had a pretty expensive afternoon and not the good kind.

The whole day has been rather blah. I have been worrying about a work friend who is going through some pretty emotional stuff at the moment and I know what I think she should do, but it is always easy when it's not you having to do it. Broken trust issues in a relationship are never good things to deal with. I just feel very empathic, and I hate to see her so heavy with worry.

A regular customer who comes in gave me some sad news too, his brother had just popped down to make his wife a coffee and breakfast in bed for her birthday, and when he got back she was dead. 63 years old, not sick, in fact she was retiring today and her work was throwing her a big do. They don't know why, and the police had to go through all the possibilities to rule out fowl play which was hard on the poor husband. They even took away the bed sheets for testing. It just their job. They were nice about it though, but still, what a shock for the family.

How very sad. Life is just too short.

I did however get a chuckle from my 92 year old golfer granny, who I just adore. She is so cheeky. I greeted her with my usual...

"Here's trouble" and she pouted and said "I'm not talking to you!"

As if that was going to stop me. 

"Why Missy, what have I done?"

"I came in to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tuesday and you weren't here" she spat.

I laughed. I never work Tuesday's and it wasn't my birthday.

She had her birthday the other day were she was turning the ripe old age of 25......we believe her..............and I mentioned that we were both VIRGOS.

So she asked me when was my birthday, and I said it's my birthday is on the 16th. She somehow mixed up the dates and was convinced it was the 10th. So she quickly smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss in case she couldn't make it in on Monday to wish me a HAPPY day.  She is a darling. I 'll be there, not the first or the last birthday I have spent at work.

I am not fussed as Hubby has planned for Sunday to celebrate.

After doing his thing researching tablets, which he seems to love doing as he can spend hours doing it, he finally found a great deal at Office Works for a Tablet with a keyboard and he thought that would be just perfect for me.

Child 1 put in $100 and Hubby went on line to buy it this morning, but right at the end at the check out it said he couldn't buy it as none where in store. Nothing on web page about it, so he got me to ring around to see see which store near by had one in stock or who could get one in.

Turns out it was a clearance item, and they forgot to say clearance and also forgot to remove it from the website as they sold out a while ago. "SORRY"

Hubby was most upset. I was not too fussed. I still think a laptop would be better, but I am trying not to be so OLD as child 1 put it to me the other day. CHEEKY bitch. It's the thought that counts.

So that was number 1 bad omen.

Number 2 came when I went on line to claim child 3's speech therapy fees. $325. Turns out he has used up all his limit this year and I can not claim back a penny. OUCH! Wasn't counting on that.

So then I made the bad mistake of checking the letter box, and inside I found a letter from the ONKAPARINGA Council. Turns out that the spot I have been using all year to drop the boys off at school, the one near the crossing, the one where a lot of parents drop off their kids and drive off, is a no stopping/parking area. 

The RANGER, which the title alone makes me laugh as we have no woods or YOGI bears, on 30/8/13 , which I remember seeing, as he stood out very much with his silly big hat, just looked like he was staring into the park adjacent to the school. He obviously was taking down the 20 or so number plates, of all us unsuspecting parents, just trying to do the right thing and drop our kids off safely where a teacher can see them and walk them across the road. 

Not a sign about to say you can't stop here EVER not even for 30 secs...... he couldn't just come to the car and say "Hey lady you can't stop here any more, next time you will get a fine..."  NOPE...he just looked away at the park.

So today, I open the letter and discovered I have a parking ticket of $114. $114 for 30 sec's. I pull in and they jumped out and I drive off, as the next parent pulls in behind me as I did to the one before!  OUCH! He must have made over $1000 easy that morning.

The school is in the process, well the past 2 years so far and still going, of having a make over, and they provide no drop off and go zone. If I stop off in the one way street I get caught in a traffic jam, and then the kids have a longer walk in, and I just didn't trust Child 2 to handle child 3 and all his ADHD. Our spot is right there at school, and a teacher is right there, and I now always get to work early, and we have no issues, well no issues until now, thanks to MR RANGER with the goofy big HAT!

To say I let out some expletives is an understatement. 

Life could be worse. I could be worrying about a wayward husband...I could wake up dead on my birthday....I could live in I have to put it all into perspective. 

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU TO MY CREDIT CARD! It really has taken a beating this year. I picked a good year to buy a car and get into a huge debt didn't I!??

So Sunday I may or may not get a Tablet for my birthday, and we will now have to cancel the dinner plans and do something cheaper. It's OK , I am easy going, I just want to be with my family and just be fussed on, just for my day. 

I can see hubby will have me ringing around, and then driving out to look at electronic shops, while I quietly stress over the fact that we really can't afford such luxuries.

I still need a washing machine....and a Vac....and new kitchen chairs.....I know ...I  know they are not birthday gifts.....hubby has already given me the lecture.... lol

So please wish me NO MORE BAD LUCK! And wish that my Birthday shift goes without a hitch and no grumpy customers.

Maybe I should buy myself a scratch lottery ticket and hope I get lucky and wipe out some of these bills.

I hope your FRIDAY 13th was luckier than mine??

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Yes I have a CLITORIS and I am not afraid to use it!

From the book Sex for One: The Joy of Selflovingby Betty Dodson. Copyright 1987, 1983, 1974 Betty Dodson.

People I am going off my head at the moment. I have just read this BBC news report courtesy of my hubby who discovered the story,about women still, in 2013 being mutilated by having their CLITORIS cut off. This time in Gambia.

Gambian women fleeing female 

genital mutilation threat...

It is not just the fact that this practice deprives them of pleasure, but that they, these religious MEN, justify it has doing them a community service.

The link to the story is under it's title, if you wish to read it , but here is the bit that really set me off.

This is a direct quote from Muhammed Alhajie Lamin Touray, the country's most senior imam and president of the Islamic Council in The Gambia.

"Apart from the religious reasons in favour of female genital mutilation, I have heard on reliable authority that the clitoris makes a woman itch, making her want to scratch all the time and that the clitoris makes water leak from her private parts," he said.

The reporter then says "I have had a clitoris for 60 years and this has 

never happened to me."

His answer "Then you are an exception among women!" he said, laughing.


Oh do fuck off you ignorant woman hating man. Just because you have NO IDEA how to make a woman fully satisfied, and can not stand the fact she may be able to pleasure herself better than you can, you come out with this utter BULLSHIT. 

Heaven forbid if a woman be happy for 5 mins ! Do you wank yourself MR 

Imam? Come here and let me cut your nob off.....NO??? Don't like that 

idea! There is nothing wrong with a woman having a CLITORIS. It is 

designed for PLEASURE. Didn't GOD make us this way?

Here is what they do to these poor girls.

"Fatima, a 23-year-old mother from The Gambia, was 10 years old when she was taken, along with about 200 other primary school children, out into the bush to be cut:
"There are two people holding you and then they cut it in one go," she recalled. "And then you cry for the rest of the day. The pain is the worst. It is even more painful than giving birth and you have to live with it for the rest of your life."
Maybe he should read this!
Exploring Female Sexual Pleasure and Health | - Homepage
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Clitoris and Female Sexuality. An educational website for all ages. Learn about anatomy, sexual function, and more.

For heavens sake, why are men so afraid of a woman's sexual desire and her perfectly natural need to experience an ORGASM!

This shit need to STOP.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Girls can do it too.................................

We have been enjoying such lovely warm weather these past few days. Sun shining, nothing but T-Shirts and shorts and good old thongs. Spring is in the air and with it a breath of new life. 

I have been doing a lot of house cleaning. You know the jobs that needed doing but due to the rain it just didn't get done. Like sweeping out the back yard, and clearing up the stray leaves, and washing windows.

Hubby was going to do it, but he has an infected big toe. Really, it is red, and sore, and puss filled ewe....but will he go to the doctor! NO!

"My body will fight it all by it's self"  MEN!

Well it's been two weeks, and little improvement. At least he took my advice about soaking it in a hot tub of salted water with some dettol in it.

After two weeks tonight he admitted he 'may' need to see the doctor..... YOU THINK!

House inspection this week, so the show must go on.....

Remember the shower incident I told you about....the white silicon that hubby though would dry clear but didn't. The shower floor that now looked like child three had squeezed toothpaste all over the place....that shower incident.........

Well tonight Miss child 1 decided that she would sort it out. Dad between working late, and sleeping all day, and with very sore toes didn't look like he get it done before THURSDAY, which is House Inspection day.

So between the two of us, she did all the labour, while I used all my might to squeeze the bloody stuff out  of the tube. I was using a chalk gun, but man they are hard. I was giving it all I had.Those workmen have very strong hands cause they make it look so easy.

It took nearly 2 hours, but it is done. All cleared, and sealed, and looks 100 times better. Hubby is at work so he doesn't know. He will either be annoyed we didn't trust him to get it sorted and feel less of a man, or be utterly happy he no longer has to bother. Could go either way. Hard to tell, depends on what mood he is in after work. Hopefully a good one. I am.... I no longer have to stress about the shower. YEAH!

So with the yard sorted, and the shower done, that just leaves the drippy taps in the laundry. I have no idea how to do that, I must learn one day, but I think I better leave one job for my man to do hey? 

Who said sisters can't do it for themselves?

With the sun came a truck load of washing....well maybe not a truck, just 6 loads. I did it all, sheets too, and it was all OUTSIDE, on the line, and it was ALL DRY by afternoon. I could have orgasmed there and then. The laundry done all in one day. Washed, sorted, ironed....gone! BLISS.

Sad that such small things excite me these days. LOL

Have a great day.