Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Girls can do it too.................................

We have been enjoying such lovely warm weather these past few days. Sun shining, nothing but T-Shirts and shorts and good old thongs. Spring is in the air and with it a breath of new life. 

I have been doing a lot of house cleaning. You know the jobs that needed doing but due to the rain it just didn't get done. Like sweeping out the back yard, and clearing up the stray leaves, and washing windows.

Hubby was going to do it, but he has an infected big toe. Really, it is red, and sore, and puss filled ewe....but will he go to the doctor! NO!

"My body will fight it all by it's self"  MEN!

Well it's been two weeks, and little improvement. At least he took my advice about soaking it in a hot tub of salted water with some dettol in it.

After two weeks tonight he admitted he 'may' need to see the doctor..... YOU THINK!

House inspection this week, so the show must go on.....

Remember the shower incident I told you about....the white silicon that hubby though would dry clear but didn't. The shower floor that now looked like child three had squeezed toothpaste all over the place....that shower incident.........

Well tonight Miss child 1 decided that she would sort it out. Dad between working late, and sleeping all day, and with very sore toes didn't look like he get it done before THURSDAY, which is House Inspection day.

So between the two of us, she did all the labour, while I used all my might to squeeze the bloody stuff out  of the tube. I was using a chalk gun, but man they are hard. I was giving it all I had.Those workmen have very strong hands cause they make it look so easy.

It took nearly 2 hours, but it is done. All cleared, and sealed, and looks 100 times better. Hubby is at work so he doesn't know. He will either be annoyed we didn't trust him to get it sorted and feel less of a man, or be utterly happy he no longer has to bother. Could go either way. Hard to tell, depends on what mood he is in after work. Hopefully a good one. I am.... I no longer have to stress about the shower. YEAH!

So with the yard sorted, and the shower done, that just leaves the drippy taps in the laundry. I have no idea how to do that, I must learn one day, but I think I better leave one job for my man to do hey? 

Who said sisters can't do it for themselves?

With the sun came a truck load of washing....well maybe not a truck, just 6 loads. I did it all, sheets too, and it was all OUTSIDE, on the line, and it was ALL DRY by afternoon. I could have orgasmed there and then. The laundry done all in one day. Washed, sorted, ironed....gone! BLISS.

Sad that such small things excite me these days. LOL

Have a great day.


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