Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday the 13th...not lucky for some......................

 Well I hope it has turned out better than mine. I have had a pretty expensive afternoon and not the good kind.

The whole day has been rather blah. I have been worrying about a work friend who is going through some pretty emotional stuff at the moment and I know what I think she should do, but it is always easy when it's not you having to do it. Broken trust issues in a relationship are never good things to deal with. I just feel very empathic, and I hate to see her so heavy with worry.

A regular customer who comes in gave me some sad news too, his brother had just popped down to make his wife a coffee and breakfast in bed for her birthday, and when he got back she was dead. 63 years old, not sick, in fact she was retiring today and her work was throwing her a big do. They don't know why, and the police had to go through all the possibilities to rule out fowl play which was hard on the poor husband. They even took away the bed sheets for testing. It just their job. They were nice about it though, but still, what a shock for the family.

How very sad. Life is just too short.

I did however get a chuckle from my 92 year old golfer granny, who I just adore. She is so cheeky. I greeted her with my usual...

"Here's trouble" and she pouted and said "I'm not talking to you!"

As if that was going to stop me. 

"Why Missy, what have I done?"

"I came in to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tuesday and you weren't here" she spat.

I laughed. I never work Tuesday's and it wasn't my birthday.

She had her birthday the other day were she was turning the ripe old age of 25......we believe her..............and I mentioned that we were both VIRGOS.

So she asked me when was my birthday, and I said it's my birthday is on the 16th. She somehow mixed up the dates and was convinced it was the 10th. So she quickly smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss in case she couldn't make it in on Monday to wish me a HAPPY day.  She is a darling. I 'll be there, not the first or the last birthday I have spent at work.

I am not fussed as Hubby has planned for Sunday to celebrate.

After doing his thing researching tablets, which he seems to love doing as he can spend hours doing it, he finally found a great deal at Office Works for a Tablet with a keyboard and he thought that would be just perfect for me.

Child 1 put in $100 and Hubby went on line to buy it this morning, but right at the end at the check out it said he couldn't buy it as none where in store. Nothing on web page about it, so he got me to ring around to see see which store near by had one in stock or who could get one in.

Turns out it was a clearance item, and they forgot to say clearance and also forgot to remove it from the website as they sold out a while ago. "SORRY"

Hubby was most upset. I was not too fussed. I still think a laptop would be better, but I am trying not to be so OLD as child 1 put it to me the other day. CHEEKY bitch. It's the thought that counts.

So that was number 1 bad omen.

Number 2 came when I went on line to claim child 3's speech therapy fees. $325. Turns out he has used up all his limit this year and I can not claim back a penny. OUCH! Wasn't counting on that.

So then I made the bad mistake of checking the letter box, and inside I found a letter from the ONKAPARINGA Council. Turns out that the spot I have been using all year to drop the boys off at school, the one near the crossing, the one where a lot of parents drop off their kids and drive off, is a no stopping/parking area. 

The RANGER, which the title alone makes me laugh as we have no woods or YOGI bears, on 30/8/13 , which I remember seeing, as he stood out very much with his silly big hat, just looked like he was staring into the park adjacent to the school. He obviously was taking down the 20 or so number plates, of all us unsuspecting parents, just trying to do the right thing and drop our kids off safely where a teacher can see them and walk them across the road. 

Not a sign about to say you can't stop here EVER not even for 30 secs...... he couldn't just come to the car and say "Hey lady you can't stop here any more, next time you will get a fine..."  NOPE...he just looked away at the park.

So today, I open the letter and discovered I have a parking ticket of $114. $114 for 30 sec's. I pull in and they jumped out and I drive off, as the next parent pulls in behind me as I did to the one before!  OUCH! He must have made over $1000 easy that morning.

The school is in the process, well the past 2 years so far and still going, of having a make over, and they provide no drop off and go zone. If I stop off in the one way street I get caught in a traffic jam, and then the kids have a longer walk in, and I just didn't trust Child 2 to handle child 3 and all his ADHD. Our spot is right there at school, and a teacher is right there, and I now always get to work early, and we have no issues, well no issues until now, thanks to MR RANGER with the goofy big HAT!

To say I let out some expletives is an understatement. 

Life could be worse. I could be worrying about a wayward husband...I could wake up dead on my birthday....I could live in I have to put it all into perspective. 

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU TO MY CREDIT CARD! It really has taken a beating this year. I picked a good year to buy a car and get into a huge debt didn't I!??

So Sunday I may or may not get a Tablet for my birthday, and we will now have to cancel the dinner plans and do something cheaper. It's OK , I am easy going, I just want to be with my family and just be fussed on, just for my day. 

I can see hubby will have me ringing around, and then driving out to look at electronic shops, while I quietly stress over the fact that we really can't afford such luxuries.

I still need a washing machine....and a Vac....and new kitchen chairs.....I know ...I  know they are not birthday gifts.....hubby has already given me the lecture.... lol

So please wish me NO MORE BAD LUCK! And wish that my Birthday shift goes without a hitch and no grumpy customers.

Maybe I should buy myself a scratch lottery ticket and hope I get lucky and wipe out some of these bills.

I hope your FRIDAY 13th was luckier than mine??

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