Monday, 30 September 2013

I'll always be LITTLE MISS CHATTERBOX..........

I think I will always be in trouble for talking.............story of my life. 
Over the last two months at work, we had to get assessed for a licence to work in my area, and I lost points for talking too much. ME! Who could have predicted that?

On my kindergarten report card the teacher wrote "She is a CHATTERBOX", it has pretty much been down hill from there. LOL

I was the only one to score full marks in 2
areas and it would have been 3, had I not been such a chatter  box.

I can talk to my customers, that's no problem, it is the chatting in-between. You know when I am not busy and just cleaning my work area..... 

My boss would like me to work on that over the next six months and score a perfect 5 for next time. BAHAHAHAHAHA........

People like to talk to me. I like to talk to people. I am actually very shy at first. REALLY, I am.....STOP LAUGHING.......but once I am comfortable, I can pretty much natter about anything, and I do!

Will I apologise for who I am? Nope. This is me... and I although I may try and curb my social efforts at work, if someone comes to say hi to me, I am going to say a big old HOWDY back. 

I will ask you how you are? Enquire over your sick puppy, your lost keys, your sore knee, your studies, your date last night.....whatever we were chatting about the last time we chatted. 

On the positive side it was very nice to hear that I am actually considered very good at my job, and that customers write in about me weekly to tell them how much they appreciated my customer service. This was only recent news to me, and very nice to hear. 

Truth is I love my job. I care about my regulars. We have get together's, and sometimes it sounds more like a party than a supermarket. I get hugs, kisses, chocolates, and today was offered a box of biscuits which I had to kindly decline. I have even been proposed to. I think that is what makes the difference, I actually appreciate my job, I have had many jobs, and this one by far has been the best paid, and the nicest of working environments.

Take away the idiotic policy's that come and go, and the walk through of bosses, mostly good, but some have been utter wankers, and the inevitable shit house bad tempered customers, it really is a good place to work. They have been really good to me in my situation, and for that I am very grateful.

Sometimes my customers can actually bring me out of my dull-drums. It works both ways.  As one man said "I am a good sort".

So I scored pretty darn good, and I was very chuffed about that, and I lost marks for talking..........well I can live with that......question is will they??

Anyone who knows me, and everyone I mentioned it to today, at work, when I wasn't talking between customers, just laughed.

Yeah, I laughed too......this is one challenge I believe I will not be able to rise to. I can't help myself. It would be a bloody long shift with no one to talk to. 

LIFE IS SHORT.....................Have fun while you can............ ;)


  1. Criss, never fret over who and what you are. People who fret about themselves often end up clinically depressed or worse.

    1. No fear of that, Don. I accepted myself long ago. I can not change who I am fundamentally. I don't want to either. I like who I am. I may not be perfect. I may blow a fuse every now and then. I may worry about things a tad too much, but I can love, and laugh, and hug, and share, and make people smile, and why the hell would I want to change that? ^_^

  2. I love your chatter and that reminds me, we must catch up over coffee again soon

    Hugs from me