Friday, 30 August 2013

It's getting closer.................

 Well it is almost the end of winter. Just 2 more days! We can soon say goodbye to the grey clouds  and the rainy days and freezing cold nights. Bye bye winter. Spring is in the air, which means I will soon be another year older! We have already had a hint, a splash of warm sun. BLISS! I have so missed the warmth on my face.

This year I will be 44. I am not freaked out about my age. It is just a number, and I really have more important things to worry about than turning 44. Let's face it, we can't change it so why fight it. 

I am more concerned over the fact that with the sun I will soon need to wear 3/4 pants, and open toed shoes, which means these hairy legs will need a trim, and my poor feet will need a well deserved pick me up. So I think I shall treat myself to a day at the beauty shop. Leg wax, as shaving is getting a little tricky for me now, and a deluxe pedicure with some brightly coloured nail polish. That way when I look down I shall be able to see my pretty toes wiggling back at me.

Hubby has hinted on getting me my own Tablet. I wasn't thrilled at first. He has one. A nice one. But apart from reading my books on it, I don't really use it. Well it is very hard to get it off him. I can only really play with it when he is at work. He even takes it to the loo with him! REALLY! The good old magazine has now been super seeded with modern technology. Honestly what is up with men and reading while they poop? 

My daughter told me to stop acting like an 'OLD PERSON' . Nice hey. I'll be honest I think I would rather my own laptop. Just cause I feel more confident, and I can play farmville on one of those. But I am warming to the idea of having a computer/iPod/camera all in one, as all these other things I own have been either taken over or broken by other members of this house old. It will be ALL MINE. I like that idea too. I will just need to learn how to use the darn thing. So I hope he doesn't change his mind and buy me slippers, as I am now a bit excited at the thought of having something new and shiny. I will need a crash course on how to use it though........cause I'm old............

I did put forward the idea that money could be better spent on a new washing machine, and vac, as ours are getting on and I fear their days are numbered, but hubby was not amused by my lack of selfishness. He is right, please do not tell him I said that, it is my birthday, and I do deserve something just for me. He thinks once I get used to it I will love it. Maybe? Probably.... I think he is just more excited at the though of using Skype with  me. We both have never done it, and he finds  the thought of us both sat together Skyping very funny. Boys and their toys! LOL We shall see. I will be able to talk to it, and it will write what I say, so that will be a bit of fun.  Stay tuned.

The other day at work  I had a customer pat  me on the belly and ask.....


I was so sad. I felt utterly FAT. I have actually lost a tiny bit, and was feeling really good about that, (forget the fact that gastric flu helped) but in that moment it all went out the window. I came home and needed a huge hug from hubby. Reassurance to my wounded self confidence. I posted on face book too, and I was overwhelmed by the sweet and wonderful support messages. It really picked up my mood, which was sadly sliding down into a sad depression. So for that I was really grateful. Sometimes you just need to hear it hey.

My weight is something I have struggled with for many years. I have PCOS, which makes loosing weight very hard. I actually do not eat that much junk, occasional pizza night, the odd treat if I have coffee with friends which is very rare these days, and my only naughty is chocolate  dark chocolate a few squares after dinner. Well life without chocolate is life without living, and I can't have a lack of sex and no chocolate....that is just not even worth thinking about. But my size would suggest otherwise. Since my back injury I have gained 20 kgs. I can't exercise like I once did, and it has just turned me into an Easter Egg on legs!

After the pick me up from hubby and my sweet friends on facebook, I told myself to not let the opinions of others become my truths. There is just more of me to love, and if hubby still loves me as I am well that is all that really matters yes?

Father's Day this weekend here in Australia, and the boys have come home with their father's day stall gifts. I have added to it with some chocolates. Most likely he will spend the whole day asleep. So I plan to take the kids and go shopping for some new pots and pans. He isn't really too fussed on the day, and it will be a fantastic 25 degrees so I do not wish to be stuck at home with Child 3 driving me utterly crazy.

So my gift to hubby will be a quiet house for a few hours. That has to be OK right? I will celebrate it with retail therapy, so fingers crossed I am having a good back day.

I have asked if we could go on a date  for my birthday too. Too greedy, a tablet and a date? 


After all he still owes me a date. He hurt his back last time remember , and that in turn hurt mine and we had that 8 weeks of utter yucky. Well we have not been out since, that was APRIL, so I think my birthday is a good excuse as any to force him to actually go to bed at night and be awake during the day, and actually spend some QT time with me. 

I stay up late, and that is how we spend time, but it  really isn't ideal, although hubby finds it ideal for him.  

We are working on ways to make it better, and he is taking the boys to school on my days off or late starts so I can sleep in. So I can stay up, and not worry that I wont get enough sleep. It is for now the best way to catch up. 

Wishing you all a HAPPY SAFE WEEKEND.....keep smiling...and for heaven sake if you can't say anything nice just don't say anything at all.


  1. The end of one season and the beginning of the next aren't determined by a date on a calendar. Mother Nature controls seasons and she will let you know when she changes them.

    One should never freak out over their age which, after all, is just a number like a day on a calendar.

    Enjoy life on good days and bad days while you can. You only have one life on this planet called Earth.

  2. This weather is just glorious today. And although I have the washing machine humming I plan to make the most of the wonderful light and warmth.
    I love my iPad, you know that, and use it a lot but I find my little laptop better for blogging and stuff. And you do deserve something shiny and just for you. Replacement appliances should NEVER be birthday or Christmas gifts

  3. Criss, I'm your mirror-opposite regarding weather.

    When it's cold I can always add another layer of clothing and climb into my down-filled military surplus mummy style sleeping bag if necessary to be comfy. But when it's hot and I'm already down to my birthday suit and still sweating that's a bunch of crap.

    This morning before dawn the temp here was 24 degrees C with the heat of the day yet to come.

    Bring on Winter!