Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I've got my movie on.....

Love makes the world go round, well don't you think? 

I have had an interesting week so far. I have had a marriage proposal of sorts. I have an older man who comes shopping each week, and yesterday he asked if I had a good man in my life. After telling him I did in fact have such a man, he told me that if things didn't work out, I would always have a place at his house. He said to tell my hubby that " He is one lucky man, because women like me a rare, and if I was his wife I he would kiss me all over everyday and treat me like a queen" Well nice to know hey. Hubby was a bit annoyed, as last week another man said something similar, and I was also kissed on the cheek. I tell you these older males are very cheeky indeed. Nice for the old ego though. Hubby's response was " If I see him I will ask him if he can run 5 km, and do 100 push ups? Then tell him that you require an orgasm every time you have sex. If he can't do that then he is no match for you!" LOL 

I think he needed to reassert his manhood. Truth is no man could come close to my hubby. He is all I need, even if occasionally I need him more than I currently get. 

The other top stories is that Child one had a date Sunday with a new man....stay tuned...I am not thrilled....I think she needs some time to just be her...sort out her life....learn to be herself on her own.....meeting him was awkward. He dropped her off and stayed for 2 hours. Child 3 was on to him like the show off he is, and I am really shy at first with new people, so the conversation was strained pretty much after the politeness was over, as he is the same around new people. I have decided to tell her that she can't bring home boys any more unless she is full on in love and is sure that he is the one.... it is too hard. This one seems nice, older than the last....we shall see???

Now Movies.............

If you want to watch a sweet film about growing up, and how boys and girls think, this one's just wonderful. Wholesome good old fashioned family movie night in. Very sweet, and many lessons to be learned about judging people, and standing up for yourself. Just grab a copy and watch. Awesome.

Quirky love story. He is a writer with writers block. He is famous as he wrote a best seller at 19, and now feels the pressure of the next book. He has a dream about this girl, and the next day he writes about her. What happens is the girl of his story becomes real. He meets her, and then everything he writes she is, and does. Men around the world would sell their souls for this, but as you will see, it isn't as wonderful as you might think. Sweet ending. Well worth a look. 

This is so funny, and utterly frustrating for a woman to watch. I just wanted to hit the hubby in the head with a fry pan most of the movie. It is a super look into how lack of communication can kill a loving relationship dead. She needs LOVE, and he thinks all is just fine as is. In the end they, after some funny, and some very hard truths, they rediscover their LOVE and it is just beautiful. The blow job in the movie theatre is just devastating. lol

I saved the best till last. Not your typical Zombie flick. This one is witty, and funny, and has you giggling. It is also so very touching, and carry's with it a deeper message for us all about people, and our society, and most importantly  LOVE.

Hubby cried at the end of this one. Now that's saying something. 

The young girl lead is also a South Australian too. She had a rough start to life, also worked in Hungry Jacks in Rundle Mall. How's that for a bit of trivia.

Not much else to tell. Got the new stove...it is basic as they come, no oven light or oven timer, but it does the job, so all good. Tax done for another year too, always glad to  put that one behind me, and the extra cash is nice, although not as much back as I was hoping for, but we didn't have to pay so that is good. Dentist check up done, and thankfully all good there too.

Wishing you all a great week.

HUGS, and remember to tell someone you LOVE them today. Now off you go...tell them.....!


  1. We older men have been around the block a time or two and we know a good lady when we meet one. So accept the attention of older gentlemen as a compliment unless they come on to you crudely.
    And tell your man he'll just have to learn how to live with it. :-)

  2. A girl needs a little boost every now and then. Hubby has been a bit more sweet since I have been getting some extra attention else where. It's nice. I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying every juicy bit of it!