Friday, 23 August 2013

Winter will soon be over.....

I AM SICK......finally winter has caught up with me and I caught the bug.

I do think maybe I caught this from a girl at work, for the past 2 weeks she has come to work sick, going home a few times, but showing up again the next day still SICK. 

I wasn't feeling 100% Wednesday. Not sick, just not right. Thursday morning I woke up feeling less than spectacular, but you know how it is, you man up and hope that you snap out of in a few hours.

Nope! Not this time. Just an hour into my shift, and I realised that I really should not have left the house. I started feeling really sick. I mean puke sick... so they sent me home. THANK YOU!

I did however take my sorry butt to the doctors. I walk in and the receptionist takes one look at me and says, and I quote "YOU DON'T LOOK REAL GOOD!"

No shit, I am here to see a doctor because I am just peachy???

Well I didn't realise that I actually looked as bad as I felt. Always good to know.

Doctor takes one look at me, shoots off a few questions, to which I scored full marks, and matter of fact like  writes me off work for the next 3 days, and tells me to go home curl up and die.


So that is exactly what I did, well after stopping off at the shops to get ONIONS, and hot chips and chicken for dinner for the family. Chicken for my Chicken Broth, and onions to rid me of this VIRUS.

I swear it is working. I should be really sick right now, but I am no where near what I should be, so I say it is working well. All I can smell is ONION, but between the broth, laced with Garlic, and my onions, things are looking up. 

I am still weak and tired, but all the wanting to vomit, and tummy pains have all gone.

Now if I could just make myself look less icky......

Man I look a mess.....

Grey hair panda eyes.....runny nose....baggy track pants, and fluffy slippers.......


One could consider all 3. Just one snag...........I look and feel like utter cactus.... not to mention that I am probably contagious! Damn there is always people at your door..... lol

Letting Hubby sleep because he was a sweet heart and allowed me to stay in bed this morning cause I'm under the weather, so I am picking the kids up from school, in my glam slippers, just as well I am staying in the car.....but I have no energy to cook, so would Macca's drive through after school make me a bad mother? 

HELL NO, The boys think I am AWESOME!

I did have the most nicest shower today though. HOT, un-rushed, and no kids ! There is nothing like that feeling of CLEAN, when you have been sick all night.

Well I hope by this time Saturday I will be fighting fit again. 

Winter almost over, just 2 more weeks.....SUN... SUN... SUN...PLEASE I NEED YOU!

So stay warm, dry, and keep those onions handy. 

ps: My last post didn't work it appears....I had heaps of issues just trying to upload it. Error messages, and all. Then it worked...but I got a reply from Don giving me a heads up that the pictures didn't work. Thanks Don. So I have removed it.



  1. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter now, especially as the last couple of days have been sunny.
    And Maccas is totally appropriate when you are feeling like crap an kids are hungry. Not like you do it every day

    1. Yes I am feeling much better thank you. I am telling you that ONIONS do work! that humble eye watering veggie is a very powerful healer. We have all use it in our house this winter and it has been amazing at getting us back on our feet.

      The SUN was AMAZING. Shame today is again dark and wet. lol