Saturday, 6 October 2012

The saga of the roster is over!

After yesterdays Molly mishaps, I was much relieved that my roster issues have now all been sorted. Huge sigh of pure release. (Doing the happy dance)

It is going to work just fine. It does mean less time in the morning at school with child 3, but I am still able to walk him in and get him settled. I do have two days a week when I can stay longer, and that is just perfect. So I am very grateful.

The school holidays are rapidly coming to an end, and I am looking forward to coming home to a much cleaner house, oh and having food in the pantry, and fridge! Boys eat so much, ALL THE TIME!!!

Tonight I stood at the sink and washed up for 35 mins. Half way through I stopped and called both over to the sink. This is why.

Me: What is wrong with this picture?

Boys: Ummm, I don't know?

Me: Take a good look at it.... (gestures to the rack totally filled with 10 glasses, that is just about all of them.)

Boys: It's full!

Me: With what?

Boys: Dishes.... (now giggling, and possibly thinking that mum has gone bonkers)

Me: Count with me....2 boys, 10 glasses................?????

Boys: Just looking confused........too much maths....must break it down....

Me: 2 boys = 2 glasses, ONLY, not 10..........GOT IT!

Boys: OK.

Me: Or next time you both will be doing the washing up!

Boys: OH no way....


It has been such a LONG week. I am so worn out. I have Sunday off, but it all starts again Monday morning. No rest for the wicked.

But for now I wait for hubby to come home, and we can spend some QT together. A snuggle on the lounge and 'Downton Abbey', hot chocolate, mmmm just perfect. I wonder if our kids will ever fully realise just how much we sacrifice for them??

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE, and thanks for all your comments. I really do get a kick from them, and a lot of smiles. I got a new flag today too. MEXICO! Wow. It is amazing how small our world is becoming. How wonderful is this world of INTERNET! ^_^

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