Friday, 5 October 2012

Molly's adventures

This week we decided that our babies, Molly and Neo were old enough to venture outside. The weather was nice and warm, and hey were curious about the outside world. (Also I was getting sick of cleaning out the litter tray.)

All week they ventured outside. Smelling, rolling in the sun, watching the wild life. In and out the house they came, and for me a bonus the tray wasn't so bad. 

This morning before leaving for work , at 7.30 am, I opened the door and let the cats out. The door was open so they could come and go freely. Child two was up, playing Wii, all was as it should be.

When I got home this afternoon, child 2&3 informed me Miss Molly Wellington (the grey one in the pic) had not come back since this morning, and was last seen out the front of our neighbours house.

That was at about 9 am, and it was now 2 pm. I first checked all the usual spots. Under the bed, in the cupboards, in the cubby house, no where to be found. With child 2 in hand, crying and frantic, (child 2 not me), we went out into the street and began our search.

Calling out and looking up trees, under bushes, and I was discretely looking at the road, hoping to goodness I didn't find anything there. NOTHING.
So we knocked on a few doors and let them know our 5 month old kitten was missing. Everyone was nice, but no one had seen her.

We came back home, and I assured Child 2, he is the closest to Molly, she sleeps on his bed, that we will make posters tonight , if she doesn't show up, and when I get home from work tomorrow, we will go and put them up everywhere.

I continued in vain to go out about every half hour and call her. I even dished out more cat food, but she didn't come running. Neo, her ginger friend, my baby, was also missing her. He gladly ate the extra helping, and promptly made himself sick. He is a right piggy.

Trying to remain strong and assured she'd come home, for sake of child 2, inside I was a worried frantic mess. I have to admit I shed a tear or two. Bloody cat. I was worried that she had been picked up and taken home, and we'd never see her again, despite the fact she is micro chipped.

It was fast approaching 6 pm, and it was already getting dark. My hopes for her coming home now were  all dashed. At 6.30 pm I gave one last call out the back for her, waited, called again, waited a few more mins, called again but nothing. I closed the door with a heavy heart.

Not long after that Child 1 came home from Uni. She went out back and started looking, and calling out in the dark. I told her I'd just been there, but she thought she'd give it a go.

The next thing we heard was her cry out, I FOUND HER! I can't tell you how happy this made us. We all rushed outside. She was up on the roof, and slowly making her way down. How or Why we have no idea, but she was home. Child 2 climbed the nearby tree and grabbed her. She was VERY HUNGRY too.

Why she hadn't answered my calls ALL AFTERNOON we don't know? She may not have been there then?? Who knows where she went, what she did, who she met, or how she got on the roof?? If only she could talk, I am sure she would have a tale or two to tell. 

Neo was at her side, following her and giving her welcome home licks, he was happy to have his mate home, and so were we.

Let's hope she doesn't plan on making this a habit. Cheeky cat! At least next time I will think to look up and check the roof!! ^_^

Stay Happy people.


  1. Awe I'm glad she's found. Mama MB lost her pup for a few days, I was worried sick for him. :) yay happy endings! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. So glad you found her. I was worried for you. She is such a pretty thing.
    But at least you know now that what ever adventures she has, she knows where to come home

  3. I hope your weekend is awesome too. I am glad she is home too. They, the cats, stayed inside today. Just didn't want to face another adventure just yet. lol ^_^