Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Saturday off.....

  • Up at 9 am on day off because child 2 had a Ten Pin Bowling Party to go to at 11 am.
  • Spend 20 mins advising boys to dress in good jeans and a nice shirt, till finally I go in room and get the clothes out myself. Should have done that in the first place.
  • Returned last nights DVD's.
  • Get child 2 to party on time.
  • Repeat to child 3 for the 100th time that he can't stay at the party as he is not invited.
  • Take child 3 to the shops to look at toys to keep him amused while we wait.
  • Spend money on banana smoothie, and lunch, nugget Happy Meal, as child 3 is hungry.
  • Get annoyed when child 3 throws away most his lunch as he has had enough now.
  • Punish him by making him look at hand bags and wallets till I find a new wallet I like.
  • Go into Kmart and look at toys and listen to all the reasons why I should buy them for child 3.
  • Appease child 3 with a bubble wand.
  • Return to party to pick up child 2 at requested time, to find that party is not done yet by a long shot.
  • Listen to loud noise and screaming sugar propelled kids for another hour, while repeating to child 3 that he can not have tokens as he was not at the party.
  • Watching with sadness as he follows his brother about hoping that he shares his tokens but he doesn't.
  • Sits alone on stool watching all the happy families (Mum and Dad) hanging out together.
  • Starts feeling a tad jealous that all we do is work, and we never can attend events together and support one another in such moments like 'normal' familys.
  • Scolds self for being stupid.
  • By now has a good headache forming.
  • Drives home with both children and child 3 sending bubbles out the car window.
  • Enjoys the way it makes the other drivers smile.
  • Gets home 2 hours later than planned and now starts the days washing and cleaning up, way behind mental schedule.
  • Cooks dinner as hubby is leaving for work in 2 hours.
  • Gets short with boys for fighting, and not doing the one task I asked them to do.
  • Kisses hubby good bye and begs him to take me with him.
  • Hangs out 4 loads of washing, and does dinner dishes. 
  • Folds and puts away washing from 2 days ago.
  • Finally sits down at computer with first cup of tea of the day at 5.57 pm.


  1. A mothers work is never done is it?
    Looking forward to catching up over a cuppa soon

  2. Me too, I am excited to see the girl CAVE!!! ^_^

  3. Perfect timing for this post. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who called a whirling dervish.

  4. Dear fellow whirling dervish. I am not sure my previous comment went through so at the risk of repeating myself.....perfect timing for this post.

  5. ^_^ It seems to be the modern curse of us working mothers! Some days I can just fall into bed and be asleep within seconds, then wake feeling like I only just went to sleep, only to repeat it all over again! lol The term "GROUND HOG DAY" comes to mind. lol