Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Staying positive...........................

Getting there slowly. Work has been really good about it, however the lack of income is starting to bite. I am looking into getting some assistance in the form of a short term government sickness payment. Not sure if we can, but if they can help hubby at least while he is out of work, it would mean one less thing to have to worry about. It will not be anything near what he can earn, but it is better than nothing. So grateful we live in such a good Country.

Last night, we shared a moment of pure joy. Nothing exciting to you I am sure, (no not that kind of joy either....I WISH!lol), but for us it was a win. The kids fast asleep, and I stand to get hubby a drink. My heat pillow slips out from were it seems to be permanently tied to my back. THUD. It hits the floor.

"Oh NOooooo!" I cry, as if part of my life support has shut down, and I have but seconds to live.

Hubby and I stare at one another.

Do I risk bending down and picking it up, or just cope with the lack of heat to my spine and the increased pain/discomfort that will bring? This is the question we can both read in each others eyes, and for a few seconds we actually weigh it all up.

Hubby speaks up "NO don't do it, kick it here..." he said. "...Kick it over onto my foot"

I quickly understood what he meant. I kicked it slowly over to where he was sitting, and managed to get it onto his foot. I then sat down next to him while he lifted his foot slowly and carefully off to floor. As soon as it was close enough I grab the heat pillow.

WE CHEERED! Really we did, out loud, and high fived each other. A win. We did it by ourselves. YEAH. It's the little things that taste so sweet. lol

Yesterday the car arrived. I couldn't drive it, so the car yard, once they had the cheque in their hands, sweetly drove it home for me. She is so PRETTY, and CLEAN, and she smells so NEW. Only 13kms on the clock. Only we can have a new car sitting in the driveway that NO ONE CAN DRIVE! lol

This was hubby's face book status:~

"I've got a brand new car sitting gleaming beautifully in the driveway and I cannot even sit in it, never mind drive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Maybe in a week or two we will actually be able to take the new baby for a spin??  Fingers crossed hey!

I hope you are having a good day. Keep smiling, and stay healthy. Till next time.



  1. Yay for the new car and working as a team with your man.
    Together you can do anything and survive anything.

  2. I sat in it today. Started the engine, and played with wipers. I reversed slowly down the drive way, and then popped in back into first, and drove it back under cover. Listened to a whole song on the radio, and played with the electric windows.

    I can't wait to drive her. Not yet though, but soon.

    We are a good team. Still thank heavens for friends, and kids! lol