Monday, 15 April 2013

Well this wasn't supposed to happen.............................


Planned to go see the new Tom cruise flick, 'OBLIVION'.Organised babysitter for the boys, hair and make-up done, and my best jeans and T-shirt on. Hubby happy, kids happy, I'm happy.

Pop out while hubby was in the shower and got the boys some hot chips for lunch, put petrol in the car.

While out my back was twitchy  and not being very nice, so I planned to pop a strong pain killer and suck it up. I was going on this date, nothing was going to stop me. NOTHING!

I walked in through the front door, and mentally planned to play down how I really was feeling. But I didn't need to. One look at hubby's face said it all.

He was sat in the arm chair. A quick assessment of his clothes told me he wasn't dressed for an outing. Old T-shirt, daggy shorts, and bare feet. Our eyes met and his read only "I'm SORRY". My heart sank. Not because we were not going anywhere, but because I knew what had happened.

Turns out while hubby was getting dressed, he pinched a nerve in his back and that set him off. He couldn't move without huge pain, and his body was again crooked, and he looked as rotten as I felt.

So with the sitter still here...(thank goodness for older children) I assisted my hubby back to bed. We both took some strong pain killers, and our movie date turned into an afternoon of heat pillows and a nap.

The yummy pizza from our favourite pizza joint, now became the local Dominoes Pizza home delivery. Kids were still happy. They have no taste. All we could do is sigh and lament over what a bloody great pair we are!

So today is Monday, and I have been to work. I have an appointment with the chiro for me this afternoon, and Hubby is still laid up in bed. I had to let work know that he will most likely be off for the rest of the week, and again we have no money coming in except my wage. The daughter is off work too with  wrist injury, so her  income is zero, and mummy is covering her bus tickets, pocket money, and car repayments till she gets back on the working horse. School holidays too, so sorry kids, plan B! Stay home, and make do.

Our new car is due into the country this week, and we are expecting to be able to pick it up anywhere from the 16th - 20th of April. Now I am  a little stressed as to what I am going to do if it does came in.

Hubby was supposed to drive the new car home, while I followed in our old car. I can't drive them both! Nor do I have the confidence to drive the new one without first testing it about the empty car park.

Why is it that things always pile up on each other?

Hubby is also now depressed, as he isn't working, is in pain, and can't help me about the place when I need to. 

But we will get through this too. I am sure we can work something out with the car should it arrive, and work will be there when he is well again. He is a good worker , that  must count for something? Right?

So I guess I will have to suck it up, and be grateful for the past few weeks, when life was happy, and my man was happy, which in turn makes me VERY HAPPY. 

Now I must weather the storm, and wait for the clouds to shift and the sun to come back. With any luck it wont take long. It sure has been cloudy a lot lately.

Hope your week is starting off better than mine?


  1. I'm so sorry for both you and your man.

    "When it rains, it pours".

    But you're a lady of "True Grit" and you'll get through this and have better days ahead.

  2. Thank you Don. I could really use some sunshine for a while though! My man is recovering slowly, but it looks like for at least this week he will be laid up in bed.

    He stated on his face book page, while posting about the movie we were going to see, and I quote: "This looks simply amazing and as soon as I'm able to walk un-assisted again I'll have that date with my woman and we'll go see this!"

    Yeah that's me. I can't help get all gushy. Ok Ok you can all go puke now..... lol

  3. Big hugs for you lovely lady. Things will get better, you have a wonderful family full of love and good friends.
    Hope hubby is back on his feet soon and you can have that date