Friday, 18 January 2013

Today I am grateful for......

Two days ago I found myself at a local cheap store looking about, killing time with youngest boy. I often do this, just pop on in and have a look-see, do some in my head shopping. I like all the cheap do-it-yourself furniture. I would love to throw out much and replace it with nicer more modern looking things.

Well I came across a rug, dark coloured,  260cm by 300cm for $60. Now our pale grey one over the last 7 years had become stained, and frayed, and generally YUCK! I have been wanting to rid myself of it for the past 3 years at least! 

So I bought it. It wasn't my first choice of carpet, or colour, but it was CLEAN, DARK, and hopefully KID PROOF, until such an age when we can have something nicer.

Then came the issue of having to empty our lounge room to remove the old rug. (It was bigger). So I put out an SOS, and my best friend came running, with both hands ready to help me empty TV units, and move lounges, and stand by to scream along with me when I lifted the old rug...........we were not sure what might be under there....there was debate over the start of a new science experiment??  New life perhaps????

To my joy it was just DUST!  

So we gave the floor a good vac, mop, and clean, and the TV unit got a good make over too, sent child 2 out with the small rug to hose and shampoo, (it will look nice on top of the darker one), then we started on putting the room back together.

All 3 kids plus the boyfriend, (Child 1 and boyfriend had arrived at this point, late, but there) chipped in and lent a hand. All this with four 1 month old kittens about too, was interesting at times.

I couldn't resist the urge to try something new, (I like changing a room about, I just can't do it any more), so now I had the perfect opportunity to play 'Changing Rooms', but in the end I came to realise why we set up our future the way we it all went back as before. Well minus the kids play house which they have become too big for. 

Now our room looks more like a TV room should, and for now at least it is CLEAN!

So then it was my turn to say THANK YOU. So we all went out to our local Chinese for some FRIED ICE-CREAM! Never had it before and it was YUMMY, but probably un-did all my good juicing efforts this morning.....( back on the straight and narrow as of now...promise....)

So today I give thanks to my friend. She is always there to make me laugh, and to listen to me, give me helpful advice, and today she even did the dishes! SO BIG THANKS to YOU!

I am grateful for my friends, and cheap shops too! Yes my kids too, despite them being grubby worms. 

I am also grateful for my hubby, who last night rocked my world and left me feeling utterly unstoppable today! 

I am grateful for my holidays as well, for I have been able to get so much done, (like sort through several years worth of family photos on the computer, for printing, took 2 days) and it feels good.


  1. Good friends are more valuable than gold and diamonds.

    And giving your house a spring clean and freshen up is always good for the soul

  2. Just popped back to let you know that I have given you a little blog loving with an award over at my place. :)

  3. Ok, not sure if the comment took or not, so I will try again. Just popped in to let you know that I have given you a little blog lovin' over at my place.

  4. Oh how lovely. I shall have to pop in and see.... ^_^