Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Horoscope read............

Hi Criss!
 Here is your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, January 8
You feel a bit of cabin fever -- no matter where you are! It may seem as if you're just restless, but there's more going on, so make sure that you have an outlet for these pent-up feelings.

Man could this be more accurate today!

Yesterday, child 1 decided to gather her brothers and help out a bit about the place. I can't tell you how nice it was to come home after driving home from work in 40+ heat and find all the dishes done and the washing hung out.

Last night I hoovered the carpet, and the kids sorted out all their toys. We moved mother cat (Molly) and her 4 kittens into the TV room, and into the boys now cleaned out cubby house so they wouldn't cook in the hot bedroom.

All was well. I went to bed knowing I had very little to do today when I got up, except prepare for my middle child's 10th birthday party on Wednesday. Wow 10 years, that has gone fast.


During the time of my sleep my children had woken up, and I know I should be grateful for their independence, but when they have cooked and left food all over the place, and tipped toys, and left dirty dishes about the room, and seem unable to see that the bin is full and needs changing, so they keep piling on the rubbish so that it is spilling onto my floor...............  *SIGH*  *SCREAM*

I just looked about this place and I just felt like some caged animal.

Then it hit me.

I have no space for me!

The computer where I sit is not mine alone, I share it with my family,

and the desk is covered in stuff. Bits of this and that, and to my hubby

that is organisation. He knows where everything is.......so don't even

try and sort it!! (I've tried~ not good)

My kitchen has all "THEIR STUFF" all over it.

I cleared this little space on the bench top, and placed my Xmas gift

from my sister, the oil burner from my best friend, and my incense

holder. My family think that is now the best place to pop their stuff,

keys, books, chargers, phones..............GGGRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  just


It is the same in my bedroom. My Hubby is creative, and he has his

own little man cave, but it is very small, and he has more going on

than will fit! So I have bits of things all over the place, and our

bedroom is no exception.

Now I am used to this, really I am......just every now and then I get

this feeling of ENOUGH!

I want a space that stays the way I like it. A space for me, that has my

things, neat , and in order, and pleasant to look at. A place I can go

to and know that where I left something it will still be there.

I place I can sit with a friend and feel OK in.

There I have said it. I have vented. It does feel better. My kids have

also noted my bad mood, and gotten up and sorted a few things out.

My washing is in, and just needs folding, it is all over the kitchen

table, but at least it is off the line. Bedrooms have been sorted, and

the TV room looks more like 
I left it last night.

I have done the dishes and cleaned my kitchen. Now let's see how

long it takes them to put the bin out???

Hope where ever you are you are having a good day.

I just need to remember not to sweat over the little stuff. My kids are

healthy, and normal, (well within reason lol) and I have a man who

despite my occasional mood swings still loves me.

I may not have my own home, or a new car, nice furniture, or my own

space, but I am richer than some, for I have love, and that is worth

more than everything else.

Thanks for listening.


  1. I've almost got my space claimed and cleaned since we moved in September, but I worry that Mr MB will attempt to take it over.

    1. LOL They can be very sneaky, a little something here, and a little something there.....and before you know it!

  2. I confess, I love my "girl cave" but it is only a recent luxury for me.
    In the old house, I would "escape" with music, candles and a warm bath or even just find a spot in the garden to sit, read a book or simply dream.
    I beleive that you can find your "place" even if it isn't a permanant space, you just need to breathe, and perhaps make the most of the time when the kids are occupied to do something you really want to do. Dishes can wait, your sanity is more important.
    Big hugs

  3. Happy Birthday, and many more, to your middle child.

    It's good that you can still count what blessings you have.

  4. I know I can have my moments of melt downs, but it really is good just to let it out and have my mini tantrums, and then re-centre myself and realise that I do have much to be happy for.

    Right now here in Australia, we have people becoming homeless due to massive fires. Compared to them I am very blessed.

    Thanks for being my ever listening therapists! lol

  5. Oh and our now Ten year old had a really lovely day. He claims he feels Taller!