Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My day...........

Today I had a lovely visit from a old/new friend. Some of you may know of her, if not go pop over to her blog and take a look! 

Lizard Happy

She is a witty woman with such a generous heart, a wonderful writing style and not too shabby with a paint brush or pencil either....

Today we feasted on Chia Tea (for me) and Cappuccino (for her). 

She won my boys over with sweet bakery delights such as, doughnuts with sprinkles, and chocolate eclairs,(they are such food sluts!) and to my taste buds excitement a cake called a BEE STING! OH MY POOR HIPS, but it was just  so YUMMY!

I had made ready Carrot sticks, and Cucumber sticks, and wait for it Celery sticks....I know, I know, too much, but wait there was more.............DIP!!

To say my arrangement to my boys compared to hers wasn't quite the same thing would be an understatement. Before we had even sat down, both my sons were sat quietly at the table, drooling like two dogs, hoping to be allowed to part take at our table.

But for me she shared one of her works. A pencil drawing of an EMU. (MR DERPY) and I am thrilled to have a Mynx original, signed and all. I feel very special.

I am a person who seems to be well liked, and over the net have made many lovely friendships. But in the real world, with real people, I can only count a few as my close friends. People have come and gone through out my life. Through them I have learn't much about myself. Some stay for a while, some for just a moment, but others remain and it is those I call my friends, as they are there when I am happy, and when I am sad, as I am for them, (I HOPE), to quickly to turn my frown upside down, and just LISTEN, or HUG, or just send me a rude joke to crack me up. I think if you can find one person who you can share this with you are very blessed. 

But I have strong ideas, and I often speak what's on my mind, and to me that is honest, and I like that my friends can do that too. I am what I am. I am open, and wear my heart on my sleeve. Not every ones cup of tea, but I am too old for bullshit, so if you don't like what I have to say, please feel free to walk away. 

While waiting for child 3 to finish with his now private reading tutor. (As schools these days can not or will not provide funding for children who are less than PERFECT. He has Dyslexia and ADHD, so a lovely combo to cope with in a school environment.)  I read an article on how men seem to not be able to have, or maintain friendships like we women do. They get caught up in the work/provide for family mode, and their best friend becomes their wife.

The article went on to say how it is important to a man to have a man friend. But that men do not have friends like we women do. We need face to face, it read, men need side by side. Men don't need to talk as much as we do. I guess a good grunt can say a thousand words?? The article went on and gave women a scolding over being too controlling or insecure over their men, and stopping them from having there man time with mates.  I am happy to say I have never been that way with my man. (Maybe it helps that he isn't a pub type??) So I gave myself a pat on the back for that. But it is important to his mental and emotional health to have a male mate! 

I was quickly concerned that Hubby didn't go out with a MATE, any more. he has his work mates sure, but that really isn't what the article was talking about. 

But people move, and grow apart. life, jobs, kids, and we can very easily loose touch. That is why I love the Internet, (Hubby is the same, maybe we are just ODD??), and face book, and this wonderful modern tech stuff that can allow us to stay in touch, and reach out, and allow us to feel not so alone. ( I actually prefer it! Does that sound snobby??)

I just thought that was interesting, so I thought I'd share it. 

Tonight child 1 announced she had mis-read an email from Uni, and now she has screwed up her chances of getting into the course she was planning on doing! 

But people you will be so proud of me. I didn't go all MAMMA, and do the whole  "How many times have I told you to be organised, and read things carefully" bit.

I said nothing. I didn't need to. The poor love was beating herself up enough over it. To have added to it would have been utterly cruel.

But what is done is done, and this is a good lesson for her, and maybe this year she will start to take life a little more seriously and stop treating it as if she is still in high school.

But she isn't a silly kid, and she quickly turned lemons into lemonade, and decided to apply for a 'Foundation Course' at the UNI. Brilliant idea. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. (I was holding my breath thinking she was about to give up). It will teach her the basics, and if she passes she has a free ticket into UNI next year to do what she wants to do, which is........????? Well WHO BLOODY KNOWS, she keeps changing her mind! lol

But she'll be 19 by then, and hopefully sick of working at the fast food joint. She was thinking Physiotherapy  or Teaching art/drama. Whatever she chooses, I am sure she will do well at it , as long as she puts her school work forward and her social life down a peg or two.  (There I go again, I've gone all MAMMA. But it's here, and she wont read it, so I can get away with it!)

Now that I have enjoyed the last square of the BEE STING, and a hot cup of tea while chatting away here, I have to stop and go wash up my dinner dishes. Sadly the cleaning fairy must be on strike from over work, and refuses to come back, so I'm off to pop on my groovy washing up gloves and make some suds!

Be kind, and remember to SMILE!


  1. It was so lovely spending that time with you and continuing to build our friendship.

    A little naughty bun sometimes is good for the soul. Especially a gooey beesting.

    I am sure your lovely daughter will find her way eventually.
    You are a great mum. It is hard to step back an let them make thier own choices

  2. Oh thank you. It was lovely.

    She went into Uni today. Sounds like the course she'll be taking will be held at TAFE. They hold the night classes at Uni.

    Either way she must learn to stand on her own two feet.

    A gentle push in the right direction occasionally doesn't go astray either.

    Now if I could just get her to CLEAN her bloody ROOM! lol