Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kind words from a dear friend......

I got this in an email today...and I thought I'd share it. I'll have to show this sweet lady how to leave her kind messages on my posts. She writes many nice replies, and you should know she is a wonderful poet. I may have to encourage her to share her art with us all........???

Anyway here is what my dear friend had to say about my Anniversary post... (which My Hubby is still yet to read !! MEN! LOL )


and the one after it... 

My Horoscope read............

Howdy  Criss,

Just a little note to say how much I enjoyed reading your Anniversary blog to Hubby.  It was truly beautiful.  I am so lucky to have two friends who seem to have a marriage so much like mine.  The way you described how your Hubby has made you think, love and truly appreciate what you have is just the way I feel about Gary.  WE are two lucky gals to have husbands who know us so well and respect our thoughts and feelings.  Just reading about your wedding day brought back lovely memories of our special day.  You are right, it is one of the most special days (other than having our children) we can experience in our life and more importantly still be together and want to be till the end of our lives.
The little “words of wisdom” peppered throughout your blog were all so true.  I loved the Rules of Marriage the best.  I read them and thought….. Yes I can honestly tick them all off.     Also the picture of the old couple, with the old lady all bent over.. That said it all.   Falling in love is easy, staying in love is VERY SPECIAL.   I would go so far as saying that those two posters should be pinned up in every schoolroom!!

Reading about the kids surprising you with their efforts to clean up was so cute.  You must be thankful for small mercies!!  Even if things aren’t completed and done to the way you like, just treasure the fact that they made an effort.  Good on Child 1 for instigating it.  Sounds like she is beginning to see how much you do to keep the household together and running.  Try to see past the bin overflow!  I know it is annoying, but little steps……….

Having your own space.    I totally agree.  It must be hard with having such a busy house to find a spot for you and your things.   I guess I am more fortunate as I have my sewing room.  Having such different family dynamics, I can see how difficult it would be for you to have your own little haven.  Richard has his modelling room and the kids all have their own rooms, which doesn’t leave you anywhere that you can truly call your own.  Well, just think that one day in the future you will have at least 2 empty bedrooms to convert into “Criss’s sanctuary”. "

Thank you for such lovely feed back.


  1. This certainly is a beautiful email from a lovely lady.
    What she says is very true

  2. She is one of those people who has just a gentle soul. She is kind and thoughtful, and never speaks ill of others. I have learnt much from this lady. She is my closest dearest friend. She accepts me at my best, and at my worst. I can trust her with my secrets. Even though sometimes I question why she likes hanging out with me, I am glad and grateful she does. ^_^