Sunday, 6 January 2013


23 years ago today I was walking down the aisle with my brother at my side leading me into the hands of the man I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with.

I wasn't nervous, scared, or frighten. I was excited, and couldn't wait. When my handsome now hubby took my hand his first word was "Wow" then he asked me if I was OK, my reply was a sure and firm "LET's DO THIS".

He took my hand and we turned together and faced the priest who began the ceremony. Both of us couldn't stop grinning. 

Over the years we have had our ups and downs. But with each set back we have grown and learned and become closer. In fact we probably are the only two people on this entire planet who really know each other deeply.

Today on this 23rd anniversary you have asked me to share dinner with you on the beach and watch the sunset. I couldn't think of a more fitting way to spend this day with you. (Well with the kids around anyway! lol)

Together we have taught each other how to love, how to heal, and how to fall in love with the same person over  and over again.

I love your kisses, your hugs, the way you make me laugh, the way you force me to think, the way you can blow my mind, and make me feel so beautiful, even now when my youth is running away. You are my world.

Thank you for walking through my kitchen door, and into my life. Thank you for falling in love with me. Thank you for teaching me to trust. Thank you for our 3 beautiful children. Thank you for caring for me when I am sick. Thank you for the hard times too, which have forced us to grown and become stronger. Thank you for making me laugh so hard. Thank you for staying with me when times got hard. 

Happy 23rd Anniversary, no matter how old we get, I will always love and want you in every way.  I am looking forward to another 23 + with you. xxx


  1. Thank you Hey Monkey Butt. We had a lovely evening down at Brighton Beach with the kids. It's been really hot here, so a dip on the cool ocean waves was just magic.

    Despite the odd few fights between the boys, and an almost constant whine from child 3 all day, I really loved the fact that hubby actually took me out some place I love to be.

    Nothing was going to ruin my day.

    I bought bubble mix and when the water got too cold we blew giant bubbles and watched them float away and pop.

    Hubby hurt himself by cutting his foot a little on a shell hidden in the sand, and then he pinched a nerve on his back. So the day ending with him being in a bit a pain. Poor love.

    We stopped and got pizza from our favourite pizza joint, and got home around 10pm.