Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Back to School...............

I confess, the last 2 weeks of being off work on holidays, and I have returned to my bad old sleeping habits.

Sure I can sit up till 2 am, 2.30 am, even 3-4 am..... I don't have work, it's school holidays, I can sleep till 11 am.....

It's been really nice to spend time with my hubby. Well if you can't beat them, join them!

But sadly the body clock is still in holiday mode, and I lay in bed wide awake till 2.54 am, well that was the last time I looked over at the clock.

When the alarm rang at 7 am on the dot, I cringed. NOOOOoooooooooooo!

But like I good mummy, I got up, and fed the cats, and made breakfast, and woke the sleepy heads up.

Child 2 actually came rushing into our room yesterday fully dressed for school, in a huge panic, stressed we were late for school. It was 9.30 am. I told him he looked good in his uniform and to go take it off, and go play, and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Yesterday was Monday, but it was the Australia Day Public Holiday here. NO SCHOOL.  It was a bit funny.

Well we made it to school, and located the new teachers and classrooms, and I stayed with child 3 until he was settled in, and the teacher asked that all us parents to go. Both boys survived, and had good days. They both like their teachers too. BONUS.

I spent the day CLEANING. Washing sheets, and doing the bathroom, and dishes, a spot of shopping, and sorting out dinner.

Child 1 and her boyfriend, worked on cleaning her room. It has only taken her 5 days! Then he helped me build 3 book cases, and was a darling and washed the dirty marks off the hall walls.

We have a house inspection this Thursday, and I must confess, I get a bit anxious. I shouldn't worry as we always pass well. We are good tenants. But it doesn't change the feeling I get of being judged. I will however be asking when they plan to fix my stove, and finish the floor boards. It's been MONTHS!

I also got in to see the chiro. All this moving future about, and cleaning hasn't been great  on the old body. So now I am feeling a bit sore, and very tired. But the place is looking good.

Easier day tomorrow, and then it is holidays over for me too. At least getting me back up at 7 am is re-training my body to get back into the work mode again.

Hope you are having a good week. Just 10 more weeks till the next school break.....hang in there.....


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