Tuesday, 30 July 2013

They say it comes in threes.............

Well I think I have reached the holy fuck limit! I know you are supposed to stroke the man's ego, and encourage them, love them unconditionally.... I think I do that pretty well, but this week has to take the cake for things that have gone wrong, that didn't need to go wrong, but did because the 'MAN' went ahead and did 'MAN' things without reading the instructions, or actually doing what 'His Woman' asked of him! BUT I AM SMILING!

Number 1: The SHOWER

Child 3 decided that playing with the wet silicon join of new installed shower cubical to the bath, would be an awesome idea. The nicely laid join line now looked like someone and stabbed and pulled it to death. Across the entire length, including deep holes. FUCK!

So after hubby goes off, I head to the local hardware shop, explain what happened, and hope like hell that he has something that will fix it.
I come home with a tube of white silicon, and two washers for the laundry taps which have been dripping and driving me bonkers. BIG HINT there!!

So hubby, now in hubby handyman mode heads in with naughty responsible child in tow to fix the shower. Seconds later he is back. 
"Where's the gun?"
"What gun?"
"The gun that this tube inserts into so that we can use it?"
"The man didn't give me a gun?"

"Well without it , I can't fix the bloody shower!"

"OH FUCK....great......"

Me....now driving back to hardware store swearing at the man who stood there , listened to my story, and gave me all that I needed to get the job done...NOT! It's cold, dark, raining, and I really just want to veg out in my slippers....Buy gun....come home...hand it to hubby...shower join now a thing of the past....OR SO I THOUGHT!

Hubby wasn't contented with just fixing the join line, nor was he interested in fixing the laundry taps. No, instead he decided that after 6 years of living here he would fix the broken cracked tiles in the shower, and seal the bath tub.

Now he did a good job. The bath tub looks great. The join line is better, but not as good as the professionals, but not the scary mess our 7 year old left us with. BUT..... you knew there would be a BUT......

I had bought white silicon. It was for the said join line. It dries WHITE. Somehow, from somewhere, hubby got it into his head that it would all dry clear. It was fast drying too. 2 hours. He was a bit messy here and there, but it was OK, because it dried CLEAR, and you wouldn't see it. Right?

NO...now I have green tiles mended, nicely mended....but with huge patches of WHITE...BRIGHT WHITE....silicon. It looks like someone vomited toothpaste in there.

It's OK, I bought some clear silicon, and hubby said he will remove all the white stuff and re-do it.....question is WHEN?? 


Hubby has an android type tablet. It isn't as flashy as the iPad, but it is OK. I have 1 app on it...eBooks. You can download novels for free, and I have heaps, and I was currently enjoying my latest novel, half way through 'Entwined....book #3 of the Crossfire series'. 
The past week the battery life has been really poor. It dies very quick, and seemed to be always needing charging. So Hubby basically has had it plugged in almost all the time. (I have only been reading for the last 2 days, as hubby comes attached to said tablet, maybe 3 hours of usage OK. Just wanted to point that out.)

This afternoon, he went to use it. He was the last to use it by the way. It still sat exactly where he left it on the coffee table.  It wouldn't come on. I actually think there is something wrong with the charger itself, and not the tablet, as Miss can turn it on by holding down the power button, but it needs charging. Any way...so of course WE BROKE IT. Collective WE, probably Child 3, but even though he played angry birds last night, he did not touch it this afternoon, and it was working last night, and it was working this morning when hubby was using it, and it was exactly where he left it! BUT NO, he couldn't have broken it... WE DID.

Much like the virus on the computer that of course was caused by me playing FARM VILLE. 39,328,917 people play farmville all over the world. Do you 

really think that a game that caused viruses would be that popular? 

After running a scan with our anti-virus software I discovered the said virus 

was indeed in a document folder with his name on it. NOT ME!  

I rest my case.......

Number 3: MY iPOD.

I had planed tonight to make up a music USB, for the car, as the the one I got before hubby just transferred all his favourite things, and it was decided that we would have our own, as we both do have similar tastes, but I we both also like different things too, which is OK. My idea. 

Hubby now at work, and boys to bed, I can sit here and open my itunes library and transfer all my music to my new USB, matching colour of car too by the way. Easy right?

You'd think...........NO!

Firstly I had to locate my iPod  it was in hubby's hobby room...FLAT...did I also tell you it was my 40th birthday present, and it has mostly his music on it, as he uses it more than I do....

So I hunt down the cable that plugs into the computer and set about charging the iPod, and looking through my library of music.

BUT....what I discover is that the only music in the library is the music that hubby has on his USB, and all my music is gone. It is still on the bloody iPod, but not in my Library, and thus can not be transferred on anywhere, nor can I listen to it on the computer either!

He must have sync it, and wiped it, or heavens knows what, as you can do things easy, and if you don't read it carefully delete things without realising.

So this is where I am right now. Sat here trying to hold in the utter frustrations for modern gizmo's  and hubby's who mean well, but make things more complicated and expensive, than it all needs to be!

I can't go off at the man...he didn't mean to do it...the shower was a lovely thing to do, despite the fact our landlord doesn't deserve it, but what would have made me super happy was just fixing child 3's handy work of artistic expression, and stopping the taps from dripping. REALLY, that's all.

At least one thing did go right this week. We did get our connection. It was almost killed dead by child 1 coming home early from a movie night out, but after a quick note secretly shoved under the loo door, asking her to go to bed straight after 'TRUE BLOOD', then an hour or so after that to make sure she was asleep, which she wasn't so it took longer...but eventually...in the wee hours of Sunday morning.....TOUCH DOWN. 

Such an odd week of flowers, which we do not do...fixing things...which hubby really doesn't enjoy doing...and honest truths about how I am feeling put out there without any holding back... I think it may have made him stop and think a little...maybe??

Now that I have expressed...I shall try and nut out if there is any hope for my itunes library music being restored? Then on my to do list is getting out TAX sorted, and shopping for either a new charger for the tablet, or a new tablet. My plans for curling up with my book later tonight are now shot, and until I can either download it again, or locate a hard copy from the library.... I don't want to buy it, it isn't a keeper.... I shall have to wait. I was half way through and it was getting really good too! 

Hubby is already watching endless reviews of tablets on youtube! Is it just me, or do you find that kind of thing BORING. I just care about how much it is, and if I can do what I want on it. All the extra this and that do not appeal to me, as I NEVER use  it. Computer jargon is all gobble goop to me.

There I shall leave you with that OLD FART mentality. 
Have a good week...wish me luck...I have a feeling I am going to need it.


  1. "Luck" can be good, bad, or indifferent. So rather than wish you luck, I wish you good fortune and happier less stressful days.

    1. Thank you that is really sweet. I can sure use it.

  2. It's a dull game until a touchdown is scored. :-)

  3. I think he might have got a bit of a wake up call. And it can't be a bad thing if he is trying.
    Marriage is often about compromise, sometimes you just have to accept things.
    As for your ipod, I feel your pain after managing to wipe my ipad only the other week

    1. It's been a better week emotionally. I did try and re-install iTunes on the computer. However it still didn't transfer all my iPod music over to the library, and most of the songs there on my computer wont play. I get a message saying something like "can not launch application, do you wish to locate source" when you click on that it just leads me to my document folders, and the music isn't there. So small progress, but not a good result.

      Hubby told me to write a list of all the songs I want on my USB, and he'll will try and get them for me again. But that is A LOT of music. The USB can hold almost 2000 songs. It took 4 years of collecting music for my iPod. I also never remember titles, and need to start listening to a song before I go...OH YEAH, I like this one! bahahahaha

      So I just plugged in my iPod in the car this week, on shuffle. I find I am skipping more songs than actually listening to any, due to the fact I didn't pop them all on there, and also sometimes you just are not in a particular mood for a certain song.

      I think it may be easier if I just ask hubby to get me albums of the artists I like, then I can pick and choose my favourite tracks from there. I usually like to mix it up. I can grow stale of an artist if I have to listen to just them over and over.

      hubby is the opposite. If he likes a band, he will play them and nothing else. For 4 years we had the same tape in the car. It was an old car, no CD player. I would turn on the radio when I was driving just because I was sick to death of it. I really love that band too. But even now The songs are just over done for me, and I just skip, skip, skip.

      He is into another band now. They sound good, but I don't know them. They are not main stream, and it is hard to sing along too.Lovely sounding voices and music, but I rarely pick up on a word they say. When I drive I like a good song I can sing to, and tap the wheel.

      Maybe that's just me! ^_^