Monday, 22 July 2013

Back to school, and hopefully back to me........

Well as I sit here at 9.54 pm, I am peacefully aware that I have the house clean and quiet, and almost all to myself. Amazing what I can do when hubby is at work. The kids did all pitch in and in 25 mins we had the place licked.

Miss had her first day at TAFE today, and it seems she had a really good day and made some friends already. She is the youngest in her class. But that isn't an issue. She is studying for her CHILD CARE Certificate. Over the past 18 months we have watched her go from one extreme idea to the other. Uni just wasn't the right place for her. This time hubby and I decided to sit down and really nut out what she might actually be good at, and where her strengths lie.

It was OK after school to try out a few different things. She was only 17 1/2, Still young to have year 12 under her belt. So she had youth on her side. But now at 19 she needs to stop mucking about and stick to a career choice. This one she would really be good at. She is great with kids.

Back to school for our boys in the morning. Back to the morning drop off's and lunch boxes, homework, and uniforms. As much as I love having the place to myself during the day, no extra mess, and chatter, I do enjoy the relaxed starts to the day. But hey we can't have it all, and I am happy to have them back, and already we are back on track to routine. But I will miss the PJ days.

Tonight  I had the boys in bed by 8.25 pm. Dishes done, games packed away, carpet vac, lunch boxes done, school bags packed...just sandwiches to be made, uniforms laid out, and I was free to enjoy an incense stick and hot cup of chai tea.  Bliss. Just have to get the big one to bed, but at age 19 she is a bit too big to be told to brush her teeth and get tucked in.

Last night I was restless. The evening was nice. We watched yet another delightful movie. "RUBY SPARKS" . Sweet quirky, romance flick, the night before was a zombie flick called "WARM BODIES". Another sweet movie. Both worth a look at.

Love, love, sweet romance. It is haunting me. It follows me everywhere mocking me. 

I was watching a young couple shopping today and I remembered our newly married days when we still shopped together. Hubby was pushing the trolley, and I had my arm linked in his. Oh happy days. I stopped and let go to pick up something a little way down the aisle , I honestly don't remember what it was, just something that caught my eye, but I was so lost in my own bubble of happy, I popped it back on the shelf, and I continued to walk and chat to my hubby wrapping my arm sweetly around his, leaning in like you do when you are newly married and still in honeymoon faze.

After almost reaching the end of the aisle, and hubby hadn't answered any of my babbling, I repeated the last one and looked up with "so what do you think, BBQ for dinner, or pasta?"

To my utter horror, I looked up into the face of another man. Yes, my hubby was still back at the other end of the aisle laughing his head off, and this other somewhat slightly older version of my hubby was very amused by my sudden throws of affection, and played along thinking how long will it take her to figure it out? He said "it wasn't everyday a young lady grab his arm and sweetly. THANK YOU, but don't tell the wife!" I was beetroot red. Hubby teased me for ages about that one.

All this romance is just making me ache more. I was an utter sarcastic bitch last night. Hubby is aware of my need, and I kind of think he is finding it all a bit amusing, which only makes me want to hit him. But I couldn't sleep. The four cups of ginger tea before bed didn't help either, but manly I have reached the point where I am just in need of physical relief. Masturbation is not cutting it any more. I need my man, and I need him now, and I want him to come to me. Take me, have me, want me, devour me..... JUST GGGGAAAAARRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I have two day off this week. Then I am back at work for the next 6. The kids are all back at school. He has a choice now. Empty house, he can go to bed early, wake up earlier, and we can have an afternoon naughty, or I can go on line and start looking into female toys, and replace him? Not sure if that will really help?? I need him. I miss us. 

It's still cold and rainy here. Not much fun being out doors at all. Perfect weather for snuggling up in bed. Maybe I just might do that. Drop the boys off and get back into bed??? But rejection will sting, so that move is a big gamble. 

So fingers crossed he feels a bit frisky, and puts me out of my hysterical misery. LOL

Have a good week. 

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