Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Biggest on record. Over 3km in length. On the ground for over 45 mins. Winds over 300km/hr. Those poor people. It hit them during the school run. I heart goes out to all those people. I can not even imagine how scary it would have been to live through something like this, and they are saying on the news that it may not be over yet as it is the season, and they could get more! 

This is what I woke to this morning. My hubby telling me "Hey come take a look at this, you are not going to believe it!" Then there on the news today I listened to the reporter stating that the biggest Tornado in our history, hit Oklahoma. As I sit here with the news updating constantly on the TV, eating my breakfast, drinking my tea. Safe, warm, I can't tell you how utterly surreal this feels.

This week our planet has experienced so much. I am not sure if you are aware, but this week we've had hail stones the size of soccer balls, multiple volcanoes erupting simultaneously, various earthquakes, large marine deaths, fireballs, meteors and now this! ALL IN 1 WEEK!

Think its pretty safe to say something is wrong yes!

I am not making this shit up, check out the links below. 

Oklahoma my prays are with you now. 









  1. Not a good week for sure.

    Such an awful thing for Oklahoma

  2. Criss,

    Things are bad now, but I'm glad I wasn't living where I do now 84 million years ago when a large meteor hit earth less than 10 miles from my home and created the Wetumpka Impact Crater ( http://www.cityofwetumpka.com/Default.asp?ID=145&pg=Wetumpka+Impact+Crater )