Saturday, 4 May 2013


It's a warm day here today. Not hot, not overly sunny, but still pleasantly comfortable.

I's 2.24 pm, and we are all still in our PJ's. Star Wars has been on the Telly all day. Cartoon marathon weekend. However child 3 has decided he's rather tired of watching 'Star Wars the Clone Wars' cartoon. He wants to watch a DVD. 

"YES!" I cheered.

So what did he pop in the DVD player???

"STAR WARS Revenge of the Sith"   


I think I shall soon retreat to the pages of my trashy romance novel "Twilight".

I know I have read it before, but having read "Midnight Sun" recently it has brought me back. I must confess I have been watching the DVD's too while the boys have been at school and hubby has been asleep.

I am hoping that for Mother's Day the family buys me the last instalment.  Then my collection is complete, and I can again escape into the unreal world of love and vampires/werewolves.

I have decided that I might like to be a vampire. Correction, a 'Cullen type' vampire, they don't kill humans.

I would be strong then. No frail bones  to cause me pain. I could run, swim, almost fly. I would be transformed into something beautiful, and of course I'd want Hubby to join me. 

Never tired, never sick, strong, and time to learn all I could dream of learning. I would probably find great peace ridding our world of nasty people though. Maybe in my new born stage when my thirst is strong, and that way I would be doing a kindness then I would settle into forever with my mate and enjoy seeing everything the world has to offer. But I think I may miss sleeping, and after a while I may actually want to die. I wonder. Fancy living for hundreds of years. I think it would be lonely after a while. Unless you had a true mate. But all your friends and family will die. That would be sad.

Oh I really need to get back to work, I am going ga ga here! lol

Enjoy your day whatever you are up to. Keep smiling, and stay HAPPY.

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