Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Four letter words...........

Well it is Tuesday, and I have yet to have my wild romp big juicy 'O' moment.
I know...I know.... I am now at risk of becoming OVER EMOTIONAL...which isn't a four letter word, well neither is 'Frisky' or 'Horny' or bloody well getting 'Impatient'.

But I am still SMILING, which is amazing, and somewhat odd, as by now I am usually MAD barking snappy INSANE!

Instead I am trying out this not getting upset theory. No shouting at the kids, staying me and sweet and loving.... so far it hasn't gotten me anywhere closer to the bedroom!!

So I have been 'BUSY' doing House 'WORK'. There's one 'WORK', and I have a roast on in the oven. 'COOK' 'OVEN' I have 'WASHed' dishes and clothes...well 'WASH' is a four letter word and I am counting it......and I've 'HUNG' them out. I have been to the 'SHOP' and bought 'FOOD' so that the 'CATS' and the 'KIDS' can eat. I have 'READ', 'BLOG's' and tried to pass the 'TIME' while I 'WAIT' for something sweet to happen.

'THEY' say that a way to a 'MAN'S' heart is through his tummy, heck even my man has said 'THAT'! Well I have been going out of my way to provide in 'THAT' department. 'HOME' baked 'CAKE', fried 'RICE', Chocolate treats, a roast dinner tonight!

I have even flashed him my 'BOOB', to which he chuckled and made a rather smart arse comment about having the feeling that I may be a bit on the 'LUST'-full side. So he is well and truly in the  'KNOW', and I am starting to think he is having fun with this. Maybe he is conducting an experiment has to how 'LONG' can we go before she cracks???

I am sure he enjoys a 'WANK' while I sleep in our bed. I sleep because I am the one who goes to 'WORK' and drops the 'KIDS' to school in the mornings. If I kept his hours I would not sleep at all, and that would be silly. He works at night, so he sleeps most the day. It is how we 'ROLL'.

But I am getting 'PAST' the point of caring. So horny that I am not really horny any more. Or that it just goes away, and pops back the second I see his smile, but then just as quick has gone again because he is talking about planes, paint, computers!

I was once 'FULL' of 'LUST', and longing. I 'SORT' pleasure, and fun. I wanted frisky, flirty, kisses. 'SOFT' caresses, and a 'GOOD' old fashioned 'FUCK'! 

So I am really not sure what is happening? Am I just getting too old, or is this new experiential nice me, turning me into a 'NORMAL WOMAN' ??

Could I be at 'RISK' of loosing my 'MOJO'? 


The plus side is I am not angry at my man like I would be any other time this has happened. I am not even bothered to masturbate the frustration away. We are getting along just perfectly despite the 'LACK' of sexual 'PLAY' 'TIME.  

Maybe now that 'CHILD' 1 is again 'AWAY', maybe tonight if he is not called into 'WORK', maybe he might 'MAKE' a 'MOVE'??

I wonder if I will be willing? If my 'MOOD' will respond? 

I guess 'TIME' will 'SOON' 'TELL'..... stay tuned.................


  1. HAVE him READ THIS BLOG POST FULL of FOUR letter words.


    1. Well Don, dinner went down a treat, and this afternoon we even had some flirty fun...some dirty talk, and a hint from him of actual carnal desires....SO MAYBE my sweetness has paid off??

      He got called into work though, so I guess I will be passed out when he gets home, or he maybe too sore and tired??

      But still PROGRESS!

      I am still coping really well. I must be getting old! lol

  2. Wait, cake, fried rice, chocolate treats, and a roast dinner? Is that all one meal!?! Eating would become a four letter word if that's all at once. Also, after reading this, I have the 80's song "Up all night, sleep all day" in my head (I think it's by Slaughter). Hooray for sexy progress!

    1. Oh no............not all in one meal. Heavens I wouldn't be able to move, let alone get down and dirty! lol

      The meals have been over the last few days actually.

      I sometimes wonder if he, my sweet, sweet man, was more like the hubby's some of the women I have met over the years, would I be so keen for the sexual romps in the bedroom??

      Would I be like these women who joke and laugh about doing to-do-lists, or cringe at the creeping hand?

      Instead I think I have been very lucky with a man who enjoys sex, but also enjoys making sure that I enjoy it too. Over the past 26 years I can very honestly say that we have come together rather perfectly.

      He is a wonderful lover. Well for me anyway. He knows me well, and he can push all my buttons even when I don't really want him too. Which is rare, cause I pretty much always want him too. See I am totally not a 'normal woman' he has been very spoilt I think! lol

      What can I say....I am a WIFE WHORE! There I have said it! lol

      I know he will, when he chooses too, bring me to my knees, and leave me smiling, shaking, and very, very , happy. He will be pretty happy too.

      What I am finding really odd is how I am not getting all silly over the long absence of sex. I am not thinking 'something is wrong, why wont he touch me? He thinks I am ugly...he thinks I am too old....I can't turn him on any more!" I am not thinking it, nor am I feeling it, which is even a more telling clue!

      Usually these frustrations boil over and I become upset, and teary, and lonely, and utterly bitchy, which just makes matters worse not better.

      I am not sure how I have stayed this pleasant? Maybe my hormones are finally balanced? Maybe the fact my period has been absent for the last few months is making a difference? Whatever it is I can tell already, that when he comes for me, I think, I hope, that I am going to really, really, enjoy it......It's like riding a bike yes? lol

      I haven't heard that song before, but I did do a quick Google search and I did like it. In fact I have been checking out a few of the others. Wow I can not believe I have never heard of them! You can't not like 80's rock!