Monday, 17 June 2013


Spartacus Quote:

"Not every venture ends in climax." - Batiatus 

"A fact well known to many women." - Lucretia 

One does really have a good chuckle at this very true 


I am so glad that I do not fall among the women who

sadly know this to be fact.

I saw this picture on face book and it made me laugh. Not just because the

little boy is having a good look, but it so remind's me of a story my hubby told

me of when he was out shopping with his mum and dad at age 3 or 4. Now this

was back in the late 1960's when mini dresses where all the rage.

You see my then very little boy hubby recalls looking at shop window display

while his parents decided on where to go next. The displays often held toys,

and trains and all the things little kids love to look at, and he did this all the

time, so his mum and dad paid no real attention when he wondered off a little

to look about.

He remembers a young shop assistant dressing a store dummy in the window.

Now that's isn't really exciting stuff is it? But you see this for my hubby was

the first taste of what was to become much later, something he really liked.

This young lady, busy about her work, not even noticing the young boy 

struck curious at the window, was bending down fussing with the store 

dummy's pants.  This action caused her very short uniform to rise high

enough for young hubby to see her white panties enclosed behind a pair

of flesh coloured panty hose. 

Well he was not sexual at that age, a mere boy of 3, but he did like what he

saw, and to this day he can still see it as if it was yesterday. Such was the joy

of seeing panties, that it burned the memory of it in his brain, and set the

tone of things to come. A curiosity, that set him on a road to learn 

EVERYTHING there was to know about what was behind those white nickers!

It's true, even my boys have been known to reach out and touch the bra's in

Target, and feel the lace. They don't know why. They where just babes. But

they did. They seem drawn to them like little moths to the light. Which 

makes me think they are just born that way.

I just more of them actually shared my hubby's desire to actually learn

about a woman's lady parts, and how to really drive them. Sex is such

an important aspect to a relationship don't you think? 

I just love the look on his face, and the fact he is holding a bag of chips.

Boys will be boys, and they will be forever CURIOUS..... How can you not

LOVE them?


  1. That beats thumbing through the lingerie section of a Sears Roebuck catalog as I did when I was a kid.

    1. I believe hubby also did a similar thing too. His best find was when he and his mate went bike riding and found a recycling place. There they found the dumping ground for newsagents. the agents would tear the front cover off the mags that they didn't sell and where now out of date and throw out the rest.

      He and his mate, aged 11 years old at the time, found thrown out 'adult' mags. Their biggest problem wasn't where to hide them from mum and dad, but how the hell to get them all home on there push bikes!

    2. LOL! They probably stuck them in the waist of their pants and hoped they didn't injure any vital parts.

    3. All I know is, when he recalls the story he smiles warmly to himself. LOL