Wednesday, 29 January 2014


It's been a LONG , LONG DAY! The day started off no differently, in fact it was

rather good. Kids up, dressed, breakfast, teeth, a very interesting

conversation with child 3 about the movie "THE HUNGER GAMES", all in all

a bullshit free morning.

Missy was coming down with something last night, and hubby had left me a 

note telling me she was off work and to wake her so she could ring them.

No problems.

Boys got to school on tool 10 mins to get through  the bottle neck

traffic, but we did it. All good, great, wonderful.

I get myself to work and I am debating whether to tell anyone about my 

ankle......I did try hard to walk on it normally but it was very hard, and I did

not pull off a successful walk, as I was spotted and asked about it instantly.

So I came clean, and they felt it was necessary to fill in an incident report, 

which is a good thing really, and I hobbled through my day. I did need to sit

a few times, and I was glad that I made it through, and equally glad to be 

getting home.

My work day customers started with TURKEY LADY. This old woman, had come

all the way from her home, which by the sound of her story was a long, long,

way to buy a fresh TURKEY LEG.

She stops me and I go take a look, telling her that I thought we only had 

them in the freezer section as Turkey rolls, the type you roast, ready made...

"NO NO NO........" she shouted. Which turned a few heads our way. So I

located the meat department manager and asked him to help. He explained

nicely that we don't sell it. It is only a Christmas stock item......

As I walked away I could hear her telling/yelling at him that he was wrong.

Then she took it out on the poor check out chick, and I quote:



Day off to a great start, and we did along with several customers have a good

de-stress giggle over that. We are Australians, and we can take the piss

out of anything.....

So I get home and discover that everything still needs doing.

FUCK IT. I am eating, and putting this foot up, as I can read on the board

that Missy needs to go to the doctors at 4.20 pm. It is 2.30 pm.

Hubby gets is back so it is his job to collect our boys from

school. At 2.50 pm I say "Are you getting the boys?" School comes out at     

3 pm................. So he throws on shorts and T-shirt and leaves his breakfast

and leaves.

Meanwhile I fret over what to do first? 



Get off my foot?

Dinner......fuck....we have some left over chicken...........NO, can't have 

that................why not, nothing wrong with it........Hubby has now made 

dinner an issue cause I haven't shopped, cause my foot bloody hurts!

WHAT'S WRONG WITH LEFT OVER CHICKEN???????????????? one thought to wash the dishes..........Been at 

work all day........Missy


Hubby then has a few sarcastic digs about dishes, and dinner, and something

like he has to do it all.......Great a moody hubby...just what I need........

Moody ,tried, hungry boys..... Moody hubby...and moody sick...teenage 

daughter...and all I want is to sit down and have a cup of tea.

I take MISS to her doctor's appointment after I start on dinner, and ask hubby

to finish it......

He did, and did the dishes too, except the cups, and glasses, despite only 

48 hours earlier, me asking him to stop doing that and to do them ALL.

So I do not want a fight, and I do them........ It's what I do  keep the peace...

I still want to sit down and chill out.

TV is now in the hands of the young is hubby',

I go lay down and catch up on things on my tablet.

Just me and the cat. LOVELY.....

Hubby interrupts my chill session, so he can get ready for work...but all good.

THEN our boys start WWIII. It is on......yelling, swearing.....

and before I knew it they were in my went running.....I should

have followed, cats are smart...............

So I get up, and sort it out, grab Child 3, and return to my safe place, and

we read stories on the tablet...( I have an app for learning to read).... 

everyone and everything calms down.....till child 2 is settled down enough....

to come and explain WTF was going on.

So by now I can see I have to be up, it is 8.30 pm and they need to get to of course they are hungry..............child 2 makes eggs....

while I wash the dinner dishes............AND THE FUCKING that

there wont be a huge lot in the morning.

Meanwhile I am trying to get them packed for school, showered, and 

ready for bed.....

Which I did......

So FINALLY at 9 pm I have the kids in bed......and I vent out of face book 

with this:


ME:  FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK, has very one got their BITCH ON?

MISSY: no we don't... you have been yelling for the past hour!

ME:  WHY?????? Have you not heard, or seen what your brothers have been doing/not doing/ doing to each 

other.........????????????????????????????????? You just stay in bed and get better.............................

 MISSY: I am listening to music... and all I can hear is you yelling... 

Calm down with a cup of tea... it isn't good for you to yell so much! 

People are more scary when they talk calmly then when they yell. Just sayin'!

ME:  BOYS are they clean, in bed, and school bags ready, teeth brushed, stories read, schools clothes out, dishes done, snacks

 had......I was reading, THEY CAME TO ME, scared the cat, with spray and wipe and rulers and shouting, and DRAMA. They disturbed 

the DRAGON, and get what they deserved. One is over worried about Aquatics, and is taking it out on the other, who is incredibly 

capable of   making 1 ice block go from two rooms, floor, and his whole body. Then they want to start watching movies, and tell me 

when bed time will be............SORRY this mamma don't work that way. You also forgot to add all the giggles, and sarcastic wit...., 

and the fact that  CHILD 3 thought it would be good to start pulling the threads from his blanket while chatting. Can you see why I had

 to scold several times in 30 mins. A lot of shit went down in 30 mins. NOT 1 HOUR ....30 mins......8.30pm to 9 pm  is not 1 hour!!!! 

During which time my tea went stone cold! Now Sleep, and let me relax in peace , which I 

have not had since I got home from work! Thank you 

I so do very much love getting advice from a teenager on effective parenting.

I much rather call what I do "ASSERTIVE ORDERING" than "YELLING"

If I do not resort to that standard , NO ONE FUCKING LISTENS TO ME


I did see this on the good old face book tonight and I thought I would share




........and there goes mine as Hubby has just texted to say he is coming home least I had time to do this tonight in peace. YEAH! 

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  1. Oh you poor love. First week back is always such a stressful time and certainly all that harder if you have hurt yourself.
    Take the advice you have been giving me and rest that leg as much as you can and get better soon