Saturday, 18 January 2014

"Holy heart failure,'s feminism gone crazy..............

Today I was directed to this blog page via a friend on face book. It was a story titled "PIV is always rape, ok?" Curious I clicked on the link and began to read.......

As I read I couldn't believe what I was reading. How did we get here? When did things become so damn awful?

Now I am all for equality of the sexes, fair is fair, women are definitely not a lower class or species to men. Strong women fort hard for the rights I so freely enjoy now, and I thank them for it. I can vote, I can choose who I want to marry and I can keep my own assets if I so choose, well at least in this country.

A man can not have sex with me unless I consent, and that includes my husband. But I also equally agree that a woman needs to respect the same things of a man. 

We are partners in life...are we not???

She believes that:-


 "INTERCOURSE is inherently HARMFUL to a WOMAN"
Basically she believes that sex with a man, whereby the man inserts his penis into her vagina is RAPE regardless if the woman consents or not...and the fact that a woman believes she wants it (SEX) or likes it (SEX), is a form of brain washing  done via the man.


She said so........... not me...I don't think like that..............I think MEN AND WOMEN both have the capability to be either GOOD or BAD. CARING and EMPATHIC, or LOVELESS and PSYCHOPATHIC. WE are human, and depending on who you are as a person will determine how well you treat and respect others. 

According to this woman, we of the female gender do not need men. We don't need to be with them, have sex with them, which is of course incredibly dangerous to our health that it can even cause death....and we certainly do not need them to have babies with!!!! 


Well below I have copied some of what this woman writings, and a link to her blog. Have a quick look and tell me what you think? Is this the writings of a passionate woman, or a woman gone so far past the stop sign she is now living on planet X??

intercourse and manufactured female pleasure: politics of love part III

"My previous post of the series was about how emotional/sexual attachment to men (‘heterosexuality’) exists only within the context of OPPRESSION, GENOCIDE or globally organised violence against women by men as a class. Which means that this emotional bond to men can’t be anything else than an uncontrolled chemical response to that inescapable violence and oppression. A response to which men have conditioned us through a fine-tuned system of repression, deprivation, constraints and reward, grooming and brainwashing – aimed to modify our behaviour to ensure our long-term submission. Within this inescapable subordination to men, we can only fear them or trauma-bond to them: therefore love does not exist towards men.
One aspect I haven’t talked yet about men’s heterocage is the role pleasure plays in securing our sexual submission. In other words, how sexual pleasure with men is manufactured – it’s not pleasure but dissociation from the invasion, pain or fear. It’s always worth reminding FCM’s definition of fear and trauma-bonding inherent to intercourse:

" i think has been made abundantly clear by now, women are literally putting their lives and physical and mental wellbeing on the line, every fucking time they engage in PIV. (sorry! really, i am). if its not the very reasonable fear of being raped at some point during the encounter, its the fear of disease, and the dread, absolute dread of an unintended or unwanted pregnancy. and that last one applies even in wanted encounters with trusted partners, does it not? every single act of intercourse, from somewhat pre-menstruation to somewhat post-menopause. or…until your mate gets his nads snipped…and even then. fear, and dread. foreboding, terror, and bargaining with god. counting the days. … when women have PIV with men, we are encountering a life-threatening situation, with another person, by definition. not surprisingly, we form intense bonds with our war-buddies, these men with whom we have literally faced death and disfigurement. terror."

Now I am all for someone having the right to their opinion, but........What the bloody fuck??  The comments below are filled with women of like minded thoughts. NOT ONE held the touch on for the other school of thought, which is that some women LIKE SEX. These women are seriously fucked up, and devoid of love. That seriously scares me. I have never read such utter insane dribble like this. This is not what women in general think. 

Women, like men, (well normal women), love sex, need sex, and want to have sex. We see it as pleasure, because it IS pleasurable. It feels good. It is not considered rape. It is considered good LOVING. The joy of feeling my husbands penis inside me can sometimes almost be a type of spiritual event for me. It is that bonding, that sweet, and oh so nice, that I can literally be transformed into something else, something pure. It is a very addictive feeling, a high, a buzz, it's LOVE.

Now rape is not pleasurable, and it is painful and oppressive to women. No one will argue that, but to blanket every P.I.V (Penis in Vagina) as rape is just idiotic. 

If I could sit down with this woman, I would ask if she was ever raped or sexually abused? Then I would try to explain that her view is blinded by her personal experiences or sexual preferences. It is OKAY to be GAY, or is that a man's fault too?  Even lesbians use dildos in the vagina, so therefore is that not symbolic of penis penetration into the vagina ,(PIV)??

Sad so fucking sad. And fuck that, loving sex is awesome, and there should be more of it. The comments that came after it where even more astonishing. These women in my opinion are devoid of LOVE, and emotionally disturbed, almost if not so, mentally damaged. 

I am shocked, and blown away by such men haters.

To the men out there WOMEN do not all share these views and opinions. Sadly some do, but I hope they are but a small minority.

As a representative of the female gender, I shall, and will continue to want and need, and bloody well ENJOY SEX for as long as my body will allow me to do it.

I am not oppressed, or brainwashed, or in anyway in danger of my life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this...........


  1. Criss, pardon my language, but without even looking at what this woman wrote on her blog I say that whoever wrote the crap you mentioned and then posted it on the internet must be a full-fledged lesbian who is full of crap and has nothing better to do than S H I T it on the internet.

    Pay no attention to that weirdo and continue to enjoy sex.

    1. Oh she would be a a hard core Lesbian for sure. But such hatred. It is really sad. I still think Sex Education is lacking. Kids are using hard core porn for education and that is just not how things work in the real world. :/

  2. Dealing in absolutes in any form is incredibly problematic. I wouldn't call this feminism either. She's dealing in bigotry. Feminism works against sexism, what she's talking about is sexist. She's saying that women are incapable of enjoying themselves and that they're risking their lives with sex? To me, that says that women are not in control of their own vagina. She's giving too much power to wiener. These are anti-woman sex-negative, male-aggrandizing sentiments. It also discounts PIM or PIB (Mouth or case I needed to spell it out).
    I prefer to think of women as being in control of their vagina when they choose to have sex (and hopefully enjoy it). Rape is a horrifying reality and claiming mutually pleasurable sex is inherently rape because we live in a patriarchal society is to belittle true victims of actual rape. She's using cult-like double-speak to push a sexist agenda with no substance behind her sentiment. The refusal to allow for nuance in her position reveals an absolutism that is ultimately pointless.

    1. 10/10 Well said. I actually applauded, and read this out loud to my hubby.

      Rape is a horrible thing and certainly not the same as sex. It isn't even about sex. It is about power, and about destroying LOVE. BE GAY if you swing that way, but stop the hating.