Saturday, 11 January 2014

Getting my domestic cook on...................

I was feeling very domesticated tonight. I made home made fruit and veggie juice.....

 and an ice cream cake....

and a healthy dinner.....

The boys cleaned their plates too. They love veggies, it's just hubby and Missy who are fussy veggie eaters. Looking at that I wonder why I am so fat?  Well OK I do LOVE sue me......but honestly it is my only real vice, I normally eat  very well with just the occasional pizza or hot chips. Embrace the PCOS....

We will have to wait until tomorrow night to taste the ice cream cake, it takes 24 hours to set, but at least we have dessert.  I mixed fresh raspberries in with the cream too. Yum. We did not have to wait to have 2 fun size left over chocolate bars each though, well they were there and they were calling was the only way to stop them, really............

Not really sure what's got into me? Maybe it's the warm weather. Maybe it's the lovely nap I had this afternoon? Either way, I have got my act together tonight, and I even have the dishes done!

This fresh fruit cake just looks amazing and Yum...
I would never have any real patience to actually create it myself, but wow what an awesome idea. Hubby thinks that it is yucky...but he is a fruit hater so his opinion does not hold any weight here..... 

Missy is away for the night so I am hoping to get the boys to bed and at some point seduce my hubby. I wont hold my breathe as we will have to see what shape and mood he is in when he gets home from work...but if he is happy, and I am happy then just maybe we can feel the love tonight ;)

I have definitely got my happy frisk on so Hubby watch out! There wont be tears in the corn flakes if nothing romantic happens. I am seeking a new healthy attitude towards my own sexual esteem. It is all experimental at this stage, but so far I haven't had to kill anyone, so all going well then! lol  

 You will be proud of me too..........last week Missy lost her ability to think tactfully, and caused some minor damage to the car. YES THE NEW CAR!!

We were shopping and when we got to the car the shopping list blew out from the trolley....the trolley with the shopping in it....she let go and ran to catch the list...and the trolley full of shopping rolled happily into the side door leaving two lovely scratches.

I had a service the other day and got them to take a look. They polished and buffed it for me which did improve it a lot. But the scratch was too deep to buff out. $370 it will cost to re-spray the whole bloody door. It will not cause rust, and it looks much better now, and depending what angle you look at it you can't even see it. 

But that is not what I am telling you this story for....I didn't go ape shit. I didn't freak out. Yes I swore..something like FUCK not my NEW CAR...but there was no bitching for days. It was an accident. At least it was our car and not someone else's.



  1. Does insurance cover the door? Maybe? Probably not.
    I would love a juicer. It's a luxury I can't afford right now, but smoothies are the best.
    Hopefully your plan of seduction worked out.

    1. Good morning Pickleope, yes the insurance would but the excess is about the same, and I'd probably loose my no claim bonus so not worth claiming in this case. :P

      I love our juicer, I waited several years to get one, and I got this one on sale at 1/2 price. On the credit card mind you, but I couldn't walk away from such a good deal. I just hate cleaning the filter. The rest is easy. But that part is sharp, and really tricky. It has it's own toothbrush, and it can sometimes take a bit of scrubbing to remove the pulp stuck in the fine tiny holes. But I enjoy a good detox occasionally to flush out all the crap and chocolate! ;) I actually am very impressed with the new Nurtibullet. I like it's quick cleaning, and the small individual cups. Also it can combine smoothies and juice, and you loose nothing, all that pulp gets used and turned into fibre rich juice. They are very recent on the market. They take seconds to set up, add your fruits, grains, nuts, veggies whatever combo and blitz, a few seconds later literally you have a meal in a cup and off you go, with a travel lid. I could drink it in the card on the way to work.

      But the juicer is new, and if I'd knew about the Nutribullet I would have bought that instead as it can do smoothies and juice in one, and it is a rinse under the tap to clean. But it is over double the price $289 AUD. So this chick will have to just keep juicing big jugs of juice. Each time.

      I love it, but I don't always feel like a particular flavour I have created. But I get stuck drinking it for 2-3 days straight, as most the time the kids don't like it cause I have added far too many veggies and they like the fruity ones best. So a nutribullet would allow me to mix it up daily. Plus spend less on produce. I'd need only what will fit in the cup. I can not justify dirtying up the big boy for just a few carrots. :D

      Sadly NO ROMANCE.........Hubby came from from a shift from hell and was tense and stressed and worn out and a little grumpy. We did stay up till 4 am hanging out and chatting, I made him his dinner, and he even tried my juice, and we played WORLD OF TANKS together which is Hubby's Favourite game at the moment.

      I left him a lot more cheered up, and we shared a few really good laughs. A pleasant night actually, His neck is out I think, and it is causing headaches and tightness in his shoulders and in the back of his head. Typical man will not go to the chiro to sort it out , thinking a few days might sort it, but it's been a week, and he just makes it worse when he gets stressed and agro, so MONDAY this is getting sorted, I will personally make the appointment myself and make sure he gets in next week, and then maybe we can at least cross that issue off the list.

      But for now I think sex is off the menu. Thank goodness I know how to please myself! ;)

  2. busy lady and probably good to do it before the hot weather hits.
    Love the idea of home made icecream. Been ages since I made some..

    1. It was yummy. I like I even better with a good splash of Baileys in it, but this one was kid friendly. It is a bit on the rich side though.

      It is so hot. Not sure how I'll sleep tonight? Might have to have a cold shower before bed. I did Hydro today and the pool was just lovely, I didn't want to get out.