Saturday, 23 March 2013

"Why am I so tired?" he boldly asked.

Uhmmmm let's see...

Could it be that I have been burning the candle at both ends??

Could it be that the past 48 hours have been full of epic events and stressful tasks, plus illness? (Hubby was off yesterday resulting in me having to do all his share of the load, it's what we do. No biggy)

Maybe it's the broken sleep I get every night? 
Maybe it was the 5 am start today?

Possibly the constant questions thrown at me when I try and catch 40 winks in the afternoon so I don't burn out completely?? 

Maybe it's that fact that I cop all these accusations of why, WHY, WHY....instead of THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU FOR IT!

Maybe I don't want to wash up 4 dirty chocolate milk glasses that no one has even bothered to soak, or wipe the bench down, put the dishes away, and make sure the shopping is done, the bills are  paid, that there is petrol in the car!


I am not sick, I am not dying, I am not angry at the world. But don't respect my space, my home, and not balance that with some praise, a hug, something that assures me it was appreciated, then don't get annoyed at my sudden dark mood, and bitch factor 7!

I must be getting my period soon as I am not coping with stupid behaviour at all.

I don't ask for the earth, or for diamonds, shoes, clothes, or holidays. I don't need all that stuff. I just need LOVE. To feel it. See it.

I need to kids to do what they say they are going to do. For my teenager to remember to THANK her mother when mum has bailed her out of a jam.


I need only a little bit, but if you can't allow me this I will utterly explode!

Can you tell that I tried to nap today , after having a late night and a 5 am start for work? Can you tell it didn't go well? Can you tell that maybe I spat in anger, when my bad mood was not tolerated? Can you tell that I did not appreciate the third degree as to why I need to nanna nap so much these days? Can you tell that I haven't had sex in a while?

There vent over................... ALL I NEED from my wonderful caring husband is a huge hug, and the feeling that he actually appreciates all that I do! I know he does, but when I am over tried, I don't cope too well with extra stress.

Feeling much better now. Thank you for listening. ^_^

Oh and just to update you all on the car ~ We got bought the car, but we can't have one for 4 weeks as we had sold out here in Australia. So it must come from Japan. So we are paying off a car we don't actually have at the moment. It was all a bit anti-climatic! lol

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