Sunday, 24 March 2013

What a difference a few hours make!

I am feeling more like myself today. I think the lack of sleep, and extra tension combo, wasn't the ideal place for me to be. 

But after my purge yesterday, (which in fact did already make me feel a whole lot better), I  enlisted my boys and got my tidy on.

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than being able to have some order around me.

With the mess sorted, and the kitchen sink clean, we all decided that a quick stir-fry for dinner was the way to go, and so my boys and I cooked up a real yummy treat. So good in fact that all three of us cleaned our bowls. Then we settled down and watched "How to train your Dragon". Cuddles from my baby boy, and lots of random kisses on the cheek, and "I love you mum" thrown in, just melted the ice witch that was starting to rent space in my body.

With the boys now safely tucked up in bed, and Hubby home from work, my mood was greatly improved. That is the good thing about us. We can have a spit, and we can also just let the small stuff go. We never really have had a real fight. Heated debates I call them, but ever swearing yelling, throwing things at each other storming out  kind of tiffs that some people have. My parents would have real hot tempers, and my dad would get so mad he'd always throw something. Hubby has never behaved that way. 

So snuggled down after he ate his stir-fry, (without a grumble, as he really doesn't like veggies, and we put loads in), and he chatted about what happened at work, and life was again Zen. 

We watch some telly, and once again one of our chocolate bunny's, the ones I bought for Easter morning, the ones I have replaced already once, had an unfortunate accident.  Poor Bunny. Hubby and I had no choice but to eat him up and remove all evidence of his sudden departure from this world.

Feeling really good, and safe and loved, and most of all APPRECIATED, I went to sleep and slept soundly till my bladder could no longer wait and forced me out of bed. I did go back, but eventually my boys woke up, and I could hear them playing, (Loudly) as only child 3 has two volume settings, On or Off! but it was OK, as I had my sleep in, it was 9:30 am after all, so I got up and left my sleeping Hubby to enjoy the whole bed.

At the moment I feel like this guy, and I may just take a leaf from his book today. I know I can't really lay back and do nothing all day........we are out of cat food, and a few little things, and there is always my washing, and tonight the ironing of the work shirts, but that is just life, and I don't mind doing the little things, as long as they appreciate the little things.

But before I get into all that I am going to colour my hair, and do a few little things for me. 

Enjoy your weekend, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Keep smiling..............


  1. So glad you are feeling happier. Poor bunny, must be related to the easter chocolate in this house that also had an unfortunate accident one evening.

  2. Unfortunately several bunny's and a few eggs have been very accident prone.

    I am feeling in a lighter mood, just some days gather more negative energy than others, and you just have to express it or you will just get more agro.

    I guess all I needed was a bit of time out, and order.

    I am really starting to look forward to the car now. I keep seeing them all about and I say to myself "That will be me soon" ^_^

    After 18 years I think we have earned the right to a new one.