Thursday, 14 February 2013


26 years ago today, my hubby, at that point my new boyfriend bought me a card and a stuffed Garfield cat that you could stick to the back window of your car. You remember the ones that looked scared and held the sign that read “HELP ME”! It was a tease about my driving. It was so sweet. My first Valentine gift! I still have the card too.

However I didn't want him to 'Feel' he had to conform to society and only use this day, "VALENTINES DAY" to express how he felt. Anyone can be sweet once a year when told. I personally hated the whole marketing money making theme behind the sweet smell of the flowers! Even back then at the young age of 17, I knew what I wanted from a loving relationship, and I wanted to start off the right way.

Well this instantly made me a pretty easy, no hard high maintainable girl here, type girlfriend. Yep that's me. It's not to say I don't like getting small affectionate gifts, or flowers, or a thoughtful gesture. I do. I LOVE IT.

When we were first married, he worked shift work. I would sometimes come home, and find messages on the eggs, you know silly faces, and I love you, or eat him not me! There were notes in the freezer, on under my pillow, or in the washing machine. I adored this. Occasionally I'd find a chain of messages where I would be left clues, until I found whatever sweet thought was left for me.

To me it said, today I thought of you, Today I missed you, Today I gave up my time to make you smile because I love you and no other reason. Do you have any idea how HOT that is?

Sadly these days have long gone. Kids, stress, life has all taken over, and he never does it any more. He shows me in other ways, like supporting me with the kids, and sharing the household duties. But between you and me I do miss it A LOT.

How many boyfriends are going to get it wrong today? Flowers and chocolate will not make up for being an ass the rest of the time? What about all the single lonely people today? Let’s just shove it in their face that today no one cares. I hate this the most about this day.

Tokens of affection mean so much more when it comes from your heart. Don’t you think? That spare of the moment thought, when he actually thought of me, and how this would make me smile. That is what makes it all the more sweet. It's how I treat him; it's how couples should treat each other. My hubby has never bought me a VALENTINES day gift since that day. I guess women all over are saying you dumb girl. Maybe I am? I only get flowers when I have a baby. My Hubby says if he was to just bring me flowers out of the blue my first reaction would be “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” He might be right, because he never does. Not that I ever meant that I didn’t want flowers, just not on Valentines day. But honestly, a small picked flower from the garden and handed to me with no words, just a small kiss would light up my world….he might do that one day? Lol

So basically what I am saying is…… Don't just leave it for 1 day a year, where's the love in that? Show them how you feel out of the blue. We all need reminding. It will spice up your life. ^_^

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