Saturday, 2 February 2013

Forgive me if all my happy thoughts have run away to hide......

"Let the cat have kittens" he said. "It would be good for the kids" he said. "I will do everything and find them homes" he said. "Don't get attached" he said!

Well I thought they were just darling. But I always knew that I would shed a little tear when they left, but I would be OK because I have two kitty's already which I love to bits.

Now we have a new kitten to add to the mix because HE got attached, as did the children, and me too, but I still could give him to a good home!

But Mummy cat got all run down from the constant demands of four children wanting to suck the life from her. So we were back to the vet. $140 later, with a tube of eye cream, and a not so nice shot in her neck, and who is the one playing nurse to the cat??? ME!

Grateful the kittens didn't seem to be coming down with mums cold, or whatever it is, A VIRUS, the vet said. I had her all up to date with her shots, I did all the right responsible things, but when they have babies it is common for them to get run down. NO JOKE! She is a very good mummy too, so she probably did put her self last, isn't that a trap we all fall into?

Then I was the one who was on orders from the vet to get the litter of kittens eating so that mum can rest up a bit. Great. Four kittens, and not one the slightest bit interested in food. So mummy Molly cat and uncle Neo cat enjoyed all the extra food, but soon the little ones took interest, and after about a week we had them eating. YEAH!

BUT when we eat we must go do poo poo, so now I have 6 cats doing their business in the two litter trays, and YES, it is me constantly either cleaning up after them or NAGGING the kids to sort it out!

Now that the kittens are eating and toilet trained they are ready to go. After all the turn 6 weeks on Tuesday. I want to advertise them on Gum Tree, and make posters and leave them about. FREE KITTENS!

Hubby said "NO". He didn't want strangers coming to the house. He would take them to the pet shop. So I rang a few, and guess what! They are all FULL, and they have waiting LISTS. So we joined the list. We are 15th. JOY. That means by the time the kittens have a place they would be not so small and cute any more!! 

So I called the RSPCA, animal shelter to find out about their adoption process. But it wasn't a sure bet they wouldn't destroy the animal and I couldn't bring myself to do that.Not to mention the $57 surrender fee.

So my daughter's boyfriend set up a face book event, PUBLIC, and soon I was emailing people back and forth with information about the kittens. 

We found 2 homes after a few YES we will have him, then oh sorry we can't any more. That happened 4 times, I felt like a bloody yo yo.  Yeah you have a home, to noooooooooo, back to the drawing board.

But Great! One kitten is going this afternoon, and the other just waiting on it's new owner to be, to get set up and then she is coming. So happy we have just 1 kitten left, besides the one we are keeping. SUCKERS I know, I know, the vet nurse said the same thing. By the way we are now on first name bases, and she calls me to check on Molly and the babies too. You can see that I must be spending a bit of time down there, and MONEY!!!!

So you are thinking why is it that I am so upset and stressed and frustrated and worried................WELL...............

In the last 24 hours two kittens...........the one no one wants, and the one who is going to be picked up any day now have started sneezing. One with a weepy eye. FUCK! I think they have caught mums virus.

So we are off to the vet this morning, and these kittens that were not going to be MY PROBLEM are now MY PROBLEM, because I can't let them get sick, or give them away in good conscience if they are sick. SO I am sat here with the knowledge that today, our kitten will be vaccinated and wormed, and the other two will most likely be treated like their mum was, and that it at $140 each. I already owe $400 on my credit card, and now that it is likely to jump through the roof.

Plus our cats, are getting De-Sexed soon. So that is another few $100. 

The good thing is they are still playful, and eating, and happy. They just sneeze! There is also the worry that when the owner comes to get him, she might change her mind if he is sneezing, and then we will be stuck with him, and we are not allowed to have more than 2 cats as is!!!

So I am not having a good day. I have kittens running all over the house, trying to get outside, and under the lounge, and up the curtains, eating me out of cat food like no ones business, and pooping like troopers. With STRANGERS coming to the house soon, and a Hubby who is very happy at work, not getting involved at all, other to say that I am pissing him off with all my worrying. 

I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THIS. Let's just make sure we are clear on that point. I made that VERY CLEAR. I know myself, and right now, with school fees, and a wave of bills due to arrive any day now, I needed this set back like a gun to the head!

I'd say come on lotto but I can't even afford a bloody ticket! 

Sorry people, but if I didn't vent it here, I would explode it with my loved ones and that would just end things very badly and I don't need that to add to my worries.

So I shall post this and get in the shower, and get these kittens to the VET! I will keep you posted.

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