Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bye bye.........

Well Miss Soxy just left to start her new life in her new home. We are not sure what her name will be

now, but the people looked very loving and nice. She will have 3 girls fussing over her now. As for 

me well I haven't stopped crying yet, but I will. Molly watched her go, and she and I sat and had a 

cuddle while I sobbed in her fur. She is OK, just wanted food, me well it might take a few hours. I 

have to do this again on Monday. It is bloody going to kill me. 

We went to the Vet, and $229.80 later, thank you VISA, we came home with one wormed and 

vaccinated kitten, and and one with medicated drops to take twice a day. He has a cold. He should 

make a good recovery, fingers crossed, but he isn't going anywhere for the next 4 days min. In the

mean time we have to try and keep him rested, and away as much as possible from mummy, and his


I have informed the one lady who was kind of interested. Well sometimes I am too honest for my

own good. So we shall see if this changes her mind?? If it does, well then it will be 4 cats for us, 

as do not have the heart to put him down, and let's face it, a pet shop wont want him as he is. The 

next few days should tell us if he will come good or not, but the vet seemed positive and said it was

common, he just is a bit weaker than the others.

Oh and the one with the sore eye, is nothing to be worried about. He said if it gets worst then, we

are to use the cream we have for mum, but while it is all clear, he just needs, rest and time. 3 days

he should be all good. I hope he is right, cause Monday after noon his new owner is coming to get 

him. Well it isn't bad, just a bit droopy. Good news though, I haven't heard him sneeze at all today.

So now I am going to make a start on dinner, and chop some onions and cry it all out. I will be OK, 

and so will these kittens. My credit card is another story, but such is life!


  1. Criss, it sounds as if your hubby made the choice and left you to deal with the consequences. He owes you, BIG time.

  2. To be fair I tend to over panic and am more of a stress head than he is. Blame it on my VIRGO nature.

    I just thought it would be like it was last time we had a cat have kittens. When the time came he would pop them in the pet box, and take them to the pet store. They sold in 2 days. None got sick, our cat was good.

    But we are in a new state, and it's been 16 years, so I guess things change. I just get frustrated when I don't listen to my inner voice. It was screaming at me to call the pet shops the day they were born.

    At 4 weeks I wanted to put pictures up at the local shops, and our vets. But hubby didn't want to deal with strangers, and I respected that.

    But I do get too attached, and it is really very hard for me to go through this process.

    I am just concerned for things that haven't happened yet. 9/10 chance my black baby sooty or as I call him now sneezy, will be OK and get over his cold, and someone will want him. Monday the young girl coming to pick up Tiger will just melt when she sees him, and he will be just fine.

    Life will move on, we will eventually get the credit card paid back off, and I will be fretting over something else.

    I WORRY. I hate that I do. I try so hard to read positive affirmations, but it all goes out the window when one bad thing snow balls into another I just loose it.

    I just need for this to be sorted and over, and I wish someone would just take over and make it all better. I don't want to deal with it, but I know I wont be able to stop myself from dealing with!

    I am just very emotional today. I need to just chill out and remember it is going to be OK.

    1. Oh and last time I cried for an hour. But I had my daughter then who was 2 at the time, and I had less time to dwell on it. I also refused to go with him to the pet shop. Something I was going to do this time as well. This time it is dragging on and each day it gets harder, as I am caring for them and bonding with them, because of it.

      Today was hard. Just an hour before soxy left she was up on my neck playing with my hair till she fell asleep next to me. She was asleep when they came, and I gathered her and placed her in the arms of her new family. Molly (her mum) came in and my daughter lifted her to say a last good bye, and my heart broke.

      It is just a bloody cat, I keep telling myself,I really am behaving silly, but even now as I type, I am again flooding with tears.

    2. Last week on a local talk radio program I heard that someone had stolen a young lady's dog out of her car while she was inside a business establishment making a purchase. I called the program and said that people who do that should, if caught and proven guilty, be charged with more than just breaking and entering and petty theft of a pet. The should be charged with kidnapping because a person's pet is akin to being their child.

  3. It's true. Some of us daft types actually think of them as family. Let's face it they live with you for anything up to 15 years, or more. The cuddle up, and are happy with a pat. They don't drain you like a child, and you don't have to do too much with them, but they are there, and you LOVE them.

    Sadly too many people treat pets like accessories. Or they only like them when they are cute and small. We knew someone once like that. She loved her kitten, but when it became a cat, she hated him, and got a puppy. The cat was pushed outside and lived by the front door, it disappeared one day??

    On a brighter note SOXY now named MIA, is doing fine and loves her new house. Out little TIGER is getting better, but our little black sooty is still not out of the woods, but he is improving.

    Both kitten have homes lined up too. We just have to get them over their colds. ^_^