Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On the 12th day of Christmas..............

It just never ends! They say it comes in 3's, well we have had 4's- 5's and 6's!! Finally had the kitchen floor replaced after the white ant took our landlord 11 months to sort that out, and the man missed one and has to come back. But we are almost there.
The stove it still broken. Hubby fixed the bathroom taps, but they are still not 100% done, but they work which is wonderful. I do love a man who can use his hands! But the tools all over my bathroom sink is starting to annoy me!
And now, on the 12th day of Christmas my darling boy gave to me ~ 1 broken clip off his Roman blind and a bloody great big headache for me!
After such a long day, (I'll get to that part in a minute), child 2 broke, by accident, the hook of his Roman Blind. We have now made a make-shift support with some blue tac. ( That is my  big Macgyver moment).Well Hubby is at work, and I had nothing else! But I fear the bloody thing will come down again during the night! I have no idea how to fix that, and there is no curtain rod either? Double brick too so not that simple to install with out the right tools, and we are not tool type of people.
Between this and school, and work crazy's, I am so over this SILLY SEASON. I have still have things to get ready for Xmas, and  I am really loosing my holiday (the tiny spark that was there) cheer! I am having one of those I want to put my head in a bucket and not come out to the world moments! The cat is going to have her litter any day too by the look of her, it's all happening too much, too fast, too expensive, just TOO! lol
I will get through this, and come out the other end. I have just located a local handyman, so I am waiting to hear back on costs. I just want everything to be boring for a while. Boring and CHEAP, FREE would be better.
Hubby is back at work tonight after he did his disc with a sneeze! Man we are a bloody great pair. It's been 2 weeks with out pay. Just my income, and that isn't much. So thank heavens for the savings. I guess that is why we save! So I am grateful for that.
Life is supposed to get easy, not harder. I get scared over the future. Really scared. The cost of living is rising, and we are now ended for big trouble unless something gives with this bullshit carbon tax and the like.
Child 1 looks as if she will be moving out soon. She is hardly here as is any more. She has grown up too fast. I actually miss our chats. Not the moody teenage grumbles, but the nice girl chatter, and giggles. 
Let's hope we can just get things sorted, and then just relax for a bit.
If there was ever a time for a lotto win, now is it! Just putting it out there!! Hint Hint....
My brother's daughter, got in touch too, she is coming to Adelaide with her hubby for some concert  next year and wants to come see me. I haven't said anything to Hubby yet, as we have had too much else to worry about. I can't have them stay with us, we just have no room to house them, but I think she just wants to pop in for the day, I think, it was all a bit vague?  I know that Hubby will have NO Interest in wanting to see them. He isn't going to be thrilled about it, as he wasn't thrilled about me getting in touch with them again. But on face book it is safe. I can be apart of their life and them mine, without all the family mess, and drama. We have enough of our own to deal with! Coming to my door is not in the plan. It's complicated. I think I am going to have to try meet them in the city, and just keep it separate. I too would love to see her again, it has been a LONG time. She was just in her early teens when we left. I just am not part of her world any more, and the whole thing has really made me a bit un-easy. 
I still don't have dates yet, I am just rambling with all my rants atm. They really should call this the Ranting Season, instead of the Festive Season! I am alone, in the dark, and my head is spinning with all the things on my to do list. I have told you most of this already, or have I? I am not sure, I have written this out a few times tonight already!
Last night was pretty rough. Child 3 has been in the wars, at school, and got into at tit for tat with a teacher. He came off second best. He was then subjected to 30 mins of a screaming teacher after school, who set me off, and the poor lad had both his teacher and his mother frustrated and really pissed off. Result of such poor handling skills~ he was screaming with bad dreams in his sleep, and then wet the bed! So afterwards hubby  got him to explain why he had told his teacher to "SHUT-UP and listen!" We discovered that he actually had very good reason too. Not only that, the same teacher left him,(keep in mind he is 6), alone out on the open oval, and walked away, out of sight, behind a school block, and then when Child 3 who was scared to bits out in the middle of an empty school oval, ran after  his class, was forced back to his time out spot, and left there crying until another teacher came by and asked why he was standing there all alone. Now Child 3 will cop a well deserved time out, and to his credit, (as he is a handful) , he is always  honest. BUT he will not stand by and take it when he is innocent. In this case he was, and the teacher had accused him of doing something he didn't, and would not let him speak up, so Child 3 just told him to SHUT-UP. I probably would have too!
So, of course now that I had both sides to the story, and the teacher's side did not included the fact that he had left a very upset, scared, ADHD child, ALONE, unattended, where he could have run off into the near by wetlands, or heavens knows what? Then punished him for throwing what he called "A full on baby tantrum". Me, MUM, was left feeling GUILTY! For I was so annoyed at him for getting into trouble. I had to listen to his class teacher, not the one who left him, yell about how rude he was, and how she had enough of his behaviour, and that she wasn't going to put up with him any more and he could spend the last  four days of school in the office, blah, blah, blah.... I was tired, in pain, and had been at work all day. I had doctors appointments to get to for Hubby and child 2, and shopping to do, and it was too much to cope with without LUNCH!  So YES I WAS GUILTY. Guilty that I didn't stop and ask the simply question WHY? Such a small little word, but what a powerful one. I guess I can't be perfect all the time?
So I was up, mad as hell, (mostly at myself), crying, and frustrated, but mostly GUILTY for failing my baby. Hubby sat up with me and we talked all night about what to do about our ever disruptive boy! We came up with some pretty good ideas, and will use the holiday break to try and get it started. At least we now know without any more doubt, we WILL give the meds a try!
Then when we got to school, I got him to show me where all this happened. I was in detective mode. After all trying to put together the story, from a small boy with ADHD takes some doing. I did get confused several times, as he told me things out of sequence, but we got there in the end. After all if I was going to speak up to the teacher, I had to be sure of the facts.This only made it worse, as it was a lot more isolated than I had imagined. People cut through that school oval all the time. Not a safe place to leave a small child, especially one who acts before thinking. So I went in and very calmly, explained to his teacher what kind of a night we have all had, she could tell by my looks that I had not had a good night, and she was shocked that this other teacher hadn't told her the whole story. Thankfully after two years of teaching our son, she knows only too well how honest he is, and knows too that when he is falsely accused he will stand his ground and fight. Not really a bad thing in my book, but not something that schools wish to encourage. They want non thinking SHEEP, well sorry we didn't raise our kids that way.
I felt that I had now redeemed myself, and his teacher was again back to her normal self, and child 3 had a pretty good day, as he got to stay in class, and get play time, and the bad tag was removed. He was also allowed to attend the pizza movie night at school too.Teachers these days are just so not on the ball any more, nor do they seem to really want to teach! Like hubby put it....if child 3 was in a wheel chair they wouldn't keep yelling at him to get up and walk! So why, when they know he processes things differently, do they expect him understand things like other children? He can't. He really had no real idea yesterday why we were all so upset with him. 
I did give him a huge hug on the way to the car, as I thought he needed to know that despite the fact that I was mad at him, I still loved him. The hug resulted in us loosing our balance, and me falling to the foot path with my little boy following on top. Nothing up a grazed elbow, and a mocking laugh from child 2 cheek brat! I think I need 6 weeks away from the place just as much as the boys do.
I LOVE MY KIDS MUCH. After a long chat to my wonderful friend Jenny, I have spoken about her before, she keeps me sane, she is my angel, we decided that next Tuesday night we are taking the boys for a late night drive to see the Christmas lights. I am so looking forward to it. It is going to be so much FUN. I have wanted to do that with the boys for such a long time, but we have always been at work at night. So this is a real treat. 
Child 1 is going to be working Xmas day, she wants the extra cash. So it will just be hubby and I and the boys, and my cooking!  lol  
I found some nice popper crackers this year at a cheap shop. Not just hats and a lame joke, these ones have a gift inside. I thought it would be a bit more exciting for the kids. OK, maybe I thought it would be more fun for me too, but ssshhhh, don't blow my cover!
Child 2 wants to learn the keyboard next year, and Child 3 wants to be a rock star and play guitar. They have gotten into music, and they both really like Queen and Michael Jackson. I found both artists  greatest hits CD's on eBay, both for just over $25, and that is what we are giving them on there birthdays, which follow Christmas rather too closely. I got a cheap keyboard for Child 2 for $50 and he will get the Michael Jackson CD to go with it, and a $10 robot and Queen CD for child 3, who goes around singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' all the time.
Music lessons are expensive, but I the boys need to have something to zone out in. Something just for them. It's just that we are not sure how to fit it  in with car, elect, rent, food, Child 3's reading/writing lessons, school/uni fees, uniforms, swimming and drama.
When did it get so complicated? Was it this bad for my mum and dad too?
I have had to really cut corners the last few months, and it has paid off thank fully. So many people are in the same vote. It could be worse though. So many people who have lost their homes, there loved ones, jobs even. They are hungry, sick, living in poor conditions, and suffering war. so compared to that , we are very well off indeed.
I still have much to be very grateful for.
I just needed to push this out there. Remove it from my head, and just let it go.
All I want for Xmas is a good laugh and happy smiling kids. I hope you have a happy peaceful Xmas too.
Thanks for listening.



Now I am off to bed to catch up on some lost Zzzzzzzzz's


  1. You can enjoy some Christmas lights in Montgomery, Alabama, USA on your monitor if you go to and enjoy Christmas lights by viewing the photos and videos @

  2. Oh thanks Don. ^_^

    I am still looking forward to jumping in the car with 2 freshly washed boys, in their PJ's, and driving about town with my girlfriend spotting all the beautifully decorated homes. Hopefully the boys will fall asleep, and get all that Christmas rush feeling.

    Even though they don't really believe in Santa, they still enjoy the magic of the Christmas. ^_^

  3. Old Noarlunga used to have some really good lights and all in walking distance.
    I used to love taking the boys out to look at the lights when they were little.
    So sorry you are having such a crappy time at the moment.
    Here is hoping that the new year brings better things

  4. Thanks Mynx. We need some good our way. I think I am more excited about the lights than the kids atm! Jenny said she knows of some good spots, so I am going to just let her drive. ^_^