Sunday, 30 December 2012

Good bye 2012 welcome 2013............

I am feeling very reflective today. Just packed up the Christmas Tree, and all the cards. Monday is the last day of 2012. Child 2 will soon be turning 10, never again will he be 1 digit, Child 3 lost his second tooth, and he too will soon be 7. He is excited as he can stop sitting in the booster seat in the car after that. Child 1 has been in a serious relationship for a year now. My Niece is getting engaged next week, and will soon be off to England to start her life with her man. My other nieces & nephews are moving on, some moving away from home , some starting new jobs, starting new schools, some expecting new babies. The other members of my family getting on with their lives too , watching their children grow up start high school, start their first year in the big world with no school, watching their children as I am watching mine, grow up and move on, just as they are meant to do. In 2012 we saw new life, and we said goodbye to the old. Life is moving on like the tides of the sea. Cast up your sails and ride the waves.  No New Year expectations from me this year. I just desired much LOVE and A LOT LAUGHTER .

Sending  much love to my family and friends ♥ you all know who you are. xxxx

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