Thursday, 8 May 2014

HELLO invisible people in my computer.................

I have had a little set back with my progress. Few back niggles, and this cold weather and a few stressful things have weaken my will and I did...I confess eat a few comfort foods. Thankfully I seem to have learned something, and I have quickly resorted back to good eating. 

My work vest STILL wont fit , but it is just that one spot around my middle. EVERYWHERE else is good. So today, because it is so bloody cold, I have cooking a big pot of red lentil, yellow split peas, soup mix, zucchini, celery, onion, garlic with spices added for flavour, (onion salt, garlic salt, veggie stock, cumin, and curry powder and turmeric) soup. It is thick and filling, and WARM. I also ate a tomato zucchini omelette with chia seeds for breakfast. I really hope your day is on track, and that you are happy and feeling healthy. I am hoping this uncomfortable back feelings pass without a set back, or need for stronger medication. I have been just 2 months medication free, and I really do not want to start back on that road again.

It is a busy week again for me, hubby's birthday over the weekend, so I have been busy knitting him a scarf for the cold nights ahead. Now child 2 would like one, so the knitting needles have not been packed away just yet.The paint brush and book he wanted is still in transit, but most likely wont get here till after, so I didn't want him to have nothing other than a card. Not that hubby really cares much about his birthday. He isn't excited at all about it, never really has been a big birthday fan, but I am so therefore he gets fussed over anyway. Despite the fact he will work, then sleep most  of mother's day the next day. Life goes on...I am going to sleep in on Mother's day too!

I am planning to make my yummy well known and loved cannelloni, it is probably not the best thing for me to be eating, (pasta is a no no for me at the moment) but what the hell, diet can start again after. It is mother's day too, so live a little!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY too all my lovely mummy's out there too.

My daughter has given me part 1 of my present already.....

I LOVE IT! It is just perfect.

So this weekend I will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and also making home made garlic bread to have with the pasta, as it is cold here, and that is so comfort eating......................YUM.

I am going to try and get a yummy cake from the bakery too. I am thinking Chocolate Flake......I saw it the other day......we will see.....hubby hasn't asked for anything yet.

My self letters have proven to be very healing. I have also been an inspiration to my PCOS group, and have been asked, when I am finished, if they can turn them into a book, to help others with PCOS. I am thrilled, and blown away. Of course I said YES!

Now it's back to the knitting needles and then off to work tonight. I am actually dreaming of a warm place to holiday in, a girl can dream right?

I feel like an old lady today....cold, and rugged up with veggie soup, and my knitting......the kids have renamed me granny mummy.

I finished the lap blanket I started 12 years ago...............I had kids OKAY....very hard to crochet with a baby/toddler pulling at EVERYTHING, or getting into strife when your not looking. Then life happened and it stayed in the back of the cupboard till the other day. Now I am enjoying it's warmth while I knit.  (insert granny jokes here)

Anyway hope you are all well, happy, and getting through life's stumbling blocks OKAY.


  1. So your Mother's Day gift is an oscillating fan? Oh, the picture above it!
    Hopefully you find the inner strength to overcome the setbacks and keep moving forward.
    As I started reading I thought you wrote "back nipples". Much different than "niggles".

  2. LOL "back nipples" I hope I never have to deal with that!

    Thank you for the giggle, I needed that.

    I am tickled pink you dropped by , and I hope so too. It is COLD here again, and this body just doesn't seem to like the cold at all. OLD WOMAN that I am. ^_^

    I am hoping the weekend goes smoothly. Hubby's birthday which for him is another year closer to death, so he isn't thrilled, but I have set up cake, balloons, cards, and food. Deep down I believe that he will be glad that someone cares. No fussing mind.............. just a token gesture.

    The teenager is stuck here all weekend and she is on the moody side. Boyfriend busy doing things she wasn't invited to, and she is quietly put out.......fingers crossed that she keeps a lid on the tone of mood for everyone's sake. Cause now my romantic Saturday Night plans have just gone out the window.....