Sunday, 11 May 2014


I got a bit spoilt today.  Thanks to Missy and the boys for a lovely breakfast. It was lovely. 

I was served with scrambled eggs, blueberry raspberry smoothie and a chia tea. YUM

Child 3 however spent $5 on a green pen at the school mother's day stall. Well 50 cents, and the rest at the canteen. "The presents where crap mum, so I didn't waste YOUR money. " Always so thoughtful................

Well, I agree on the mother's day stall items....I got the same shopping list pad for 3 years running now. SERIOUSLY! The school Mother's Day Stall SUCKS!

Next year I will skip the school stall and let them shop at Neds. I didn't agree on spending money at the canteen, or the fact that he didn't think a picture or a home made card was worth doing..........I shall have work on that! Cheeky buggar!  We would make things in class for mother's and father's day. I guess those days are gone? 

Missy treated me to a new Vac. With a Turbo head for the carpet areas. It works like a dream. However the turbo head is pretty powerful. It caught hold of a small pebble under my rug and sucked the bloody thing right through it. Left a tiny hole. It is out of the way so you can't really see it.....but hey that vac really can SUCK!

This little miss popped in last night to say hi and wish Hubby a Happy Birthday. He named her Isabella. She has already moved these days..............

.....and after a day of cooking, and the boys waiting ALL DAY for dad to be after 10 pm at night.... we finally got to wish hubby a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (He really isn't into birthdays...)

Store bought mud cake......I cooked pasta don't judge me......... it is home made cannelloni/lasagne. Basically lasagne sheets with cannelloni tastes the was YUM, and it was quicker and less fussy to do.........OK! With home made garlic and parmensan cheese bread. 

I hope all you mums had an enjoyable day no matter how you celebrated it.


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  1. Just wanted to redeem my little man. Packing his lunch box this morning and I find the mother's day money bag, with change and 5 raffle tickets. He did spend some money at the canteen, but not all like he said, and he tried to win me a nicer gift. That indeed is a beautiful thing, and had he just told me that, I would have been, as I am right now, very touched. Cheeky buggar! Still going to let them shop at Neds next year! I really am blessed with good kids. They are really growing up in to awesome people.