Thursday, 24 April 2014

Letter # 4

Dear Criss,

what a busy week we have had. It was so nice to enjoy the Easter break with the kids and the family. You didn't go over board with Easter Eggs, and you didn't buy any for yourself which is a first! 

Everything is still going well. Don't look at me that way. Yes that way. I know that the weight is still not moving as you would like, and that darn work vest is still too tight.....but not as tight. You have to admit that.....YES?

Still no drugs for the back pain. Coping well after a month without any treatments. These are all good positive things my love. Things to rejoice over, and sing and dance. You worked hard. You can gloat a little..... go on....

What was the reward for this weeks efforts? Come on...don't be clothes.....what about them.........come on.........what was it about the clothes?

New Jeans, and stretch pants, and T-shirts..........what was so good about them????

That's right.....Even though you took 2 sizes into the fitting rooms..... your current size, and then just in case the next size down, you found that the next size down was a perfect fit. You have lost a whole size and a tad bit more. WHOO WHOOO GIRL! Congratulations. Feels great right.

So much to be grateful for, and thankful for. Because of you, and the positive changes you have made the family is now taking some note and eating better. Your cooking is improving, and actually really nice. Your soups are divine, and your blueberry, raspberry, protein powder, spinach, chia seeds smoothies are delightful. EVERYONE LOVES THEM!

You are more flexible didn't go unnoticed in the bedroom. Your words are kinder, more caring. It is wonderful to see you taking care of you for a change.

You can't change what may be happening around you, but you can change what you think and what you do. You are learning to choose healthy for you. The madness is all still there, but you have allowed it to be there, but you don't have to be controlling it and apart of it.  Some things will be, and as long as you are aware and stay true to yourself, kind to others, and grateful, a ripple will go forth and slowly still those choppy waters.

So keep going.....slow and steady wins this race. You are the tortoise inside the beautiful shell. That hare is going to burn out and look sick before even getting to the finish line. YOU MY LOVELY, are going to cross it looking like a butterfly.


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