Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Ho Ho Ho day...............

 I hope you are enjoying , or have enjoyed your Christmas day!

Ours was a hot 34 degrees and just perfect BBQ and salad type weather.
Hard to believe we had fun and sun, and around the world people are cold and covered in ice. I think I  like my Christmas sunny side up!

I started feeling the Christmas stress earlier on. More money going out than coming in. Family upsets, and a whole lot of planning, wrapping, shopping, working and dealing with others who were even more frantic than was all too much.

But then we popped the tree up, and the slowly the gifts started to gather and the boys got more and more excited as the days got closer. Even Missy was excited. Her first well paid job, and she was shopping up a storm, and soon there was things under the tree for Hubby and me too, and I wondered what on earth she had possibly bought..........

Then child 3 and I had a week and a bit of CHRISTMAS MOVIES..... starting with Santa Clause 1...2...3

THEN   the funny ELF.....

Followed by Authur Christmas....I must admit I really like this one.......

Then Christmas night our baby boy , after a long day of sweets and treats, and toys, fell asleep in front of the telly watching THE POLAR EXPRESS.....

It actually was nice. I found myself looking forward to our evenings cuddled up and watching Christmas movies. I think it even sparked some Christmas spirit back in me.

Christmas Eve we took the boys to look at the Christmas lights about the neighbourhood. One house was amazing. They even had someone outside with a hose blowing white foam over all the people gathered. It actually looked like snow, and our boys, especially the youngest was loving it. The street was packed with other like minded people and their families. It was warm, and late, and kids , cars, mums, dads, grandparents, and uncles, aunts, all blocking the road stopping and chatting and taking photos.....I have never seen the streets around here so busy. The atmosphere was lovely.

Then the big day arrived.......FINALLY! Mind you I spent the day before with the kids frantically cleaning...Why ?? I am still not one was coming over....but I seem compelled by some kind of Christmas tradition and so we CLEANED the shit of the place...and all was clean and tidy...and the Christmas spirits were happy. 

Table set, desserts made..... Christmas place-mats out of the cupboard and on the table.

Child 2 and I cooked up the BBQ, and Missy out did herself with this years gift giving. First real pay check and she was very sweet and generous. The boys loved what she got them. Lazer tag.......they played for hours. She bought Hubby and I GOLD CLASS movie tickets, so we will go see "NOAH" when it comes out. It can be a late wedding anniversary date day.   That is coming up very soon.

The pav turned out well. Santa Cake was store bought. I am NOT that clever.

We ended the day with Wii Sports..... Bowling, Golf, golf has improved a lot this year.

Missy looked lovely when the boyfriend showed up at 5 pm to pick her up for Christmas dinner with his family.  He bought her a push bike. So now she can ride to work. One day she will get a licence. lol Not sure when she is back home, but it will be before the 6th Jan, she has to be back at work then....and her room is CLEAN!

Now I am already worrying about B'days. I have no idea this year what to do?? Missy wants to send child 2 who will be 11 this year a HOGWARTS letter. I will have to look for a template.

24 years of marriage to celebrate in there too. JANUARY is a very busy month.

But for now, my after Christmas plan is  to SLEEP IN, and do NOT MUCH!  Except look forward to the Christmas boxing day specials of Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey.

 This time last year we had these little guys running about the house ... so cute! 

Anyway must tackle the mess, and then settle with a nice cup of tea.

 HUGS and Loads of LOVE



  1. Hopefully you had a great Christmas that matched expectations. While I hate Christmas music (most of them are absolute garbage, "Little Drummer Boy" can choke on his rum-pa-pum-pums) I love Christmas movies. I haven't heard of Arthur Christmas, so that's on the list. But I shall not succumb to the Santa Clause sequels.

  2. LOL I am with you on Christmas music......last year they forgot to turn it off the PA at work and it was well into January before we went back to regular music. Drove me nanas. Arthurs Christmas was very good. More slanted towards English humour. I can't handle the Polar Express any more. About 2 years ago my son had it on a disc, and he had scuffed it, and it would glitch, and jump back to the same spot and start playing over and over again. It was a song part, and he LOVED IT. It was so bad, and so repetitive that I threw out the disc. Now he watches it only when it comes on TV. He goes to sleep every time too! lol

    Our Christmas day was slow, hot and quiet. Food was nice, I over did as mums do. Hubby only got 2 hours sleep the night before so he went back to bed for a few hours after the presents where opened. So between myself and the kids we cooked the BBQ, and I was left with desserts and salads as well. Hubby woke up and showered just in time to turn over the last of the steaks on the BBQ. I was completely worn out by 5 pm, but it was a good day.

    I hope your day was sweet and delicious.