Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bye Bye 2013................................

Another year, how quickly the time flies. So now the New Year Resolutions begin...I don't think I will bother with it this year, as I never really stick to them. Maybe that could be one...I wont make one.....there I have achieved it already.

Well I have been sitting here craving some Baileys Irish cream whiskey, and I think I may have to pop by the shops and grab a bottle before we count in the New Year. But I have also been thinking of the year that is now soon over and counting my blessings. Sure I have grumbled, and cried, but without a few rumbles we wouldn't ever see the highs. So I am going to be grateful for the year that was, and keep an open mind for the next. I would love to hear what you have planed for New Year??? Any resolutions set?? How are we all celebrating the New Year??

So let's look back at the year that was......


4 baby kittens running around the house. 2 birthdays and a lovely anniversary date by the sea.


Tears as each baby kitten left our home. Both boys starting new school year with great teachers.


Proved to be on the stressful bitchy side of life. Lack of sex, romance, sleep and over working took the smiles away for a while.  Dinning room floor repaired and I bought a new car!


Was a kick in the pants and my body was saying you did too much in March, and it knocked me down big time. Not my best moment, and I am still recovering. Not only me but hubby too. 8 weeks off work, pain, but work was really good to us. So for that I am really grateful.


Still off work. Reading novel after novel...Hubby's B'day. Was molested in the supermarket... Starting to feel better. Still not having Sex. Our car finally delivered...but sat in the drive for 2 whole weeks before hubby was able to drive it. First big drive was to the doctors.. lol


Missy's B'day and her  Uni flops, boyfriend woes, and hubby's Mr Melty man returns. Let's just say THANK GOODNESS for CHOCOLATE because it got me through.


Hubby brought home flowers...he didn't buy them....they were destined to be thrown out...but they were nice...and I was chuffed. It was also the month for handy man things. The shower mess with the white coloured silicon. I still cringe when I think about it. My ipod music refusing to load up on the computer and into my library, which has rendered it almost useless. Full of hubby's music mostly and with no way of updating to new songs. Another school holidays over.


Winter almost over, starting to feel better, life becoming more normal. Missy left Uni, dumped boyfriend, and is now doing TAFE and is happy. We got the lease renewed for another year without a rent increase, and a new stove!


Another B'day. Hubby decides to upgrade me into the new century with a tablet of my own. I hinted for a lap top, but he insisted a tablet was better...between you and me it wasn't, but I am finding new ways to use it, and it is a nice handy time waster. Mynx introduced me to PANDORA  radio, and I LOVE IT. Now I have an oversized ipod. But I have modern music whenever I want to hear it. Poor ipod has been left to collect dust. Was told I talk too much at work! LOL


Another set back with the old back. At work this time. Still can't do up the shoes and socks. Celebrated 27 years of being with my hubby. Feeling very romantic indeed. 


So very worn out. Doctors, chiro, physio seems to be my life now. Getting sorted for Christmas, my best friend B'day, can't forget that. Missy has a new man in her life. Boys doing well at school. Overall life is just rumbling by.


Missy scores a new job. Christmas goes off without a hitch. Work is really good. My back is the same, but it hasn't gotten any worse. Summer has finally arrived. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS too YEAH...... mishap with family over gift giving, always fun.... sweet lady at work bought me a box of chocolates, and I got a pat on the back from the new store manager for a job well done. So I was pretty touched by that. Not a bad way to end the working year.

I have 3 beautiful kids. I have a sweet caring hubby, who still loves me despite me getting so bloody FAT! 3 lazy cats. A roof over my head. A car with air-conditioning and nice radio. Good job, with nice people to work with. Lovely sweet friends who don't mind  I am in my PJ's with a wheat bag down my pants. I have so much to be happy about.

I am really over 2013 now......I am looking forward to 2014, and hope that it is set back free, and full of lovely sweet things. 

I wish you all HEALTH, LOVE, and PEACE. Oh and great SEX. Yeah I like that idea. 2013 was not a good year for sex. Definitely have  A LOT of catching up to do there. lol  Maybe 2014 can be the year Criss gets her back her mojo! 

We shall see???

Whatever you are planning, be safe, be happy.

As for me, I will most likely be in my PJ's by 9 pm, watching TV, or playing on the computer. We might have another family Wii event? Who knows?? We like to chill, and not plan, just go with the flow. Missy has a party to go to, so it's just me and my boys. Maybe I can start the year with a bang??? 

HUGS and much LOVE 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE may it be better than the last. 


  1. How can you claim to not have had sex when you were molested in the supermarket? I've never been molested in the supermarket, and this makes me jealous. And to you, I hope you get your mojo back too (though I suspect you've never lost it, it just needs to be rediscovered within you). Mojo to Criss!

    1. You cracked me up, the family thinks I have started early on the Baileys! LOL It wasn't the type of molestation I usually go for.....he wasn't my type. I know I am picky aren't I????? Plus just typical of a man......it was all one sided in his favour.....Where's the romance gone I tell you! LOL

  2. I got a good laugh reading this, Criss. The last thing you wrote for October was "Feeling very romantic indeed" followed by "So very worn out" as the first thing for November.

    I hope 2014 will be a great year for you and yours.

    1. HA ha ha ha I didn't even notice that. I left myself wide open for that one didn't I............lol Thank you Don and the same to you too. Big Hugs xx