Friday, 30 November 2012

WARNING: Santa spoiler alert!

This morning I was approached by a mum at school who was upset with Child 2 aged 9. He was apparently discussing 

at his  table during class yesterday the fact that he didn't believe in Santa and he believed we in fact are Santa. Her

daughter over heard this and quickly confronted her mother, asking her if  he was right in his beliefs. 

She (the mother) was upset because we had put her in a position where she had to "LIE TO HER DAUGHTER!" lol 

Well excuse me, haven't you been lying for the past 10 years?? Honestly! 

She then again caught up with me while I was walking to my car, now pushing the limits on me getting to work on 

time and continued the discussion, about Santa and the tooth fairy while she was  driving along in her car as I walked 

frantically on the footpath! I would have loved to have had a chat over coffee, about the do's and don't's of 

parenting, but lady I'm in my uniform, walking briskly towards my parked car, after already spending 10 mins 

discussing this with you in the classroom. PLEASE LET ME GO!!!

SANTA IS NOT REAL. DON'T LIE TO YOUR KIDS! That is what I wanted to say to her. But I didn't, instead I listened,

and suggested ways she could soften the blow, and stupidly feeling almost guilty for NOT LYING to my SON!

We still have Santa presents, but our kids know that it is us. They were always told that the Santa's in the shops were 

not the real Santa. My kids caught on very early that they all looked different. No point trying to cover that up.

I just said, if you want to believe in him that's OK. It's like Fairies. If you don't believe in them, then they are not

real for you. Peter Pan helped me out there. But People who do believe in them, they are REAL to them, and that's 

OK.  I guess we learn't our mistake with child 1. One year we sat down to watch a documentary about the history

of the Christmas Tree. Well didn't that spill the beans, and we had to come clean. I guess it is some kind of rite of

passage for us all. We get caught up in the hype, and lie to our kids, and then dig a huge whole for  ourselves 

when they figure it all out. So we decided not to ever lie to them about anything again. And we still get to have

fun at Christmas, and now we get all the praise instead of some fat guy in a suit! lol

This is how my day started.

Work didn't improve things. We had work men in and they accidently cut some power cables, which shut down all

 our lights , and all the cash registers. So nothing was working.

Have you ever been in a shopping centre, full of busy Christmas shoppers, who just want to buy their over priced

goods and get the hell out? 

It was a very intense, and interesting 10-15 mins. Thankfully most people where very understanding. But there were

a few who just could not comprehend that until we had the systems back on line there was nothing we could do! You 

have to love retail!

I got out of work a tad late, and couldn't do the planned shopping before I got home, as that would make me late to

do the school run. Hubby hurt his back on Tuesday, and he is in a bit of a state at the moment. So I have been

trying to stay on top of things, and not doing a good job of it as my back is all flared up too. Great pair!

Our boys have been very FULL ON, especially Child 3, and today it drove us over the edge. 

On top of housework piling up, shopping that needed doing, the lack of income as hubby can't work atm, there were 

a few too many appointments to attend, and now without Hubby to share the load, I was overwhelmed as to how to


So we decided to just cancel a few. Suddenly I felt a huge weight lift off. It is OK, I don't have to be all over the place. 

Child 3 can wait till January for his expensive extra education lessons, and instead I can be free to get hubby to the 

Chiro and the doctor's instead. Child 2 has a planter wart on his foot, so we have weekly visits to the doctor to have it 

cut. I am treating it  with wart kill, and it is slowly dying. Ugly bloody things.  

Child 1 has, after blaming us for all her uni woes, left us in this state to be with her boyfriend. Now when having her 

home would be such a huge support, she just can't see it, and I am not going to beg. She actually sent a text 

message tonight asking her dad if he would pick her up after work and drive her back to the boyfriends house! 

Excuse me...........DAD can't even walk well! That is what we are dealing with here!!! KIDS! How about you come 

home, and lend a hand, not just when you need to wash your clothes! 

Sorry I am ranting again!! 

I am happy that I have taken back some control, and practised some time management skills. The dishes can wait , 

no one will die if the washing isn't done today.

am but one woman................I am good, but even I can not perform miracles.

I am still a worry wart, and until I get on top of Christmas I will still be in this state of restless panic. I think the kids will 

just have to accept that this year might be a little lean. Not unless I can perform a little magic myself that is ??

Well hopefully Saturday will bring some more order to the madness, and I can catch up on some much needed

 housework after work. I must stop gabbing now, and put myself to bed. I have to be up at 5 am.......ewe

Now child 3 is very quiet and yes, he has gone to sleep watching his movie. So I shall leave you and go tuck him into

bed, (they are so much more loveable when they are asleep), and do the same for myself. This Santa is all worn out! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Smiles and Hugs to you all. 


  1. My child hasn't been informed that Santa or the tooth fairy isn't real. It's fun to keep imagining a fat man coming down the chimney with presents. I know I still enjoy it too :) MMMM cookies!

  2. Criss, I suggest that this pushy busy-body mum should be told to read "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" @

    Santa is real, at least in the innocent minds of children, and he wishes a "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL".

    Allow children to enjoy their innocence if they wish to believe in Santa before they grow up and face what lies ahead of them in this often cruel world of ours.

  3. The kids used to know that the Santas in the shopping centres werent the real Santa although we did say that sometimes the real one would do a shift so they had to be careful just in case the one they saw was the REAL one.
    As the boys got older, we continued the game (as it became) as in our house "if you don't believe, Santa wont come" and our boys were smart enough to realise that this would mean one (or more) present under the tree.
    They always got presents from both Mum and Dad and also Santa.
    I dont think a little magic hurts as long as you are prepared to be honest when they do ask the hard questions.